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Detectors, Focal Plane Arrays, and Imaging Devices II
Editor(s): Pingzhi Liang; Marc Wigdor; William G. D. Frederick
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Volume Number: 3553
Date Published: 11 August 1998
Softcover: 48 papers (312) pages
ISBN: 9780819430144

Table of Contents
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Defects in HgCdTe crystals grown by SSR technique
Author(s): Yue Wang; Quanbao Li; Qingling Han; Bingwen Song; Wanqi Jie; Yaohe Zhou
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Development of a 128 X 4 HgCdTe hybrid FPAs using MBE grown on GaAs
Author(s): Gehong Zeng; Junhong Su
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MBE growth of HgCdTe for infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): Li He; Jianrong Yang; Shanli Wang; Meifang Yu; Yanq Wu; Yimin Qiao; Xinqiang Chen; Weizheng Fang; Qingyao Zhang; Yongsheng Gui; Junhao Chu
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Composition and temperature dependence of the refractive index in Hg1-xCdxTe over the visible light region
Author(s): Runqing Jiang; Yueyuan Xia; Yan Zhang; Jiaxiong Fang
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Development of infrared physics and photoelectronic technique at Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics
Author(s): Wei Lu
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Effects of different surface treatments of CZT samples on the values of DCRC FWHM of x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Yu Long Mo; Hui Huang; Juan Qin; Hua Chen; Gang Wu; Chaowang Liu; Dexiu Li
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Photoconductive long-wavelength HgCdTe multielement detector at 105 K temperature
Author(s): Xiongchao Yang; Kaifang Cheng
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Deep levels in Hg1-xCdxTe using mobility and carrier concentration
Author(s): Xiangyang Li; Xinwen Hu; Huiqin Lu; Jun Zhao; Jiaxiong Fang
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Performance comparison between MCT long-wave 288 X 4 TDI IRFPA and 8 X 4 SPRITE
Author(s): Zhongyun Tian; Ruoxi Ji; Ying Tian
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Relationship between the cut-on wave number of the transmission spectra and the cut-off wave number of the response spectra
Author(s): Wenjuan Zhu; Xiaoning Hu; Haimei Gong; Jiaxiong Fang
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Effect of gamma irradiation on room-temperature SWIR HgCdTe photodiodes
Author(s): Xinwen Hu; Xiangyang Li; Huiqin Lu; Jun Zhao; Haimei Gong; Jiaxiong Fang
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Analysis and simulation of the low-temperature performance of Si/SiGe HBTs for the integrated infrared receiver
Author(s): Lixin Zhao; Chen Xu; Guo Gao; Deshu Zou; Jianxing Chen; Guangdi Shen; W. X. Ni; Goeran V. Hansson
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Temperature compensation method of APD photoelectronic detector
Author(s): Dianren Chen; Guiying Li; Huilin Jiang
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Design and fabrication of 128x128 diffractive microlens arrays on Si for PtSi focal plane arrays
Author(s): Yi Li; Xinjian Yi; Jianhua Hao
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Compatability of P+-GexSi1-x/p-Si heterojunction internal photoemission infrared detector with its monolithically integrated MOS readout switch
Author(s): Ruizhong Wang; Peiyi Chen; Peihsin Tsien; Yongkang Li; Junming Zhou
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Analysis of the quantum efficiency of a GaInAsSb photovoltaic detector
Author(s): Yuan Tian; Tianming Zhou; BaoLin Zhang; Hong Jiang; Yixin Jin
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Compositional dependence of electrical properties of GaInAsSb quarternary alloy and novel structure of infrared detector
Author(s): Yongqiang Ning; BaoLin Zhang; Tianming Zhou; Hong Jiang; Yixin Jin
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Imaging detector in the near UV
Author(s): Qingduo Duanmu; Jingquan Tian; Ye Li; Yaohua Lu; Delong Jiang; Lichen Fu; Guifen Wang
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Performance of imaging photon-counting intensifiers
Author(s): Liqun Sun; Tiantong Tang; Zhaojin Yang; Shiming Xiang
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Long-life filmed microchannel plate
Author(s): Jinliang Yan
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Bolometric and spectral response of a superconducting YBCO microbridge infrared detector
Author(s): Dan Li; Jianxun Zhou; Guo Zhen Li
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Performance research of pyroelectric array infrared detector
Author(s): Hongbing Fang; Defu Pi; Guang-min Wang
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Noise effects of miniature Stirling cooler on a photovoltaic QD
Author(s): Huayong Liu; Yu Hu; Fang Xie; Xian Li
