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Materials and Device Characterization in Micromachining
Editor(s): Craig R. Friedrich; Yuli Vladimirsky
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Volume Number: 3512
Date Published: 1 September 1998
Softcover: 45 papers (454) pages
ISBN: 9780819429711

Table of Contents
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Near-contact mode: a novel AFM operation mode for nondestructive ultrahigh lateral-resolution topography measurement in air
Author(s): Huddee J. Ho
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Effects of semiconductor surface band pinning on scanning electrostatic force microscopy
Author(s): Albert K. Henning
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Mechanical properties of thin polysilicon films by means of probe microscopy
Author(s): Ioannis Chasiotis; Wolfgang G. Knauss
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Micromachined aperture probe for combined atomic force and near-field scanning optical microscopy (AFM/NSOM)
Author(s): Dietrich Drews; Wilfried Noell; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Manfred Lacher; Karsten Mayr; Othmar Marti; C. Serwatzy; Michael Abraham
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Probe-type microforce sensor for microactuators
Author(s): Yasushi Onoe; Takeo Tanaami
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Fabrication and use of metal tip and tip-on-tip probes for AFM-based device analysis
Author(s): Thomas Hantschel; Peter De Wolf; Thomas Trenkler; Robert Stephenson; Wilfried Vandervorst
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Surface texturing and chemical treatment methods for reducing high adhesion forces at micromachine interfaces
Author(s): Kyriakos Komvopoulos
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Stress measurement in MEMS using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Sherwin T. Animoto; Dick J. Chang; Andra D. Birkitt
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Tensile properties of LIGA nickel
Author(s): William N. Sharpe; Andrew McAleavey
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Development of TiNi shape memory alloy film deposited by sputtering from separate Ti and Ni targets
Author(s): Akihiro Ohta; Shekhar Bhansali; Isao Kishimoto; Akira Umeda
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Silicon nitride deposited by electron cyclotron resonance plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposititon for micromachining applications
Author(s): Roberto R. Panepucci; Jose A. Diniz; Eduardo Carli; Peter J. Tatschi; Jacobus W. Swart
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Electroplated and screen-printed magnetic materials applicable to micromachined magnetic devices
Author(s): Jae Yeong Park; Mark G. Allen
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Three-dimensional microfabrication using two-photon polymerization
Author(s): Brian H. Cumpston; Jeffrey E. Ehrlich; Stephen M. Kuebler; Matthew Lipson; Seth R. Marder; D. McCord-Maughon; Joseph W. Perry; Harold Roeckel; Maria Cristina Rumi
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High-aspect-ratio x-ray lithography for magnetic head fabrication
Author(s): Zheng Chen; Nikolai L. Krasnoperov; Steven S. Gearhart; Yuli Vladimirsky; Franco Cerrina
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Properties of polycrystalline diamond as x-ray mask
Author(s): Jeng Tzong Sheu; G. Y. Yang; B. R. Huang
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Mathematical model for optimization of laser photoablated microstructures
Author(s): Raja Nassar; Ashok Krishnan
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Failure analysis of surface-micromachined microengines
Author(s): Kenneth A. Peterson; Paiboon Tangyunyong; Alejandro A. Pimentel
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Noncontact microtorque measurement for motors in MEMS
Author(s): Yihui Wu; Hongguang Jia; Tongyu Wang; Li-Ding Wang
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New diaphragm structure based on SiNx/SOG for flow sensor
Author(s): Yuichi Sakai; Akira Yamashita; Tsukasa Matsuura; Kazuhiko Tsutsumi
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Linkage design effect on the reliability of surface-micromachined microengines driving a load
Author(s): Danelle M. Tanner; Kenneth A. Peterson; Lloyd W. Irwin; Paiboon Tangyunyong; William M. Miller; William P. Eaton; Norman F. Smith; M. Steven Rodgers
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Dynamic high-g loading of MEMS sensors: ground and flight testing
Author(s): T. Gordon Brown; Bradford S. Davis
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Microtribiology and self-lubrication microsystems
