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Liquid Crystal Materials, Devices, and Applications VII
Editor(s): Ranganathan Shashidhar
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Volume Number: 3635
Date Published: 26 March 1999
: 19 papers (160) pages
ISBN: 9780819431066

Table of Contents
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FLC displays for high-resolution magnified view and projection applications
Author(s): Michael D. Wand; William N. Thurmes; Michael Meadows; Rohini T. Vohra
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Advances in liquid crystals for gray-scale applications
Author(s): Jawad W. Naciri; Brian T. Weslowski; C. Wilson; Ranganathan Shashidhar; Banahalli R. Ratna
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Generation of high pretilt in photo-aligned polyimides
Author(s): John L. West; Michinori Nishikawa; Yuri A. Reznikov
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Device properties and polar anchoring of nematic molecules at photodimerized surfaces
Author(s): Devanand K. Shenoy; Kirsten A. Grueneberg; Jawad W. Naciri; Ranganathan Shashidhar; Y. Nastishyn; R. Pollack; Oleg D. Lavrentovich
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Recent progress in optical alignment for liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Wayne M. Gibbons; Brian P. McGinnis; Paul J. Shannon; Shao-Tang Sun
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Alignment of coumarin-containing polymers for liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Peregrine O. Jackson; Ridvan Karapinar; Mary O'Neill; Paul Hindmarsh; Gareth J. Owen; Stephen M. Kelly
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Improving the accuracy of ellipsometers for multilayer film measurements using incident angle verification and retrieval
Author(s): Jyh-Shyang Wang; Solomon J. H. Lee; Chih-Kung Lee
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Ultrasonic liquid crystal-based underwater acoustic imaging
Author(s): David W. Gerdt; Martin C. Baruch; Charles M. Adkins
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Adaptive LC lens array and its application
Author(s): Werner Klaus; Masafumi Ide; Yutaka Hayano; Shigeru Morokawa; Yoshinori Arimoto
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Liquid crystal technology for adaptive optics
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino
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Dual-frequency cholesteric liquid crystal reflective display
Author(s): Ming Xu; Deng Ke Yang
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Normally white reflective twisted nematic mode for silicon-chip-based light valves
Author(s): Shoichi Hirota; Makoto Tsumura; Hideki Nakagawa; Toshio Miyazawa; Iwao Takemoto
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Silicon-based reflective polymer-dispersed LC display for portable low-power applications
Author(s): Geert P. S. Van Doorselaer; Nadine Carchon; Jean Van den Steen; Dieter Cuypers; Jan M.A. Vanfleteren; Herbert De Smet; Andre Van Calster
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Postprocessing sequence for liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplays
Author(s): Anno Hermanns; Loretta M. Shirey; Robert E. Geer; Michael J. Radler; Zailong Bian; Banahalli R. Ratna
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Advances in Ch-LCD devices using plastic substrates with conducting polymer
Author(s): William J. Fritz; H. Wonderly; Steven W. Smith; Yoan Kim; Jason Chonko; J. William Doane; Ranganathan Shashidhar; Catherine Elizabeth O'Ferrall; David S. Cuttino
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Full-color reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display
Author(s): Xiao-Yang Huang; Asad A. Khan; Donald J. Davis; Gregg M. Podojil; Chad M. Jones; Nick Miller; J. William Doane
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Influence of the interpixel region in liquid crystal diffraction gratings
Author(s): Jay E. Stockley; Darius Subacius; Steven A. Serati
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TN-LCD viewing angle compensation with holographic volume gratings
Author(s): Cecile Joubert; Jean Claude Lehureau; L. Lee; F. Delauzun; Bertrand Morbieu
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Near-IR (800 to 855 nm) sensitive holographic photopolymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials
Author(s): Patrick Pilot; Yuri B. Boiko; Tigran V. Galstian
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