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Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Fiber Sensors X
Editor(s): Robert A. Lieberman
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Volume Number: 3540
Date Published: 23 February 1999
Softcover: 29 papers (268) pages
ISBN: 9780819430014

Table of Contents
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Critical review of pH sensing with optical fibers
Author(s): Francesco Baldini
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Complete spectrum fiber optic pH sensor based on a novel fluorescent indicator doped porous sol-gel material
Author(s): U. H. Manyam; Mahmoud R. Shahriari; Michael J. Morris
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Development of oxygen and pH optical sensors using phase modulation technique
Author(s): Zoe Chen-Esterlit; Jonathan W. Aylott; Raoul Kopelman
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Thymol blue immobilized on tapered fibers as optical transducer for pH sensing
Author(s): Francesco Baldini; Leonardo Ciaccheri; Alida Falai; Anna Grazia Mignani; Jan Rayss; Grzegorz Sudolski
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Fiber optic immunosensors to monitor small-molecule analytes in groundwater
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Ives; Heide M. Doss; Brian J. Sullivan; John C. Stires; James H. Bechtel
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Fluorescence-based reversible immunosensors
Author(s): David Issachar; Srivasta V. Rao; Winston Ho; Lothar U. Kempen; Allan Z. Wang; Rebecca Gasca; Robert A. Lieberman
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Near-infrared spectroscopy for LPG quality control
Author(s): James D. Ryan; Paul C. Russell; Gordon R. Jones; C. A. Gerrard; D. Strachan
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FTIR-based instrument employing a coiled hollow waveguide cell for rapid field analysis of volatile organic compounds
Author(s): Ronald H. Micheels; K. Richardson; David J. Haan; James A. Harrington
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In-situ cure monitoring of the PMR-15 imidization reaction
Author(s): Sheryl L. Cossins; Robb M. Winter
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Mid-infrared fiber optic hazardous waste identification system
Author(s): Suneet Chadha; William Kyle; William A. Stevenson; Roy A. Bolduc; Mark A. Druy
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Portable and inexpensive diode laser/fiber optic spectrometer and its application to the determination of ammonia in environmental samples
Author(s): SungHo Kim; Young Soon Noh; Gill Sang Byun; Kyung Ha Lee; DongSun Seo
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Optical fiber sensors for the distributed measurement of hydrocarbons
Author(s): Jochen Buerck; Elke Sensfelder
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Large-area hyphenated fiber optic chemical sensor platforms
Author(s): Mary Bliss; Richard A. Craig; Jay W. Grate; Steven N. Kaganove; Norman C. Anheier; Debra S. Barnett
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Evanescent wave sensor for detecting volatile organic compounds
Author(s): Kisholoy Goswami; John D. Prohaska; Anil Menon; Edgar A. Mendoza; Robert A. Lieberman
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Reversible evanescent wave sensors for hydrazine
Author(s): Michael T. Carter; Jimmy R. Smith; Donald R. Mowry; Jay G. Patel
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Sol-gel planar waveguide chemical sensors utilizing grating couplers
Author(s): Aidan M. Doyle; Brian D. MacCraith
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Tapered quasi-planar germanium waveguides for mid-IR chemical and biochemical sensing
Author(s): Mark S. Braiman; Li Zhi Mi
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Optical system-on-a-chip for chemical and biochemical sensing: the chemistry
Author(s): Daniel P. Campbell; Jeffrey L. Moore; Janet M. Cobb; Nile F. Hartman; Bernard H. Schneider; Manju G. Venugopal
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Characterization of mixed TiO2 and SiO2 sol-gel membranes for volatile organochloride sensing
Author(s): Maria V. Schiza; Delana A. Nivens; Fred P. Milanovich; S. Michael Angel
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Improvement of sensitivity in plastic optical fiber gasoline leakage sensors
Author(s): Masayuki Morisawa; Kohji Uchiyama; Gargi Vishnoi; Shinzo Muto; Chan Xin Liang; Eimei Machida; Koichi Kiso
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Field test of fiber optic hydrazine dosimeters at Cape Canaveral
Author(s): Charles M. Klimcak; Y. Chan; B. Jaduszliwer
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New absorption-based optode for the detection of Hg(II) in water
Author(s): Francesco Baldini; Alida Falai; Alberto Flamini; Andrea A. Mencaglia
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Optochemical nanosensors for intracellular chemical measurement
Author(s): Raoul Kopelman; Michael T. Miller; Murphy Brasuel; Heather A. Clark; Marion Hoyer; Martin A. Philbert
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Multianalyte submicron sensors for intracellular sensing
Author(s): Indu F. Saxena; Srivasta V. Rao; Robert A. Lieberman; Michael T. Miller; Raoul Kopelman
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Fiber optic imaging for in-situ chemical measurements
Author(s): J. Chance Carter; William J. Egan; Rajesh B. Nair; Catherine J. Murphy; Stephen L. Morgan; S. Michael Angel
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Development of fluorescent fiber optic single-polymer membrane sensors for simultaneous ratiometric detection of oxygen and carbon dioxide in biological systems
Author(s): Sunil Dourado; Raoul Kopelman
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Development of a lifetime-based fiber optic imaging sensor to study water transport in thin Nafion membranes
Author(s): Susan J. Glenn; Brian M. Cullum; J. Chance Carter; Rajesh B. Nair; Delana A. Nivens; Catherine J. Murphy; S. Michael Angel
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Optical-fiber-based chemical sensors for detection of corrosion precursors and by-products
Author(s): Jennifer L. Elster; Jonathan A. Greene; Mark E. Jones; Timothy A. Bailey; Shannon M. Lenahan; William H. Velander; Roger VanTassell; William Hodges; Ignacio M. Perez
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New SPR sensor for refractive index and chemical sensing
Author(s): Thomas Boehme; Matthias Lau
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