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European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors
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Volume Number: 3483
Date Published: 18 June 1998
Softcover: 66 papers (324) pages
ISBN: 9780819429384

Table of Contents
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Optical fibre sensors: has their time come?
Author(s): Herve C. Lefevre
Fibre optic interferometric sensors for measurement of physical quantities
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke
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Advances in distributed optical fibre sensing
Author(s): Alan J. Rogers; Vincent A. Handerek; Mahmoud Farhadiroushan; Ricardo Feced; Tom R. Parker; Farhad Parvaneh
Optical current and voltage sensors for power industry: a long way to the market
Author(s): Thomas Bosselmann
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FO hydrophone with hydrostatic pressure compensation: comparative experiment with a conventional piezo hydrophone
Author(s): Lun K. Cheng; Dick de Bruijn
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Two-dimensional bend sensing with a single multiple-core optical fibre
Author(s): Paul M. Blanchard; Alain H. Greenaway; James G. Burnett; Paul Harrison
Measurement of bending in two dimensions using multicore optical fibre
Author(s): M. J. Gander; D. Macrae; E. A. C. Galliot; Roy McBride; Julian D. C. Jones; Paul M. Blanchard; James G. Burnett; Alain H. Greenaway; Mehmet Naci Inci
Contributions to wavelength shifts of DFB fiber lasers used as acoustic sensors in air
Author(s): Sigurd Weidemann Lovseth; Kjell Blotekjaer; Jon Thomas Kringlebotn
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Large-amplitude point-vibration measurement with an optical fibre moire-based technique
Author(s): Jesus D. R. Valera; Pranay G. Sinha; Toshihiko T. Yoshino; Ole Johan Lokberg
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Solution concentration measurements by means of optical fiber long-period gratings
Author(s): Riccardo Falciai; Anna Grazia Mignani; Andrea Vannini
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Radiation dosimetry in radiotherapy: a model for an extrinsic optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Anna Grazia Mignani; Salvatore Romano; Franco Fusi; Andrea A. Mencaglia
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Optical fibre refractive index sensor using surface plasmon resonance and a TiO2 coating obtained by sol-gel process
Author(s): Alain Trouillet; C. Veillas; Jean-Pierre Goure; Henri Gagnaire
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Noninvasive optical interrogation of the ocular anterior chamber
Author(s): Robert Blue; Deepak G. Uttamchandani; Clive G. Wilson
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Optoelectronic chemical sensing: from biological cells to power transformers
Author(s): Deepak G. Uttamchandani; Robert Blue; Scott McCulloch; U. Noor
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Quasi-distributed optical fibre fluorosensor for pH measurement
Author(s): Peter A. Wallace; Mahesh Uttamlal; Nicholas J. Elliott; Sheila Smith; Michael Campbell
Multipoint fibre sensors for trace gas monitoring using derivative spectroscopy
Author(s): George Stewart; Brian Culshaw; Chris Tandy; David G. Moodie; Russell Pride
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Recent developments in fibre optic sensors for point and distributed sensing in large structures
Author(s): Yun-Jiang Rao; Norman E. Fisher; Philip J. Henderson; V. Lecoeuche; Christopher N. Pannell; David J. Webb; David A. Jackson
Effects of phase modulator characteristics on interferometer system performance
Author(s): Yicheng Lu; Ralf Pechstedt
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Experimental design rules for implementing biconically tapered single mode optical fibre displacement sensors
Author(s): Francisco J. Arregui; Ignacio R. Matias; Candido Bariain; Manuel Lopez-Amo
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High-resolution fringe-counting sensor utilizing the Vernier effect
Author(s): Jan Anders Thorsveen; Kjell Blotekjaer
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Minimisation of thermal effects on the polarisation in a polarimetric sensor using a single-mode optical fibre
Author(s): Eric Gaumont; Ayoub Chakari; Patrick Meyrueis; Michel Clement
Composite plate drop test using a 16-channel fibre Bragg grating strain sensor system
Author(s): Geir Bjarte Havsgard; Karianne Pran; Sverre Knudsen; P. O. Baalerud; Gunnar Wang; Sandeep T. Vohra; M. A. Davis; Anthony D. Dandridge; Alf Egil Jensen
Miniature fibre optic pressure sensor for high-resolution measurements in turbomachinery applications
Author(s): William N. MacPherson; James M. Kilpatrick; James S. Barton; Julian D. C. Jones; Kamaljit S. Chana; J. S. Anderson; Tim Jones; D. R. Buttsworth
Fibre optic microsensor for measurement of temperature dynamics in gas turbine systems
Author(s): James M. Kilpatrick; William N. MacPherson; James S. Barton; Julian D. C. Jones; D. R. Buttsworth; Tim Jones; Kamaljit S. Chana; J. S. Anderson
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Bragg grating extensometer rods (BGX) for geotechnical strain measurements
Author(s): Cornelia Schmidt-Hattenberger; Gunter Borm
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Optical fiber and integrated optics accelerometers for real-time vibration monitoring in harsh environments: in-lab and in-field characterization
Author(s): Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera; Patrick Louis Mottier; Adolfo Cobo; Eric Ollier; Miguel A. Morante Rabago; C. Chabrol; Francisco J. Madruga Saavedra; P. Philippe
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Applications for optical fibre sensors in gaseous electronics
Author(s): Gerry A. Woolsey; Giuseppe B. Scelsi
Comparison between flint glass fiber and twisted/bent single-mode fiber as a Faraday element in an interferometric fiber optic current sensor
Author(s): Kazuo Hotate; Bao T. Thai; Takashi Saida
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32-element TDM optical hydrophone array
Author(s): Phillip J. Nash; Geoffrey A. Cranch; Lun K. Cheng; Dick de Bruijn; Ian Crowe
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New optical fiber voltage transformer
Author(s): Miaoyuan Ye; Jianying Zhou; Ying Cui; Zhiping Chen
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Short in-fibre Bragg gratings for measuring MHz ultrasonic fields
Author(s): Norman E. Fisher; David J. Webb; Christopher N. Pannell; David A. Jackson; L. R. Gavrilov; J. W. Hand; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
Quasi-distributed twin-grating sensor
Author(s): Mikhail G. Shlyagin; Serguei V. Miridonov; Ileana Marquez Borbon; Diana Tentori-Santa-Cruz; Dmitry S. Starodubov; Jack Feinberg
Differential Mach-Zehnder detection for dynamic fiber Fabry-Perot sensors
Author(s): Philip J. Henderson; Norman E. Fisher; David A. Jackson; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
Genetic algorithm for the inverse problem in synthesis of fiber gratings
Author(s): Johannes Skaar; Knut Magne Risvik
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Improvements on the multiplexing system using a 2D spectrograph for FBG-based sensor arrays
Author(s): Yigun Hu; B. Bridge; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion; S. Chen
Enhanced temperature sensitivity using coated fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Sacharia Albin; Jianli Zheng; Arnel C. Lavarias; Jessy Albin
Temperature sensor based on a single Bragg grating
Author(s): Geoffrey A. Cranch
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Progress toward an ultrathin optical hydrophone array
Author(s): David J. Hill; Phillip J. Nash; Stephen D. Hawker; Ian Bennion
Integrated regenerative multicellular optical fiber grating control system
Author(s): Gareth J. Knowles; Bruce L. Bower; Robert S. Rogowski; Leland D. Melvin; Brooks A. Childers; Sidney G. Allison; Leslie Eric Cross; Ruibin Lui
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