Author(s): Yangchao Tian; Gang Liu; Yilin Hong; Shaojun Fu; Yiguan Hu
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A hinged-pad test structure for sliding friction measurement in micromachining
Author(s): Maarten P. de Boer; James M. Redmond; Terry A. Michalske
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Pattern transfer accuracy in deep x-ray lithography: calculation and experimental results
Author(s): Andreas Schmidt; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Gregor Feiertag; Regina Luettge; Martin Schmidt
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PMMA development studies using various synchrotron sources and exposure conditions
Author(s): Ming X. Tan; Michelle A. Bankert; Stewart K. Griffiths; Aili Ting; Dale R. Boehme; Shondelle Wilson; Lianna M. Balser
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Transparent masks for aligned deep x-ray lithography/LIGA: low-cost high-performance alternative using glass membranes
Author(s): Roland K. Kupka; Stephan Megtert; Marc Roulliay; Faycal Bouamrane
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Mask prototyping for ultradeep x-ray lithography: preliminary studies for mask blanks and high-aspect-ratio absorber patterns
Author(s): Chantal G. Khan Malek
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Injection molding using high-aspect-ratio microstructure mold inserts produced by LIGA technique
Author(s): Mircea S. Despa; Kevin W. Kelly; John R. Collier
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Characterization of ultrathick photoresists for MEMS applications using a 1X stepper
Author(s): Warren W. Flack; Warren P. Fan; Sylvia White
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Novel two-step baking process for high-aspect-ratio photolithography with conventional positive thick photoresist
Author(s): Jun-Bo Yoon; Chul-Hi Han; Euisik Yoon; Choong-Ki Kim
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Calibration of optical 3D-measuring instruments
Author(s): Uwe Brand
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Microfabrication of high-aspect-ratio Bi-Te alloy microposts and applications in microsized cooling probes
Author(s): Lei Huang; Wanjun Wang; Michael C. Murphy
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Ni-Al2O3 and Ni-Al composite high-aspect-ratio microstructures
Author(s): Tao Wang; Melford Sorrell; Kevin W. Kelly; Evan Ma
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STM tips for in-situ scanning tunneling microscopy in aqueous solutions prepared using electrophoretic deposition of paint
Author(s): Albert Schulte
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Multilevel microstructure fabrication using single-step 3D photolithography and single-step electroplating
Author(s): Jun-Bo Yoon; Jae-Duk Lee; Chul-Hi Han; Euisik Yoon; Choong-Ki Kim
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Novel technique to measure thermal conductivity of thin film membranes
Author(s): Andrea Irace; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Rapid prototyping using excimer laser microfabrication system
Author(s): Ashok Krishnan; Raja Nassar
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Reshaping as a 3D fabrication technique
Author(s): Murat M. Okyar; Xiqing Sun; William N. Carr
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Modern VUV and x-ray micro-optics: LIGA-fabricated and micromachined devices
Author(s): Roland K. Kupka; Marc Roulliay; Faycal Bouamrane; Stephan Megtert
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SPICE Level 3 and BSIM3v3.1 characterization of monolithic integrated CMOS-MEMS devices
Author(s): Bevan D. Staple; Herman A. Watts; Christopher W. Dyck; A. P. Griego; F. W. Hewlett; James H. Smith
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Adhesion between PMMA mask layer and silicon wafer in KOH aqueous solution
Author(s): Mihaela Ilie; Bogdan Marculescu; Nicolae Moldovan; Nicoleta Nastase; Mihaela Olteanu
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Strategy to determine the constant of elasticity for static micromechanical structures with given shape
Author(s): Mihaela Ilie; Hans-Dieter Liess; Nicolae Moldovan; Veit Meister; Sorin Nedelcu; Eugen Vasile; Aurel Vitriuc
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Microassembly technologies for MEMS
Author(s): Michael B. Cohn; Karl F. Boehringer; J. Mark Noworolski; Angad Singh; Chris G. Keller; Kenneth A. Goldberg; Roger T. Howe
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Finding markets for microstructures
Author(s): James W. Knutti
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Micromachining technologies for miniaturized communication devices
Author(s): Clark T.-C. Nguyen
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