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Diffractive and Holographic Technologies, Systems, and Spatial Light Modulators VI
Editor(s): Ivan Cindrich; Sing H. Lee; Richard L. Sutherland
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Volume Number: 3633
Date Published: 1 June 1999
Softcover: 33 papers (316) pages
ISBN: 9780819431035

Table of Contents
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Hybrid scalar-vector method for the analysis of electrically large finite aperiodic diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Dennis W. Prather; Shouyuan Shi
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Multiplexed microholograms for optical data storage
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; Susanna Orlic; Peter Kuemmel; Benjamin Schupp
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Analytical approximation for the evaluation of the effect of fabrication error on the reflectivity of a Bragg mirror
Author(s): Roberto Fiola; Andrea Irace; Antonello Cutolo; Mario Iodice
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Emerging fabrication methods for diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Thomas J. Suleski; Betty Baggett; William F. Delaney; Alan D. Kathman
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High-performance analog profile diffractive systems
Author(s): Daniel M. Brown; David R. Brown; Jeremiah D. Brown
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High-performance diffractive optics for beam shaping
Author(s): Gregg T. Borek; David R. Brown
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Holographic anticounterfeit method and device with encoded pattern
Author(s): Pai Ping Huang
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Optical system of the device for making a hologram matrix
Author(s): Sergey B. Odinokov; Michael Vladimirovich Borisov
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Numerical optimization of deep diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Markus E. Testorf; Michael A. Fiddy
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Polymer Bragg gratings for wavelength division multiplexers
Author(s): Constantina Poga; Robert Blomquist; Louay A. Eldada; Robert A. Norwood
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Multifunctional microscope: design and construction of a full-field nonhomogeneous surface analysis metrology tool
Author(s): Hsin-hua Chang; Fei-Hung Chu; Chih-Kung Lee; Chau-Hwang Lee
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Comparative investigations on dynamic characteristics of optically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulators with photosensitive layers based on polyimide doped with dyes and fullerenes
Author(s): Natalia V. Kamanina; Nikolai M. Kozhevnikov; Natalie A. Vasilenko
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Application of gray-scale LDW-glass masks for fabrication of high-efficiency DOEs
Author(s): Victor Pavlovich Korolkov; Anatoly I. Malyshev; Vladislav G. Nikitin; Alexander G. Poleshchuk; Andrey A. Kharissov; Vadim V. Cherkashin; Chuck Wu
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Fabrication and deflection measurement of micromirrors supported by an S-shape girder
Author(s): Hoseong Kim; Jonggook Kim; Yong-Kweon Kim; Hyungjae Shin
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Adaptive lenses
Author(s): Igor R. Guralnik; Mikhail Yu. Loktev; Alexander F. Naumov
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Design of diffractive optical element systems using lens modules
Author(s): Sung Chan Park
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New diffractive continuous phase relief element optimization method: an application to a flat top generator
Author(s): Christophe Kopp; Bernard C. Kress; Patrick Meyrueis
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Fabrication of computer-generated phase holograms using photopolymers as holographic recording material
Author(s): Inmaculada V. Pascual; Andres Marquez; Augusto Belendez; Antonio Fimia; Juan Campos; Maria Josefa Yzuel
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Liquid crystal on silicon beam deflector
Author(s): Xu Wang; Demetri Psaltis
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Volume holographic imaging of three-dimensional objects
Author(s): George Barbastathis; David J. Brady
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Diffractive microrods for fiber optic applications
Author(s): Eric G. Johnson; Charles S. Koehler; Thomas J. Suleski; Jared D. Stack; Michael R. Feldman
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Pixel size limit for a holographic memory system
Author(s): Wenhai Liu; Demetri Psaltis
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Broadband phase-modulating system for white-light Fourier transformations
Author(s): Jay E. Stockley; Steven A. Serati; Darius Subacius; Kevin Joseph McIntyre; Ken F. Walsh
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Diffractive optics for laser welding and bonding
Author(s): John Barnett Hammond; Eric G. Johnson; Charles S. Koehler; Jared D. Stack; Thomas J. Suleski; Aravinda Kar; Wen Guo
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Applications and requirements for nonmechanical beam steering in active electro-optic sensors
Author(s): Edward A. Watson; Donald T. Miller; Paul F. McManamon
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Holographic PDLCs for spatial light intensity modulation
Author(s): Richard L. Sutherland; Lalgudi V. Natarajan; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Robert T. Pogue; S. A. Siwecki; Donna M. Brandelik; Bob L. Epling; Eugene L. Berman; Christine Wendel; Mark G. Schmitt
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DMD-based bloom control for intensified imaging systems
Author(s): James Castracane; Mikhail A. Gutin
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Adapting existing e-beam writers to write HEBS-glass gray-scale masks
Author(s): Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Matthias Cumme; Lars-Christian Wittig; Chuck Wu
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Efficient accurate liquid crystal digital light deflector
Author(s): Charles M. Titus; Philip J. Bos; Oleg D. Lavrentovich
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MEMS microshutter SLM for intensity modulation
Author(s): John R. Karpinsky; Rodney L. Clark; Jay A. Hammer; Daniel M. Brown
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Improved spot array generation using diffuser pixels to represent complex-valued modulations
Author(s): David L. Hill; Markus Duelli; Robert W. Cohn
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Micro-optical elements fabricated and replicated in semiconductor materials
Author(s): Fredrik K. Nikolajeff; James R. Leger; Todd A. Ballen
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Fractured zone plates for spatial separation of frequencies
Author(s): Richard D. Rallison; Stephen E. Bialkowski
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