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In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers III
Editor(s): Hong K. Choi; Peter S. Zory
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Volume Number: 3628
Date Published: 1 April 1999
Softcover: 33 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780819430984

Table of Contents
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High-power Al-free coherent and incoherent diode lasers
Author(s): Dan Botez
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Aluminum-free active-area laser bars at 790- to 830-nm wavelengths
Author(s): Harry M. Asonen; Jaan Aarik; Patrick A. Bournes; Pat Corvini; Fang Fang; Michael J. Finander; Michael Hmelar; Mitch Jansen; Rashit F. Nabiev; Jari T. Nappi; Keijo Rakennus; Arto K. Salokatve
Diode lasers with Al-free quantum wells embedded in LOC AlGaAs waveguides between 715 nm and 840 nm
Author(s): Goetz Erbert; Frank Bugge; Arne Knauer; Juergen Maege; Andrea Oster; Juergen Sebastian; R. Staske; A. Thies; Hans Wenzel; Marcus Weyers; Guenther Traenkle
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High reliability in 0.8-um high-power InGaAsP/InGaP/AlGaAs laser diodes with a broad waveguide
Author(s): Toshiro Hayakawa
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High-power InGaAs/AlGaAs laser diodes with decoupled confinement heterostructure
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Fujimoto; Yumi Yamada; Yoshikazu Yamada; Atsushi Okubo; Yasuo Oeda; Kiyofumi Muro
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High-brightness broad-area lasers with high reliability for Yb-Er-fiber pumping applications
Author(s): Stefan Mohrdiek; Luigi R. Brovelli; Manfred Burkard; Christoph S. Harder; Abram Jakubowicz; William Patrick; Erica J. Williams; Albert Oosenbrug
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Performance and lifetime of high-power diode lasers and diode laser systems
Author(s): Friedhelm Dorsch; Franz X. Daiminger
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Highly reliable 40-W cw InGaAlAs/GaAs 808-nm laser bars
Author(s): Christian Hanke; Lutz Korte; Bruno D. Acklin; Johann Luft; Stefan Groetsch; Gerhard Herrmann; Zeljko Spika; Marcel Marchiano; Bernhard DeOdorico; Jens Wilhelmi
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High-optical-intensity 2D AlGaAs laser arrays
Author(s): Yuji Nishikawa; Hiroshi Takigawa
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High-brightness flared lasers
Author(s): Mats Hagberg; Stephen O'Brien; Bardia Pezeshki; Ed Veil; Bo Lu; Robert J. Lang
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1.6-W cw coherent power from large-index-step (delta n=0.1) antiguided laser arrays
Author(s): Haiquan Yang; Jerry Lopez; Luke J. Mawst; Jerome Kent Wade; Thomas L. Earles; Dan Botez
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High-performance circular grating-coupled surface emitter with focused output beam
Author(s): Sigurgeir Kristjansson; Niklas Eriksson; Stephen J. Sheard; Anders G. Larsson
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Electro-optical investigations of strained InGaAs/GaAs double quantum well laser structures
Author(s): Achim Golombek; Rudiger Goldhahn; Gerhard Gobsch
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Temperature characteristics of light emission spectra and threshold currents of columnar-shaped self-assembled InGaAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasers
Author(s): Mitsuru Sugawara; Kohki Mukai; Yoshiaki Nakata
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Nonabsorbing mirrors for AlGaAs quantum well lasers by impurity-free interdiffusion
Author(s): Philippe Collot; Julia Arias; Virginie Mira; Eva Vassilakis; Francois H. Julien
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Multiple-wavelength lasers defined by stripe width using one-step impurity-free quantum well intermixing technique
Author(s): Won Jun Choi; Erik J. Skogen; Jin K. Kim; Ryan L. Naone; Larry A. Coldren
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Fundamental-mode laser power rise by means of facet inclination
Author(s): Irina A. Kostko; Vadim P. Evtikhiev; Eugeny Yu. Kotelnikov; Georgy G. Zegrya
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Three years of InGaN quantum-well lasers: commercialization already
Author(s): Shuji Nakamura
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InGaN/GaN MQW SCH lasers grown on SiC
Author(s): Gary E. Bulman; Kathy Doverspike; Kevin W. Haberern; Heidi Dieringer; Hua-Shuang Kong; John A. Edmond; Y. K. Song; M. Kuball; Arto V. Nurmikko
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Grating-based red lasers
Author(s): Bardia Pezeshki; Mats Hagberg; Michael Zelinski; Sarah Zou; Emil I. Kolev
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High-power red lasers for DVD-RAM drives
Author(s): Masaya Mannoh; Toshiya Fukuhisa; Osamu Imafuji; Masaaki Yuri; Toru Takayama; Akio Yoshikawa; Kunio Itoh
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630-nm laser diode array for laser-beam printer formed by impurity diffusion
Author(s): Shin'ichi Nakatsuka; Susumu Saito
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High-power 600-nm-range lasers grown by solid-source molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Seppo Orsila; Mika Toivonen; Pekka Savolainen; Ville Vilokkinen; Petri Melanen; Markus Pessa; Mika J. Saarinen; Petteri Uusimaa; Pat Corvini; Fang Fang; Mitch Jansen; Rashit F. Nabiev
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Integration of red, infrared, and blue light sources by wafer fusion
Author(s): Philip D. Floyd; Christopher L. Chua; David W. Treat; David P. Bour
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Five years of quantum cascade lasers: progress and challenges
Author(s): Jerome Faist; Antoine Muller; Mattias Beck
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Superlattice quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Alessandro Tredicucci; Federico Capasso; Claire F. Gmachl; Deborah L. Sivco; Albert L. Hutchinson; George Chu; Alfred Y. Cho
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Issues in mid-IR type-II interband cascade lasers
Author(s): Rui Q. Yang; Yao-Ming Mu
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Lead salt tunable diode lasers: key devices for high-sensitivity gas analysis
Author(s): Michael Hodges; Uwe Peter Schiessl
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2.3- to 2.7-um room-temperature cw operation of InGaAsSb/AlGaAsSb broad-contact and single-mode ridge-waveguide SCH-QW diode lasers
Author(s): Dmitri Z. Garbuzov; Raymond J. Menna; Mikhail A. Maiorov; Hao Lee; V. Khalfin; Louis A. DiMarco; David R. Capewell; Ramon U. Martinelli; Gregory L. Belenky; John C. Connolly
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Optically pumped mid-infrared type-II lasers: advances in high-temperature performance
Author(s): Christopher L. Felix; William W. Bewley; Edward H. Aifer; Igor Vurgaftman; Linda J. Olafsen; Donna W. Stokes; Jerry R. Meyer; Ming Jey Yang; Hao Lee; Ramon U. Martinelli; John C. Connolly; Alan R. Sugg; Gregory H. Olsen
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Optically pumped InAs/InGaSb type-II quantum-well lasers
Author(s): C.H. Thompson Lin; Stefan J. Murry; Chau-Hong Kuo; Jun Zheng; Shin Shem Pei
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Comparison of mid-infrared laser diode active regions
Author(s): Jonathon T. Olesberg; Michael E. Flatte; Bennett J. Brown; Tom C. Hasenberg; Scott A. Anson; Thomas F. Boggess; Christoph H. Grein
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High-power InAlGaAs laser diodes with high efficiency at 980 nm
Author(s): Michael Mikulla; Alexis Schmitt; Martin Walther; Rudolf Kiefer; R. Moritz; Sabine Mueller; R. E. Sah; Juergen Braunstein; Guenter Weimann
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