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27th AIPR Workshop: Advances in Computer-Assisted Recognition
Editor(s): Robert J. Mericsko

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Volume Number: 3584
Date Published: 29 January 1999

Table of Contents
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Combat vehicle classification using machine learning
Author(s): Haitong Zeng; J. Huang; Yiqing Liang
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Some issues with ATRs based on template matching
Author(s): John M. Irvine
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Design of zoomable user interfaces and lens tools for intelligence analysis
Author(s): Raymond D. Rimey; William N. Klarquist; Christian H. Debrunner
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Application of sequential transforms for rapid aspect independent target classification using high-resolution radar signatures
Author(s): Moayyed A. Hussain
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Invariant geometric hashing
Author(s): Birkett Huber; Peter F. Stiller; Charles S. Wan; Tejas N. Shah
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Video-based automatic surveillance of oil leaks in a power plant by using artificial neural networks
Author(s): T. Ogawa; Koichi Ogawa; Hidehiro Uekusa; Minoru Mukasa; J. Momii
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CFAR detection with non-Gaussian and dependent data
Author(s): Tim C. Hesterberg
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Simultaneous spatiotemporal target segmentation and motion estimation in a variational formulation
Author(s): Alan Q. Li; Vikram Chalana; Hongkai Zhao
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Performance evaluation of two Arabic OCR products
Author(s): Tapas Kanungo; Gregory A. Marton; Osama Bulbul
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Data fusion approach to verifying handwritten signatures on bank checks
Author(s): D. J. Scott; Otman A. Basir; Khaled S. Hassanein; John S. Zelek
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Robust language-independent OCR system
Author(s): Zhidong A. Lu; Issam Bazzi; Andras Kornai; John Makhoul; Premkumar S. Natarajan; Richard Schwartz
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AOTF polarization difference imaging
Author(s): Louis J. Denes; Milton S. Gottlieb; Boris Kaminsky; Peter Metes
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Imaging experiments based on application of noncollinear tunable acousto-optic filters
Author(s): Vitaly B. Voloshinov
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Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging with AOTF for object recognition
Author(s): Neelam Gupta; Rachid Dahmani
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History and background of acousto-optical tunable filters (AOTFs) for imagery intelligence applications
Author(s): John F. Huth
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Comparison of acousto-optic tunable filters and acousto-optic dispersive filters for hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Dennis R. Suhre; Lyle H. Taylor; N. B. Singh; W. R. Rosch
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AOTF-based automatic system for target contrast enhancement and target tracking
Author(s): Paul I. Shnitser; Il'ya P. Agurok; Sergey Sandomirsky; Aramais A. Avakian
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Cognitive issues in searching images with visual queries
Author(s): ByungGu Yu; Martha W. Evens
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Dynamic subpattern matching with holographic associative memory
Author(s): Javed I. Khan
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ALISA: adaptive learning image and signal analysis
Author(s): Peter Bock
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Application of principal component analysis to multisensor classification
Author(s): Brian D. Corner; Ram Mohan Narayanan; Stephen E. Reichenbach
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Advanced synthetic image generation models and their application to multi/hyperspectral algorithm development
Author(s): John R. Schott; Scott D. Brown; Rolando V. Raqueno; Harry N. Gross; Gary Robinson
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Support vector machines for hyperspectral remote sensing classification
Author(s): J. Anthony Gualtieri; Robert F. Cromp
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Quantifying topographic fabric: eigenvector analysis using digital elevation models
Author(s): Peter L. Guth
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Evaluation of prostate tumor grades by content-based image retrieval
Author(s): Arthur W. Wetzel; R. Crowley; Sujin Kim; R. Dawson; Lei Zheng; Y. M. Joo; Yukako Yagi; John Gilbertson; C. Gadd; D. W. Deerfield; Michael J. Becich
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Object description and performance of Monte Carlo simulation in photon transport
Author(s): T. Sato; Koichi Ogawa
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Multiresolution neural networks for mammographic mass detection
Author(s): Clay D. Spence; Paul Sajda
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