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Laser Interferometry IX: Applications
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Volume Number: 3479
Date Published: 6 July 1998
Softcover: 39 papers (366) pages
ISBN: 9780819429346

Table of Contents
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Interferometric measurements of deviations from flatness: some new techniques
Author(s): Parameswaran Hariharan
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Adjustable coherence depth in a geometrically desensitized interferometer
Author(s): Peter J. de Groot; Leslie L. Deck; Xavier Colonna de Lega
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Surface topography by wavelength scanning interferometry
Author(s): Ichirou Yamaguchi; Akihiro Yamamoto; Masaru Yano
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Wide-scale surface measurement using white light interferometry and atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Rolf-Juergen Recknagel; Torsten Feigl; Angela Duparre; Gunther Notni
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Stitching: high-spatial-resolution microsurface measurements over large areas
Author(s): Shouhong Tang
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Digital shearography for strain measurement: an analysis of measuring errors
Author(s): Wolfgang Steinchen; Lian Xiang Yang; Gerhard Maeckel; Peter Maeckel; Frank Voessing
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Subnanometer laser metrology for spacecraft interferometry
Author(s): James W. Leitch; Greg A. Kopp; Charley Noecker
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CAD/CAM/CAE representation of 3D objects measured by fringe projection
Author(s): Tomasz Pancewicz; Malgorzata Kujawinska
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Analysis of some intrinsic limitations of a laser range finder using self-mixing interference
Author(s): Noel Servagent; Gregory Mourat; Flore Gouaux; Thierry M. Bosch
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Fringe locking in a laser diode interferometer by optical feedback
Author(s): Jiyuan Liu; Ichirou Yamaguchi
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Development of a combined optical and x-ray interferometer (COXI) system for nanometrology
Author(s): Noh Bin Yim; Min Seok Kim; Cheon Il Eom
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Measuring shape and deformation of small objects using digital holography
Author(s): Soenke Seebacher; Wolfgang Osten; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Phase correction for coated-pole-tip recession measurement
Author(s): Sen Han
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Characterization of an optical subsystem for 2-um coherent lidars
Author(s): Ye Li; Timothy Scott Blackwell; Joseph M. Geary; Farzin Amzajerdian; Gary D. Spiers; Bruce R. Peters; Diana Chambers
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Frequency-shifting shadow moire technique
Author(s): Zhao Wang; Yushan Tan; Hong Zhao; Wenyi Chen
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Mechanical properties of microsystem components
Author(s): Bernd Michel; Dietmar Vogel; Volker Grosser
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Measurement of birefringence of textile fibers based on the analysis of the interference pattern in the backfocal plane of the microscope objective
Author(s): Dariusz Litwin; Adel M. Sadik
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3D microscopy with phase-shifting digital holography
Author(s): Tong Zhang; Ichirou Yamaguchi
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Laser and Mach-Zehnder interferometry for in-situ monitoring of crystal growth and concentration variation
Author(s): Yong-Kee Kim; B. Rami Reddy; Ravindra B. Lal
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Interferometric optical time-domain reflectometry for distributed optical fiber sensing
Author(s): Sergey V. Shatalin; Vladimir N. Treschikov; Alan J. Rogers
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Impact detection in carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites using in-fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Martin J. O'Dwyer; N. D. Dykes; Stephen W. James; Ralph P. Tatam; P. E. Irving
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Optical coherence tomography in scattering media using a continuous-wave tunable laser diode
Author(s): Takeaki Yoshimura; Hajime Hiratsuka; Eiji Kido; Keiichi Yamada
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Transient strain monitoring on a gun barrel using optical fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Stephen W. James; Steven R. Fuller; Colin Crompton; Ralph P. Tatam
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Automatic flaw detection using recognition by synthesis: practical results
Author(s): Frank Elandaloussi; Werner P. O. Jueptner; Wolfgang Osten
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Dual-hologram shearing interferometry with regulated sensitivity
Author(s): Gregory R. Toker; Daniel Levin
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Autoanalysis system for stroboscopic holographic interferometry
Author(s): Xiwen Wang; Ming Kang
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Extension of electronic speckle correlation interferometry to large deformations
Author(s): Cesar A. Sciammarella; Federico M. Sciammarella
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Simulation and experiment on the thermal deformation of composite tubes
Author(s): Daniel Holstein; Petra Aswendt; Roland Hoefling; Claus-Dieter Schmidt; Werner P. O. Jueptner
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Measurement of thermal deformation of an engine piston using a conical mirror and ESPI
Author(s): Armando Albertazzi; Iza Melao; Eugenio Devece
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Application of fiber optic gyroscope for quality research of angular rotation in slow-speed platforms
Author(s): Leszek R. Jaroszewicz; Andrzej Szelmanowski
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Development of the nitride film thickness standard (NFTS)
Author(s): Prabha Durga Pal
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Improved technique for measurement of a long radius of curvature by a digital moire method
Author(s): Hong Zhang; Michael J. Lalor; David R. Burton
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Using a laser vibrometer for monitoring dynamic strain, modal analysis, and calculating damping
Author(s): Michael P. Camden; Larry W. Simmons
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Laser-tracking interferometer system based on trilateration and a restriction on the position of its laser trackers
Author(s): Toshiyuki Takatsuji; Yoshihiko Koseki; Mitsuo Goto; Tomizo Kurosawa; Yoshihisa Tanimura
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Measurement of the electrical resistance of aluminum samples by holographic interferometry
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib
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Tunable laser diode for absolute distance measurement
Author(s): Abdeslam Hafidi; Pierre Pfeiffer; Patrick Meyrueis
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Large-amplitude point vibration measurement with optical fiber moire-based technique
Author(s): Jesus D. R. Valera; Pranay G. Sinha; Toshihiko T. Yoshino; Ole Johan Lokberg
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Theory of speckle displacement and decorrelation: application in mechanics
Author(s): Miroslav Hrabovsky
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In-situ internal strain development and cure monitoring in a curing composite using in-fiber Bragg gratings and dielectric sensors
Author(s): Martin J. O'Dwyer; G. M. Maistros; Stephen W. James; Ralph P. Tatam; I. K. Partridge
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