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Configurable Computing: Technology and Applications
Editor(s): John Schewel
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Volume Number: 3526
Date Published: 8 October 1998
: 29 papers (290) pages
ISBN: 9780819429872

Table of Contents
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Design and implementation of a high-level image processing machine using reconfigurable hardware
Author(s): Paul Donachy; Danny Crookes; Ahmed Bouridane; K. Alotaibi; Abdsamad Benkrid
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Low-cost reconfigurable DSP-based parallel image processing computer
Author(s): Ciaron W. Murphy; David Mark Harvey; Laurence J. Nicolson
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Spatial and color clustering on an FPGA-based computer system
Author(s): Miriam E. Leeser; Natalya V. Kitaryeva; Jill D. Crisman
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Computer vision application on RIPP10 configurable platform using DIPSA modular architecture
Author(s): Domingo Benitez-Diaz
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Design and implementation of a systolic circuit dedicated to dynamic programming algorithm parallel calculation
Author(s): Edwige E. Pissaloux; Francois Le Coat; Patrick J. Bonnin; Andre Tissot; Francois Durbin; Thierry Garie
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Applicability of reconfigurable computers in satellite telemetry data processing
Author(s): Kenneth B. Winiecki; Marco A. Figueiredo; Terry L. Graessle; Parminder S. Ghuman
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Alternative approaches implementing high-performance FIR filters on lookup-table-based FPGAs: a comparison
Author(s): Tien-Toan Do; Holger Kropp; Carsten Reuter; Peter Pirsch
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Toward a system for automatic FPGA-based reconfigurable vision system design
Author(s): Amiot Franck; Edwige E. Pissaloux
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Implementation of adaptive logic networks on an FPGA board
Author(s): Juan P. Oliver; Andre Fonseca de Oliveira; Julio Perez Acle; Roberto J. de la Vega; Rafael M. Canetti
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Architectural adaptation in MORPH
Author(s): Rajesh K. Gupta; Andrew Chien
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Spatiotemporal partitioning of computational structures onto configurable computing machines
Author(s): Rhett D. Hudson; David I. Lehn; Jason Hess; James D. Atwell; David Moye; Ken Shiring; Peter M. Athanas
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Tools for mapping applications to CCMs
Author(s): Mark Thomas Jones; Michael A. Langston; Padma Raghavan
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Flexible multiservice ATM network interface using reconfigurable logic devices
Author(s): Bernt Weber; Gerald Ouvradou; Pierre Rolin
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Hardware/software codesign of a fuzzy ART neural clusterer: the benefits of configurable computing
Author(s): Pascal Poire; Yvon Savaria; Herve Daniel; Marc-Andre Cantin; Yves Blaquiere
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XBI: a Java-based interface to FPGA hardware
Author(s): Steven A. Guccione; Delon Levi
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Novel single-chip evolutionary hardware design using FPGAs
Author(s): Craig G. Slorach; Ken C. Sharman
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Comparing computing machines
Author(s): Andre DeHon
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Analysis of technology trends: making a case for architectural adaptation in custom datapaths
Author(s): Rajesh Satapathy; Rajesh K. Gupta
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Architecture of a reconfigurable system based on an embedded FPPA
Author(s): Christophe Amerijckx; Jean-Didier Legat
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Using the KressArray for reconfigurable computing
Author(s): Reiner W. Hartenstein; Michael Herz; Thomas Hoffmann; Ulrich Nageldinger
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Abstract models of reconfigurable architectures for synthesis and compilation
Author(s): Ranga Vemuri; Jeff Walrath
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Rapid implementation of mathematical and DSP algorithms in configurable computing devices
Author(s): Paul D. Fiore; Cory S. Myers; John M. Smith; Eric K. Pauer
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Minimum multiplicative complexity implementation of the 2D DCT using Xilinx FPGAs
Author(s): Chris H. Dick
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Use of delayed addition techniques to accelerate integer and floating-point calculations in configurable hardware
Author(s): Zhen Luo; Margaret Martonosi
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FPGA-based floating-point datapath design for geometry processing
Author(s): Shanzhen Xing; William W.H. Yu
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Dynamically programmable cache
Author(s): Mouna Nakkar; John A. Harding; David A. Schwartz; Paul D. Franzon; Thomas Conte
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Development environment for configurable computing
Author(s): Brian Boysen; Nathan DeBardeleben; Kim M. Hazelwood; Walter B. Ligon; Ron Sass; Dan C. Stanzione; Keith D. Underwood
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