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Far- and Near-Field Optics: Physics and Information Processing
Editor(s): Suganda Jutamulia; Toshimitsu Asakura
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 3467
Date Published: 13 October 1998
Softcover: 38 papers (342) pages
ISBN: 9780819429223

Table of Contents
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Bayesian imaging
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Image resolution and contrast of a scanning near-field optical microscope: a review
Author(s): Tuan-Kay Lim
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Scanning near-field optical microscopy: transfer function and resolution limit
Author(s): Peter Blattner; Peter Kipfer; Hans Peter Herzig; Rene Daendliker
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Birefringence imaging with illumination-mode near-field scanning optical microscope
Author(s): Norihiro Umeda; Hitoshi Iijima; Motofusa Ishikawa; Atsuo Takayanagi
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Coherent photon imaging in near-field optics
Author(s): Wolfgang S. Bacsa; Alex Kulik
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Spatial filtering in near-field optics
Author(s): Suganda Jutamulia; Xiaoye S. Li
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Fourier analysis of photon scanning tunneling microscope
Author(s): Zhiyang Li; Xiaochun Pan; Wu Liu; Xingjiao Li
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How to explain the image of photon scanning tunneling microscope (PSTM)
Author(s): Shifa Wu; Guoshu Jian; Shi Pan
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Recent advances in pattern recognition using Fourier optics
Author(s): Francis T. S. Yu
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SW adaptation: fundamentals and examples
Author(s): David Mendlovic; Adolf W. Lohmann; Zeev Zalevsky
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New superresolution techniques
Author(s): Zeev Zalevsky; David Mendlovic; Adolf W. Lohmann
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Integrated probes for high-resolution imaging of surfaces
Author(s): Egbert Oesterschulze
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Enhancing throughput over 100 times by a triple-tapered structure for a near-field optical fiber probe
Author(s): Takashi Yatsui; Motonobu Kourogi; Kazuo Tsutsui; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Experimental and theoretical characterization of aperture probe cantilevers for polarization-sensitive SNOM
Author(s): O. Rudow; Christopher Mihalcea; A. Vollkopf; Egbert Oesterschulze
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Near-field probe interaction with an optical fiber taper
Author(s): Peter Moar; Shane Thomas Huntington; Laurence W. Cahill; Jim Katsifolis; Ann Roberts; Keith A. Nugent; John D. Love
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Optimization of passive and active fiber probe of scanning near-field optical microscopy
Author(s): Hai Ming; Guoping Zhang; Ming Bai; Lixin Xu; Bao Yang; Xiaogang Chen; Jiangping Xie; Yunxia Wu
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Fields associated with the solid immersion lens
Author(s): Gordon S. Kino
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Near fields and far fields excited by small- and large-scale fluctuations in the surface height, permittivity, and permeability of the medium
Author(s): Ezekiel Bahar
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Physics of laser action on surface and probe in intensive near field
Author(s): Mikhail N. Libenson; George A. Martsinovsky
Near-field computation methods
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian; Guennadi I. Savine
Validity of the diffusion approximation for the description of a short pulse diffusely reflected from a resonant random medium
Author(s): Mikhail Yu. Barabanenkov; Vitalii V. Aristov
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Nanophotonics: devices and applications
Author(s): Mee Koy Chin; Seng Tiong Ho
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Optical gratings with wavelength and subwavelength structures for optical limiting
Author(s): Chunfei Li; Guangyu Fang; Luzhong Cai; Hua-Kuang Liu
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Raman spectroscopy: probing the border between near-field and far-field spectroscopy
Author(s): Hans D. Hallen; Michael A. Paesler; Catherine L. Jahncke
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Progress of near-field optics research: activities in China
Author(s): Xing Zhu; Feijun Song
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Near-field optical spectroscopy of excitons in single quantum dots
Author(s): Toshiharu Saiki; Kenichi Nishi
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Near-field spectroscopy of GaN blue light emission diode
Author(s): Yong Ling; Hetian Zhou; Xing Zhu; Yu Zhang; Yan Yin; Ke Wu; Guoyi Zhang; Zhijian Yang; Yuzhen Tong; Sixuan Jin; Zizhao Gan; Feijun Song; Yu Wang
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Study of whispering-gallery mode of InGaP microdisks using scanning near-field optical microscopy
Author(s): Xing Zhu; Yu Zhang; Yongchun Xin; Yong Ling; Ke Wu; Hetian Zhou; Yan Yin; Bei-Wei Zhang; Zizhao Gan; Feijun Song; Yu Wang
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Saturable refraction and reverse saturable refraction in optical materials
Author(s): Chunfei Li; Yuxiao Wang
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Near-field optical guidance and manipulation of atoms
Author(s): Haruhiko Ito; K. Otake; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Near-field planar apertured probe array for optical near-field memory
Author(s): Motonobu Kourogi; Takashi Yatsui; Shigeru Ishimura; M. B. Lee; Nobufumi Atoda; Kazuo Tsutsui; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Near-field optical readout for phase-changed marks
Author(s): Takashi Nakano; Junji Tominaga; Nobufumi Atoda
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Fiber optic precision position sensor based on reciprocal interferometry
Author(s): Fang Ruan; Yan Zhou; Yee Loy Lam; Jun Liu; S. H. Mei; ChinYi Liaw
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In-order correlation of fractal transmittances defined cyclically
Author(s): Mario Marcelo Lehman; Mario Garavaglia
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Characterization of the fractal properties from the scalar and vectorial point of view
Author(s): Mario Marcelo Lehman; Mario Garavaglia
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Optical active gallium arsenide probes for scanning probe microscopy
Author(s): Sven Heisig; W. Steffens; Egbert Oesterschulze
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New approach to analysis of subwavelength-sized secondary light sources
Author(s): Nikolay B. Voznesensky; Vadim P. Veiko; Vitaly M. Domnenko; Alexey E. Goussev; Tatyana V. Ivanova; Sergey A. Rodionov
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Superresolution structure for optical data storage by near-field optics
Author(s): Junji Tominaga; Takashi Nakano; Nobufumi Atoda
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