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Fourth Pacific Northwest Fiber Optic Sensor Workshop
Editor(s): Chuck C. Jung; Eric Udd

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Volume Number: 3489
Date Published: 23 September 1998

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Fiber optic chemical sensors
Author(s): Chuck C. Jung; David A. McCrae; Elric W. Saaski
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Fiber optic hydrogen sensor
Author(s): Chuck C. Jung; Elric W. Saaski; David A. McCrae
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Fiber optic displacement sensor
Author(s): Pepe G. Davis; Jeff Bush; Gregory S. Maurer
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Fiber optic calorimeter
Author(s): Pepe G. Davis; Jeff Bush; Stephen Bayliss; Clifford R. Rudy
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Buried fiber intrusion detection sensor with minimal false alarm rates
Author(s): Jeff Bush; Carol A. Davis; Pepe G. Davis; Allen Cekorich; Fred P. McNair
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Integrated-optic sensors for high-voltage substation applications
Author(s): Nicolas A.F. Jaeger
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Fiber optic-based optical coherence tomography (OCT) for dental applications
Author(s): Matthew J. Everett; Bill W. Colston Jr.; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Linda L. Otis
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Modified Sagnac/Mach-Zehnder interferometer for distributed disturbance sensing
Author(s): Anatoli A. Chtcherbakov; Pieter L. Swart; Stephanus J. Spammer; Beatrys M. Lacquet
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Advanced fiber optic sensors capable of multiparameter sensing
Author(s): Eric Udd; Whitten L. Schulz; John M. Seim
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Single- and multiaxis fiber-grating-based strain sensors for civil structure applications
Author(s): Whitten L. Schulz; Eric Udd; John M. Seim; Harold Martin Laylor; Galen E. McGill
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Determination of the K-matrix for the multiparameter fiber grating sensor in AD072 fibercore fiber
Author(s): Drew V. Nelson; Alberto Makino; Craig M. Lawrence; John M. Seim; Whitten L. Schulz; Eric Udd
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Fiber optic grating demodulation using a Fourier-transform spectrometer
Author(s): Norman C. Anheier Jr.; Mary Bliss; Richard A. Craig
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Long-gauge structural monitoring for civil structures
Author(s): Daniele Inaudi; Samuel Vurpillot; Eric Udd
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Rugged telemetry system: testing results and design improvements
Author(s): R. Stephen Weis; Brad M. Beadle; Brent L. Bachim
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Material removal rate fiber optic corrosion sensor
Author(s): Angela Trego; Eric D. Haugse; Eric Udd
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Noninvasive measurement of surface tension and viscosity with fiber optic light-scattering spectrometer
Author(s): Padetha Tin; J. Adin Mann Jr.; William V. Meyer
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Fiber optic sensors in the Waterbury Bridge
Author(s): Peter L. Fuhr; Stephanus J. Spammer
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Early warning tool for chute failure in a sugar mill
Author(s): Stephanus J. Spammer; Pieter L. Swart; Hendrik C. L. Loock
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