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Biomedical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy
Editor(s): Michael D. Morris
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Volume Number: 3608
Date Published: 9 April 1999
Softcover: 31 papers (258) pages
ISBN: 9780819430786

Table of Contents
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Raman spectroscopic characterization of the liver
Author(s): Rolf Wolthuis; Matthijs van Aken; Hajo A. Bruining; Gerwin J. Puppels
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Human coronary atherosclerosis studied by morphological NIR Raman confocal microspectroscopy
Author(s): Hendrik P. J. Buschman; Jason T. Motz; Maryann Fitzmaurice; Arnoud van der Laarse; Albert V.G. Bruschke; Michael S. Feld
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Human coronary atherosclerosis studied in vitro by catheter-based transluminal Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Hendrik P. J. Buschman; Tjeerd J. Romer; Michael L. Wach; Eric Marple; Arnoud van der Laarse; Albert V.G. Bruschke; Gerwin J. Puppels
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Detection of prostaglandin H synthase (cyclooxygenase) -1 and -2 expression in single cancer cells by confocal Raman microspectroscopy
Author(s): Kasem Nithipatikom; Michael J. McCoy; Andre Kajdacsy-Balla; Sushma Kaul; Paul F. Lindholm; Sharon R. Hawi; Sunant Rochanakij; Fran Adar; William B. Campbell
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Raman spectroscopy for identity testing: applications from development to production in the pharmaceutical industry
Author(s): Christopher J. Frank
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Analysis of pharmaceutical materials through the use of FT-Raman microprobe imaging
Author(s): Christiane Rodriguez
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Raman spectroscopy: troubleshooting in the manufacture of Nadolol
Author(s): Jack Melton; Luis Collazo; Christiane Rodriguez; Paul Findlay
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Structural characterization of pharmaceutical fibers of alginate salts by confocal Raman spectral imaging
Author(s): Igor Chourpa; Philippe Carpentier; Philippe Maingault; Pierre Dubois
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Physical characterization of pharmaceutical solids by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): David E. Bugay
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Drug penetration into and permeation through human skin assessed by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Adrian C. Williams; Elizabeth A. Carter; Howell G.M. Edwards; Brian W. Barry
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Spectroscopic and morphologic characterization of the dentin/adhesive interface
Author(s): R. M. Lemor; Michael B. Kruger; David M. Wieliczka; Jim R. Swafford; Paulette Spencer
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Raman, SERS, and induced circular dichroism techniques as a probe of pharmaceuticals in their interactions with the human serum albumin and p-glycoprotein
Author(s): Fabrice Fleury; Anatoli I. Ianoul; Loris Baggetto; Jean-Claude Jardillier; Alain J.P. Alix; Igor R. Nabiev
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Raman spectroscopy as a diagnostic probe for ancient skin
Author(s): Howell G.M. Edwards
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In-vivo Raman spectroscopy of human skin: determination of the composition of natural moisturizing factor
Author(s): Peter J. Caspers; Gerald W. Lucassen; Rolf Wolthuis; Hajo A. Bruining; Gerwin J. Puppels
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Hazards and benefits of in-vivo Raman spectroscopy of human skin
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Carter; Adrian C. Williams; Brian W. Barry; Howell G.M. Edwards
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Noninvasive assessment of ocular tissue using confocal Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): James P. Wicksted; Noel J.C. Bauer; Roel J. Erckens; Franciscus H. M. Jongsma; Eefke E. Smit-Kepel; Massoud Motamedi; Wayne F. March
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Methods for Raman spectroscopic imaging of biological systems
Author(s): Steven M. Barnett; Michael M. Carrabba; Richard W. Bormett; Andrew Whitley
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Raman imaging of bone mineral and matrix: composition and function
Author(s): Angela Carden; Jerilyn A. Timlin; Clare M. Edwards; Michael D. Morris; C. Edward Hoffler; Kenneth Kozloff; Steven A. Goldstein
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Raman microscopy and imaging of inorganic and biological materials with liquid crystal tunable filters
Author(s): Pina Colarusso; Andrew Whitley; Ira W. Levin; E. Neil Lewis
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Advances in fiber optic Raman instrumentation
Author(s): Kevin L. Davis; James M. Tedesco; Jeremy M. Shaver
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Advances in fiber optic-based UV resonance Raman spectroscopy techniques for anatomical and physiological investigations
Author(s): H. Georg Schulze; Christopher J. Barbosa; L. Shane Greek; Robin F. B. Turner; C. A. Haynes; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Michael W. Blades
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Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic monitor of triglyceride hydrolysis in a skin pore phantom
Author(s): Millicent K. Weldon; Michael D. Morris
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Raman and SERS microspectroscopy on living cells: a promising tool toward cellular drug response and medical diagnosis
Author(s): Abdelilah Beljebbar; Ganesh D. Sockalingum; Hamid Morjani; Michel Manfait
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Vibrational spectroscopy as a probe to rapidly detect, identify, and characterize micro-organisms
Author(s): Ganesh D. Sockalingum; Hasnae Lamfarraj; Abdelilah Beljebbar; Patrick Pina; Marc Delavenne; Fabienne Witthuhn; Pierre Allouch; Michel Manfait
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Detection of angiotensin II binding to single adrenal zona glomerulosa cells by confocal Raman microspectroscopy
Author(s): Michael J. McCoy; Timothy J. Habermann; Craig J. Hanke; Fran Adar; William B. Campbell; Kasem Nithipatikom
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering for discovering and scoring single-base differences in DNA
Author(s): George D. Chumanov; Therese M. Cotton
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Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the in-vitro and ex-vivo detection of excitatory amino acids
Author(s): D. Patrick O'Neal; Massoud Motamedi; Jefferson Chen; Gerard L. Cote
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Analysis of the SERS spectra of PrGV virion protein in different pH Ag sol
Author(s): PeiDi Bao; TianQuan Huang; XinMing Liu; Tieqiao Wu
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectra of TvNPV polyhedrin protein in Ag sol
Author(s): PeiDi Bao; XinMing Liu; TianQuan Huang; Tieqiao Wu; Shiqui Liu
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Confocal Raman microscopic characterization of the molecular species responsible for the grain cohesion of Triticum aestivum wheat: effect of chemical treatment
Author(s): Olivier Piot; Abdelbasset Saadi; Jean-Claude Autran; Michel Manfait
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Assessment of nonenzymatic glycation in protein by FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Virginia Otero de Joshi; Narahari V. Joshi; Herminia Gil; William Velasquez; Silvia Contreras; Glevis Marquez
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