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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Application
Editor(s): Robert O. Green; Qingxi Tong
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Volume Number: 3502
Date Published: 17 August 1998
Softcover: 37 papers (286) pages
ISBN: 9780819429612

Table of Contents
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Development and application of hyperspectral remote sensing in China
Author(s): Qingxi Tong; Lanfen Zheng; Yongqi Xue
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Airborne imaging spectrometers developed in China
Author(s): Jianyu Wang; Yongqi Xue
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New algorithm to estimate chlorophyll-a concentration from the spectral reflectance of inland water
Author(s): Xiaozhou Shu; Dingbo Kuang
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Inflight calibration of the modular airborne imaging spectrometer (MAIS) and its application to reflectance retrieval
Author(s): Xiangjun Min; Yonghao Zhu
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Static imaging Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Bin Xiangli; Zhan Gao; Baoqing An; Baochang Zhao
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Lithological discrimination using hyperspectral remote sensing
Author(s): Qinghua Wang; Xiaofang Guo; Runsheng Wang
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Derivative spectra matching for wetland vegetation identification and by hyperspectral image
Author(s): Jinnian Wang; Lanfen Zheng; Qingxi Tong
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Method of selecting the best classification bands from hyperspectral images based on genetic algorithm and rough set
Author(s): Lixin Sun; Wen Gao
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Radiometric restoration of airborne imaging spectrometer data
Author(s): Xiaofang Guo; Runsheng Wang; Jicheng Cheng; Qinghua Wang
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Calibration of airborne imaging spectrometer data acquired from Poyang Lake area, China
Author(s): Liangpei Zhang; Deren Li; Qingxi Tong; Lanfen Zheng
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Analysis of interferogram in static imaging Fourier transform spectrometer due to off-focus radiation source
Author(s): Zhan Gao; Bin Xiangli; Baoqing An
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Remote sensing strategic exploration of large or superlarge gold ore deposits
Author(s): Shouxun Yan; Qingsheng Liu; Hongmei Wang; Zhigang Wang; Suhong Liu
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Variability of visible and near-infrared spectra of rocks
Author(s): Xiaofang Guo; Runsheng Wang; Jicheng Cheng; Zonnggui Zhang
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Bidirectionality of water-leaving radiance: simulation results and its correction
Author(s): Junwu Tang; Guoliang Tian
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Application of MOS-1 MESSR image to the investigation of wetlands in Poyang Lake
Author(s): Shuisen Chen; Yan Li
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Characteristics of the silt particles and reflection spectrum of the yellow water at the mouth of the Yellow River
Author(s): Ben-He Jiang; Huanjun Qi; Qingrong Hu
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Application of wavelet in data processing of remote sensing spectra
Author(s): Yonghua Fang; Yulong Xun
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Biogeochemical effects and remote sensing characteristics of gold deposit
Author(s): Yueliang Ma; Ruisong Xu
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Acquiring hyperspectral remotely sensed image classification rules using inductive learning
Author(s): Lixin Sun; Yimei Zhang
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Crop type with hyperspectral technique
Author(s): Yueqin Xiang; Weidong Liu; Changshan Wu; Bing Zhang; Jiangui Liu
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Classification of hyperspectral data in urban areas
Author(s): Bing Zhang; Jiangui Liu; Xiangjun Wang; Changshan Wu
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Validation of mineralogical variations evident in simulated ARIES-1 hyperspectral data
Author(s): Jonathan F. Huntington; Kai Yang; Joseph W. Boardman
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ASTER Program overview
Author(s): Toru Kawakami
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Validation of MODIS snow mapping algorithm using AVIRIS image and near-infrared color photo data
Author(s): Jiancheng Shi; Zhen Li
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Developing the spectral trajectories of major land cover change processes
Author(s): Chengquan Huang; John R. G. Townshend; Xiwu Zhan; Matthew Hansen; Ruth DeFries; Rob Sohlberg
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Forest fire detection in East Siberia forests using AVHRR/NOAA data
Author(s): Nickolay P. Minko; Nickolay A. Abushenko; Vladimir V. Koshelev
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Multiparameter AVHRR-based description of Lake Baikal ice cover variability
Author(s): Sergey V. Semovski; Nikolay Yu. Mogilev; Nickolay P. Minko
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Examples of using imaging spectrometry for remote sensing of the atmosphere, land, and ocean
Author(s): Bo-Cai Gao; Curtiss O. Davis
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Novel robust rank filters with noise suppression in remote sensing applications
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Oleksiy B. Pogrebnyak; Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera
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Monitoring postfire succession in the Santa Monica mountains using hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Hong-lie Qiu; John A. Gamon; Dar A. Roberts; Marcos Luna
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Application of remote sensing in Chinese forestry
Author(s): Xianwen Zhao; Chao Yuan
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SPOT image-based atmospheric correction methods
Author(s): Qingjiu Tian; Lanfen Zheng; Qingxi Tong
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Multispectral image registration with multiresolution local template matching
Author(s): Wenzhong Wei
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Large-area monitoring of agricultural land incorporating Landsat and sampling techniques
Author(s): Huamao Zhou; Genong Yu; Liangxiu Zeng; Dingchang Liu; Chi Zhang
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Method for automatic information extraction of multiangular aerial data
Author(s): Jun Guo; Xiaowen Li; Chongguang Zhu
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Automated identification of swamp land incorporating Landsat imaging and GIS data
Author(s): Genong Yu; Dingchang Liu; Huamao Zhou; Liangxiu Zen; Yafeng Zhong; Chi Zhang
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Modeling illumination effects to retrieve true reflectance in rugged terrain
Author(s): Guangjian Yan; Jun Guo; Jindi Wang; Xiaowen Li; Chongguang Zhu
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