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Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits and Packaging III

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Volume Number: 3631
Date Published: 30 April 1999

Table of Contents
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Large-area high-throughput high-resolution lithography systems for optoelectronics and microelectronics
Author(s): Kanti Jain; Thomas J. Dunn; Nestor Farmiga; Mark Zemel
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Optical interconnects for high-speed data links
Author(s): Chang Myung Ryu; Bernhard Ulrich Koelle; Shane R. Johnson; Philip Dowd; Raenaurd Datrion Turpin; Parag Kelkar; YongHang Zhang
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500-Mb/s 32-channel CMOS VCSEL driver with built-in self-test and clock generation circuitry
Author(s): Fouad E. Kiamilev; Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy
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Recent progress on PLC hybrid integration
Author(s): Kuniharu Kato; Yasuyuki Inoue
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Optical transposition transform interconnects using a free-space and fiber hybrid module
Author(s): Jan Popelek; Yao Li
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Electrical crosstalk analysis in OEIC modules
Author(s): Dimitrios Varoutas; A. Arapogianni; Dimitrios Syvridis; Thomas Sphicopoulos
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Multiple quantum well self electro-optic effect devices for optoelectronic smart pixels
Author(s): Hongda Chen; Rong Han Wu; Zhibiao Chen; Yi H. Zhang; Yun Du; Qing-Ming Zeng; Xian-Jie Li; Yimo Zhang; Ge Zhou; Feng Hua
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Low-cost planar optical couplers for large-core POF-based interconnects
Author(s): Yao Li; Kenneth Fasanella; Ting Wang
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High-speed switching characteristics of integrated optoelectronic crossbar switch
Author(s): Francois L. Gouin; Carlos Almeida; Claire L. Callender; Lucie Robitaille; Julian P. Noad
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Preparation of SiO2 on an InP substrate by a sol-gel technique for integrated optics
Author(s): Jian Liu; Yee Loy Lam; Yuen Chuen Chan; Yan Zhou; Boon Siew Ooi
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Nonlinear optic polymer core conductive-polymer-clad optoelectronic device
Author(s): James G. Grote; James P. Drummond
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Widely tunable hybrid semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Ping-Chiek Koh; Richard G. S. Plumb
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Waveguide heterojunction phototransistors for the analog fiber optic link and signal processing applications
Author(s): Dong-Soo Shin; Hao Jiang; Chen Kuo Sun; Wei-Xi Chen; J. T. Zhu; Stephen A. Pappert; Paul K. L. Yu
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Simulation of integrated silicon-based Ge/Si quantum well and superlattice infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Richard A. Soref; Lionel R. Friedman; Michael J. Noble; Darlene Schwall; L. R. Ram-Mohan
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Characteristics of monolithically integrated InGaAs active pixel imager array
Author(s): Quiesup Kim; Thomas J. Cunningham; Bedabrata Pain; Michael J. Lange; Gregory H. Olsen
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Modeling and synthesis of silica-glass waveguide networks using FD-BPM simulations
Author(s): Seungug Koh; Danjin Wu
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Packaging for 3D optoelectronic stacked processors
Author(s): Philippe J. Marchand; Xuezhe Zheng; Dawei Huang; Volkan H. Ozguz; Sadik C. Esener
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Integration techniques of micro-optical components for miniaturized optomechanical switches
Author(s): Rolf Goering; Bernt Goetz; Peter Buecker
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Packaging of lenslet array on micromirrors
Author(s): Adisorn Tuantranont; Victor M. Bright; Wenge Zhang; Yung-Cheng Lee
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Main characteristics of a miniaturized multipurpose infrared spectrometer
Author(s): Kimmo Keraenen; Martti Blomberg; Outi Rusanen; Pentti Karioja; Jussi Tenhunen; Harri K. Kopola; Ari Lehto
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Laser interferometer using thin film photodetector
Author(s): Minoru Sasaki; Xiaoyu Mi; Kazuhiro Hane
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ASOC silicon integrated optics technology
Author(s): Tim Bestwick
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Integration of high power laser diodes with microoptical components in a compact pumping source for visible fiber laser
Author(s): Rolf Goering; Bernd Hoefer; Anke Kraeplin; Peter Schreiber; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Volkmar Schmeisser
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Design of CMOS ICs for flip-chip integration with optoelectronic device arrays
Author(s): Premanand Chandramani; Fouad E. Kiamilev; Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy; Richard G. Rozier; Jeremy T. Ekman; Ray Farbarik
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Passive polymer optical waveguides for interconnecting lightwave components
Author(s): Regis S. Fan; R. Brian Hooker
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Micro integration of VCSELs, detectors, and optics
Author(s): John Barnett Hammond; Eric G. Johnson; Hongtao Han; Adam S. Fedor
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Manufacturing cost analysis of integrated photonic packages
Author(s): Charles W. Stirk; Qin Liu; Matthew V. Ball
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Integration of silicon bench micro-optics
Author(s): Hongtao Han; Jared D. Stack; Jay Mathews; Charles S. Koehler; Eric G. Johnson; Alan D. Kathman
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Wafer scale integration of micro-optic and optoelectronic elements by polymer UV reaction molding
Author(s): Peter Dannberg; Ralf Bierbaum; Lars Erdmann; Andreas H. Braeuer
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