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Commercial and Biomedical Applications of Ultrafast Lasers
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Volume Number: 3616
Date Published: 4 June 1999
Softcover: 20 papers (186) pages
ISBN: 9780819430861

Table of Contents
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Progress on all-solid state passively modelocked picosecond and femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Ruediger Paschotta; Clemens Hoenninger; Juerg Aus der Au; Gabriel J. Spuehler; Dirk H. Sutter; Nicolai Matuschek; Frieder H. Loesel; Francois Morier-Genoud; Ursula Keller; Michael Moser; Rainer Hoevel; Volker Scheuer; G. Angelow; Theo T. Tschudi; Michael J.P. Dymott; Daniel Kopf; Jens Meyer; Kurt J. Weingarten; Jeffrey D. Kmetec; Jason I. Alexander; Glen D. Truong
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Vitesse: a compact diode-pumped Ti:sapphire ultrafast oscillator
Author(s): Michael K. Steiner-Shepard; Xuren Huang; Murray K. Reed
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Fiber lasers in ultrafast optics
Author(s): Martin E. Fermann; Gregg Douglas Sucha; Almantas Galvanauskes; Martin Hofer; Donald J. Harter
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Femtosecond pulse-shaping using Fourier synthetic quasi-phase-matching gratings
Author(s): Gennady Imeshev; Almantas Galvanauskes; Mark A. Abore; Donald J. Harter; Martin M. Fejer
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Safe use of ultrashort lasers
Author(s): Benjamin A. Rockwell; Clarence P. Cain; William P. Roach; Robert J. Thomas
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Medical applications of ultrashort-pulse lasers
Author(s): John E. Marion; Beop-Min Kim
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Ophthalmic applications of femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Ron M. Kurtz; Greg J. R. Spooner; Karin R. Sletten; Kimberly G. Yen; Samir I. Sayegh; Frieder H. Loesel; Christopher Horvath; HsiaoHua Liu; Victor Elner; Delia Cabrera; Marie-Helene Muenier; Zachary S. Sacks; Tibor Juhasz; Doug L. Miller; A. Roy Williams
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Photodynamic therapy with ultrafast lasers
Author(s): Eric A. Wachter; Mark G. Petersen; Craig Dees
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Spatial and temporal characterization of the focusing of ultrashort pulses by high-NA objectives for ultrafast multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Andrew C. Millard; David N. Fittinghoff; Jeffrey A. Squier; Michiel Mueller
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging for biomedicine using all-solid state ultrafast laser technology
Author(s): Richard Jones; Keith Dowling; Mary J. Cole; Duncan Parsons-Karavassilis; Paul M. W. French; M. John Lever; Jonathan D. Hares; Anthony K. L. Dymoke-Bradshaw
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Macroscopic multiphoton biomedical imaging using semiconductor saturable Bragg reflector mode-locked lasers
Author(s): John M. Girkin; David Burns; Martin D. Dawson
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Laser-induced microexplosions in transparent materials: microstructuring with nanojoules
Author(s): Christopher B. Schaffer; Andre Brodeur; Nozomi Nishimura; Eric Mazur
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Laser micromachining of transparent fused silica with 1-ps pulses and pulse trains
Author(s): Peter R. Herman; Anton Oettl; Kevin P. Chen; Robin S. Marjoribanks
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Ultrahigh-speed optical links and signal processing using ultrafast semiconductor diode lasers
Author(s): Peter J. Delfyett; Brian K. Mathason; Isami Nitta; Hong Shi
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Portable terahertz system and its applications
Author(s): Ming Li; Xi-Cheng Zhang; Gregg Douglas Sucha; Donald J. Harter
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Progress toward a compact solid state active laser gyroscope
Author(s): Jean-Claude M. Diels; Dietrich Kuehlke; Jason Jones; Thien Trang Dang; Xianmei Meng
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Sub-100-fs timing jitter of mode-locked laser
Author(s): Katsuyuki Kobayashi; Taisuke Miura; Zhigang Zhang; Kenji Torizuka
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Measurement of the timing jitter in a kilohertz regenerative amplifier system
Author(s): Taisuke Miura; Katsuyuki Kobayashi; Zhigang Zhang; Kenji Torizuka; Fumihiko Kannari
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Cloning assay thresholds on cells exposed to ultrafast laser pulses
Author(s): Karsten Koenig; Iris Riemann; Peter Fischer; Thomas P. Becker; Hartmut Oehring; Karl-Juergen Halbhuber
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Ultrafast infrared lasers and H2O2 production in living cells
Author(s): Philip E. Hockberger; David L. Wokosin; Hans-Florian Uli Zeilhofer; Dieter Swandulla
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