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In-Line Characterization Techniques for Performance and Yield Enhancement in Microelectronic Manufacturing II
Editor(s): Sergio A. Ajuria; Tim Z. Hossain

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Volume Number: 3509
Date Published: 27 August 1998

Table of Contents
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Value added with in-line electrical characterization: fact or fiction?
Author(s): Steven R. Weinzierl; Tim E. Turner
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Correlating EEPROM end-of-line measurements with PDM in-line charging monitoring for ion implantation
Author(s): Annemarie S. Bloot; Edwin H. J. Satink; Antonio Cacciato; Henk Jan F. Peuscher; Jan Lindeman; John K. Lowell
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Scanning capacitance microscope, an in-line nondestructive technique for SiO2 characterization
Author(s): F. Bordoni; Rosario De Tommasis; A. Di Giacomo; L. Fasciani; Giuseppe Moccia
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Scanning auger microscopy studies of microelectronic features
Author(s): Sandro Santucci; Luca Lozzi; Davide Pacifico; P. Picozzi; Roberto Alfonsetti; Giuseppe Moccia
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Enhanced defect detection capability using combined brightfield/darkfield imaging
Author(s): Mark M. Altamirano; Andrew Skumanich
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Silicon wafer subsurface characterization with blue-laser/microwave and UV-laser/millimeter-wave photoconductivity techniques
Author(s): Yoh-Ichiro Ogita; Hiroshi Shinohara; Tsuyoshi Sawanobori; Masaki Kurokawa
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Compact FTIR wafer-state sensors: a new way of in-line ULSI characterization
Author(s): Victor A. Yakovlev; Sylvie Bosch-Charpenay; Matthew Richter; Peter A. Rosenthal; Peter R. Solomon; Jiazhan Xu
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Optical fiber profilometer with submicronic accuracy
Author(s): Yasser Alayli; Danping Wang; Marc Bonis
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In-line x-ray fluorescence metrology of metals and ultrathin barrier layers for ULSI applications
Author(s): Yosi Y. Shacham-Diam; Boris Yokhin; Itzhak Mazor; Avishai Kepten; Roey Shaviv; Ayelet Gabai
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Basic approaches for metal-induced oxide charge on silicon wafer surfaces studied by AC surface photovoltage techniques
Author(s): Hirofumi Shimizu; Chusuke Munakata
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Noncontact COS charge analysis for in-line monitoring of wet cleaning processes
Author(s): Xiafang Zhang; Min Juang; Sung-Shan Tai; Kuo-in Chen; Ejigu Wossen; Gregory Horner
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Noncontact surface potential measurements for charging reduction during TEOS deposition and ion implantation
Author(s): Antonio Cacciato; Peter Schumbera; Arne Heessels; Jan R. Marc Luchies; M. Swaving
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Contact potential difference methods for full wafer characterization of Si/SiO2 interface defects induced by plasma processing
Author(s): Piotr Edelman; A. Savchouk; M. Wilson; Lubek Jastrzebski; Jacek J. Lagowski; Christopher Nauka; Shawming Ma; Andrew M. Hoff; Damon K. DeBusk
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Comparison study of lifetime measurement techniques
Author(s): Gladys G. Quinones; Emily L. Allen
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Plasma damage monitoring for PECVD deposition: a contact potential difference study and device yield analysis
Author(s): Zhiwei Xu; Christopher Bencher; Maggie Le; Chris Ngai
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Phosphorous-outgassing-induced threshold voltage in p-channel power MOSFET devices
Author(s): Fuyu Lin; Richard De Souza; Richard Dynes; Shifeng Lu; Pat Schay; Loren Grizzard; Tim Plutino; David Welches
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Metal layer process characterization: statistical and computational methods for handling, interpreting, and reacting to inline critical dimension information
Author(s): Joyce Oey; Patricia F. Mahoney Mack; Chris A. Mack
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In-line inspection optimization using a yield management system
Author(s): Fumio Mizuno; Seiji Isogai
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Novel method to quantify defect-limited yield loss mechanisms on a mixed-mode analog/digital process
Author(s): Sandra Healy
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Strategy for a flexible and inexpensive defect density line monitoring for microchip manufacturing
Author(s): Friedbald Kiel; Olga Andrianaivo-Golz; Doron Solomon; Gerard Bekaert
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Locating defects on wafers for analysis by SEM/EDX, AFM, and other microanalysis techniques
Author(s): Patrick D. Kinney; Yuri S. Uritsky
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Characterization and control of the laser microsoldering process for solid solder deposits using pyrometry
Author(s): Hans-Joerg Pucher; Marc Fleckenstein
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TOF-SIMS: a tool for material characterization, process control, and improvement in a wafer fab
Author(s): Paolo Fiorani; G. Margutti; Giuseppe Mariani; S. Matarazzo; Giuseppe Moccia
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Technique to analyze large-area surface roughness of a wafer using TXRF
Author(s): Brooke Noack; Tim Z. Hossain
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Investigation of rod-like defects in MOS 12
Author(s): Ray Goodner; Ping Wang; Fourmun Lee; Ron Ceton; John Rios; Steve Howard
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Microprocessor technology challenges through the next decade
Author(s): George E. Sery
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Copper chip technology
Author(s): Daniel C. Edelstein
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Foundry technology trend
Author(s): Jack Y. C. Sun
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Equipment challenges for a total material system change: enabling device manufacturing at 130 nm and below
Author(s): Alain S. Harrus; John Kelly; Ronald A. Powell
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