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Pyroelectric properties in polar hemicyanine Langmuir-Blodgett multilayer films
Author(s): Shihong Ma; Mei Yan; Wencheng Wang; Zhi-Ming Zhang; Zhanghai Chen; Pulin Liu; Junhao Zhu; Cuifeng Qu; Sheng-Wei Lin
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New threshold detection theory and apparent distance detection equation for low-light-level imaging system
Author(s): Kecong Ai
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Acquiring sine grating pattern of dynamic varying frequency for measuring MTF of CCD
Author(s): Min Song; Yefang Li; Yi Sun; Jia-sheng Hu
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Comparison of microscan and optical prefiltering models for aliasing artifacts reduction in discrete imaging systems
Author(s): Haitao Zhang; Yong Zhang; Dazun Zhao
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OTF and PSF of circular-grating optical scanning holography
Author(s): Wanguo Liang; Dazun Zhao; Jinghui Xie; Yeling Zhao
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Principle of using a liquid-crystal display device for detection of heat radiation
Author(s): Ben-He Jiang; Huanjun Qi; Qingrong Hu
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Demountable CCD-digicon detector
Author(s): Delian Fu; Zhongchun Wang; Jiuheng Sun
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Applying visibility to evaluate and analyze thermal images under obscured IR smoke screen conditions
Author(s): Zhigang Chen; Zeying Chi; Li Li; Wenjian Chen; Cunshen Zhao
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Thermal image measurement and analysis under obscured IR smoke screen conditions
Author(s): Zeying Chi; Zhigang Chen; Wenjian Chen; Li Li; Mingjun You
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Nonuniformity measurement of the Group 1 Infrared Imaging System
Author(s): Zhang Qi; Feng An; Jianxun Zhou
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Influence of phase match between input signal and CCD pixel on the MTF
Author(s): Min Song; Yi Sun; Yefang Li
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Noise analysis in wavefront sensor subaperture optimization
Author(s): Li Chen; Xin Yu
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Easy way to evaluate CCDs for astronomical use
Author(s): Qian Song; Kaifan Ji; Wenda Cao
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New method of measuring CCD device photoresponse nonuniformity
Author(s): Fu Wang; XueJu Shen; Weigang Chen; Xinhua Sun; Wei Dong; Bing Zhou
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System for measurement of CCD parameters
Author(s): Rihong Zhu; Daocai Xiang; Zhixing Yang; Jinbang Chen
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Fabrication of high-performance CdZnTe strip detector arrays
Author(s): Zhiqing Shi; Carl Michael Stahle; Peter K. Shu
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Long linear MWIR and LWIR HgCdTe infrared detection arrays for high-resolution imaging
Author(s): Jean-Paul Chamonal; Patrick Audebert; Philippe Medina; Gerard L. Destefanis; Joel Deschamps; Michel Girard; Jean-Pierre Chatard
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SOFRADIR IR detectors today and tomorrow
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Chatard; Philippe M. Tribolet
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Comparison of n- and p-type quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Sheng S. Li; Meimei Z. Tidrow
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QWIP characteristics, performance, advantages, opportunities, and issues
Author(s): Hui Chun Liu
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Quantum well infrared photodetectors (QWIPs) for astronomy
Author(s): Sarath D. Gunapala; Sumith V. Bandara; John K. Liu; Edward M. Luong; James J. Bock; Michael E. Ressler; Michael W. Werner
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Si homojunction internal photoemission far-infrared detectors
Author(s): A. G. Unil Perera; W. Z. Shen; Hui Chun Liu; Margaret Buchanan; Michael A. Tanner; Kang Lung Wang
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Uncooled infrared detectors and focal plane arrays
Author(s): Meimei Z. Tidrow; William W. Clark; W. Tipton; R. Hoffman; William A. Beck; S. C. Tidrow; D. N. Robertson; Herbert K. Pollehn; K. R. Udayakumar; Howard R. Beratan; Kevin L. Soch; Charles M. Hanson; Marc Wigdor
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QWIP technology applications to ballistic missile defense
Author(s): Walter R. Dyer; Meimei Z. Tidrow
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Modeling, design, and characterization of medium-background blackbodies for full-aperture calibration of spaceborne infrared systems and imagers
Author(s): Sergei N. Mekhontsev; Victor I. Sapritsky; Alexander V. Prokhorov; Vladimir B. Khromchenko; Mikhail L. Samoilov
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