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Nondestructive Evaluation of Aging Aircraft, Airports, and Aerospace Hardware III
Editor(s): Ajit K. Mal
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Volume Number: 3586
Date Published: 28 January 1999
Softcover: 37 papers (364) pages
ISBN: 9780819430564

Table of Contents
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AACE: an innovative partnership to enhance aircraft safety
Author(s): William W. Shurtleff
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Corrosion quantification by different nondestructive inspection methods
Author(s): Paul S. Rutherford; Joe J. Luzar
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Nondestructive evaluation for crack, corrosion, and stress detection for metal assemblies and structures
Author(s): Martin J. Dudziak; Andre Y. Chervonenkis; Vladimir Chinarov
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Crack growth detection and monitoring using broadband acoustic emission techniques
Author(s): Eric D. Haugse; Tamara J. Leeks; Roy Ikegami; Patrick E. Johnson; Steve M. Ziola; John F. Dorighi; Scott May; Neal Phelps
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Health monitoring of an adhesive joint using a multiaxis fiber grating strain sensor system
Author(s): Whitten L. Schulz; Eric Udd; Mike Morrell; John M. Seim; Ignacio M. Perez; Angela Trego
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Structural damage localization using an optimization method
Author(s): Wolfgang G. Luber
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Nondestructive characterization of corrosion damage and fatigue life
Author(s): Stanislov I. Rokhlin; B. Zoofan; J.-Y. Kim; W. Dai
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Developments in real-time 2D ultrasound inspection for aging aircraft
Author(s): Marvin E. Lasser; Bob Lasser; John Kula; Gene Rohrer; George H. Harrison
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Aircraft engine blade cooling holes detection and classification from infrared images
Author(s): Robert D. Rosemau; Sal Nawaz; Aiqun Niu; William G. Wee
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State of the art of thermal wave imaging for NDE of aging aircraft
Author(s): Lawrence D. Favro; Robert L. Thomas; Xiaoyan Han
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Three-dimensional CT data processing for inspection
Author(s): Wenjian Wang; Lan Han; Xiaogu Wu; William G. Wee
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Use of noncontact sensors for paving operations on airport pavements
Author(s): Carl A. Lenngren
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Monitoring crack length in concrete beams using resonance measurements
Author(s): Kolluru V. Subramaniam; Glenn Goldstein; John S. Popovics; Surendra P. Shah
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High-speed rolling deflectometer data evaluation
Author(s): Peter Andren
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Nondestructive critical pressure determination of defect zones in vessel-like constructions
Author(s): Yuriy Onishchenko
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Low-frequency electromagnetic sensing of cracks and inclusions in ferromagnetic materials using magnetoresistive sensors
Author(s): Alexander R. Perry; Peter V. Czipott; Alan L. Singsaas; William F. Avrin
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Improved near-field characteristics of phased arrays for assessing concrete and cementitious materials
Author(s): Shi-Chang Wooh; Lawrence Azar
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Log-periodic time-to-failure analysis
Author(s): Didier Sornette
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Fusion of modal strain energy differences for localization of damage
Author(s): Roberto A. Osegueda; Arturo Revilla; Leopoldo R. Pereyra; Oscar Moguel
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Damage detection in a stiffened plate using modal strain energy differences
Author(s): Leopoldo R. Pereyra; Roberto A. Osegueda; Cesar J. Carrasco; Carlos M. Ferregut
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NUVU: handheld instruments for video inspection of aircraft wiring
Author(s): John N. Pike; Yogesh Mehrotra; Herbert Kaplan
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Pulse phase thermography for defect detection and visualization
Author(s): Sergio Marinetti; Yuri A. Plotnikov; William P. Winfree; Alberto Braggiotti
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Real-time speckle shearography system for defect detection in aircraft materials
Author(s): Hedser H. van Brug
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Composite materials stiffness determination and defects characterization using enhanced leaky Lamb wave dispersion data acquisition method
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Ajit K. Mal; Shyh-Shiuh Lih; Zensheu Chang
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Residual stresses in aircraft components: I. Nonlinear finite element modeling
Author(s): Shaker A. Meguid; P. Papanikos; John C. Stranart
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Residual stresses in aircraft components: II. Nondestructive characterization using leaky Lamb waves
Author(s): John C. Stranart; Shaker A. Meguid
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Impact of damage on propagation of Lamb waves in plates
Author(s): Cesar Tirado; Soheil Nazarian
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Ultrasonic Lamb wave tomographic scanning
Author(s): Mark K. Hinders; Eugene V. Malyarenko; James C.P. McKeon
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Lamb wave tomographic imaging system for aircraft structural health assessment
Author(s): Willi G. Schwarz; Michael E. Read; Matthew J. Kremer; Mark K. Hinders; Barry T. Smith
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Wide-area imaging of ultrasonic Lamb wave fields by electronic speckle pattern interferometry
Author(s): Grant A. Gordon; Truman Douglas Mast
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Micromachined ultrasonic transducers for air-coupled nondestructive evaluation
Author(s): Sean T. Hansen; F. Levent Degertekin; Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub
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Advanced radiographic methods for visualization of corrosion in aircraft structures
Author(s): Noreen A. Cmar-Mascis; William P. Winfree; F. Raymond Parker
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Emerging holographic techniques for advanced space research
Author(s): Valery Petrov
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NDE of hidden flaws in aging aircraft structures using obliquely backscattered ultrasonic signals (OBUS)
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Ajit K. Mal; Marvin E. Lasser
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Precise AE source location technology for the aerospace industry
Author(s): Maochen Ge; Gangbing Song
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Recent advances in remote field eddy current NDE techniques and their applications in detection, characterization, and monitoring of deeply hidden corrosion in aircraft structures
Author(s): Yushi Sun; Tianhe Ouyang; Satish S. Udpa
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Surface detection with subvoxel accuracy using 3D directional derivatives
Author(s): Xiaogu Wu; William G. Wee
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