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Crystal and Multilayer Optics
Editor(s): Albert T. Macrander; Andreas K. Freund; Tetsuya Ishikawa; Dennis M. Mills
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Volume Number: 3448
Date Published: 11 December 1998
: 38 papers (388) pages
ISBN: 9780819429032

Table of Contents
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Water-cooled first crystal as a solution for the high-heat-load problem at the SPring-8 undulator beamlines
Author(s): Tetsuya Ishikawa; Hiroshi Yamazaki; Kenji Tamasaku; Makina Yabashi; Masanori Kuroda; Shunji Goto
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1-40-keV fixed-exit monochromator for a wafer mapping TXRF facility
Author(s): Fabio Comin; G. Apostolo; Andreas K. Freund; P. Mangiagalli; M. Navizet; C. L. Troxel
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Second-crystal cooling on cryogenically cooled undulator and wiggler double-crystal monochromators
Author(s): Gordon S. Knapp; C. A. Kurtz; Mark A. Beno; M. Engbretson; Guy Jennings
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Water-cooled crystal and multilayer optics for a wiggler beamline
Author(s): Karl W. Smolenski; Randall L. Headrick; Qun Shen; Brian Carroll; Ali M. Khounsary; Chian Liu; Albert T. Macrander
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Mosaic monochromator applications at CHESS
Author(s): Park Atkinson Doing; Stefan Kycia; Qun Shen
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Production of diamond single crystals for synchrotron x-ray beamlines
Author(s): Jacques P.F. Sellschop
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Recent diamond single-crystal x-ray optics developments at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Author(s): Andreas K. Freund; Jacques P.F. Sellschop; Konrad Lieb; Sylvain Rony; Clemens Schulze-Briese; Leif-Eric Schroeder; Jeremie Teyssier
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Use of Na-beta alumina crystals in a soft x-ray synchrotron beamline
Author(s): Anthony J. Burek; Dale E. Graessle; Richard L. Blake
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Adaptable monochromators to optimize intensity gain and resolution for experiments with high-energy synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Cornelia C. Retsch; Steffen Keitel; Horst Schulte-Schrepping; Jochen R. Schneider; Nikolai V. Abrosimov; S. N. Rossolenko; H. Riemann
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Commercial developments in synchrotron optical components: a novel coolant for high-heat-load optics
Author(s): Paul W. Loeffen; John M. Tingay; Timothy M. Gill; Joachim Paul; Phillip Pattison
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X-ray optics of in-situ synchrotron topography studies of the early stages of relaxation in epitaxial InGaAs on GaAs
Author(s): Brian K. Tanner; Andrew M. Keir; Peter Moeck; Colin R. Whitehouse; Gareth Lacey; Andrew D. Johnson; Gilbert W. Smith; Graham F. Clark
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Influence of the characteristics of ESRF x-ray beams on diffraction in a perfect crystal
Author(s): V. Mocella; Jean-Pierre Guigay; Yves P. Epelboin; Andreas K. Freund
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Determination of coherent strain field in periodic and self-assembled microstructures on crystal surfaces
Author(s): Qun Shen; Stefan Kycia
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Multichannel analyzer/detector system for high-speed high-resolution powder diffraction
Author(s): D. Peter Siddons; Zhijian Yin; Lars Furenlid; P. Pietraski; Zheng Li; Richard Harlow
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New diffractometer for high-energy synchrotron radiation at the elliptical multipole wiggler at the APS
Author(s): Uta Ruett; Jochen R. Schneider; Mark A. Beno; Gordon S. Knapp; Pedro A. Montano
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Performances of various types of benders for sagittally focusing crystals on ESRF synchrotron beamlines
Author(s): Andreas K. Freund; Fabio Comin; Jean-Louis Hazemann; Robert Hustache; Berthold Jenninger; Konrad Lieb; Marine Pierre
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Novel monochromator concept for sagittal micro-focusing of undulator radiation
Author(s): Clemens Schulze-Briese; Gerd Heidenreich; Harry Auderset; Detlef Vermeulen; Andreas K. Freund
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Broad energy band techniques for perturbation crystallography
Author(s): G. W. J. C. Heunen; A. Puig-Molina; S. Scheres; Clemens Schulze-Briese; Dominique Bourgeois; Heinz Graafsma
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One-movement fixed-exit channel-cut monochromator
Author(s): Sebastian Oestreich; Burkhard Kaulich; Ray Barrett; Jean Susini
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Diamond: a multilayer and sagittally focusing crystal as optical elements on the ID14/Quadriga-3 beamline at ESRF
Author(s): Wilhelm P. Burmeister; Dominique Bourgeois; R. Kahn; Hassan Belrhali; E. P. Mitchell; S. M. McSweeney; S. Wakatsuki
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High-resolution large-acceptance analyzer for x-ray fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Uwe Bergmann; Stephen P. Cramer
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Multistepped x-ray crystal diffractor based on a pseudospherical geometry
Author(s): Augusto Marcelli; M. I. Mazuritsky; Alexander V. Soldatov
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Use of Kirkpatrick-Baez multilayer optics for x-ray fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Alex Bakulin; Stephen M. Durbin; Chian Liu; Jenny Erdmann; Albert T. Macrander; Terrence Jach
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Doubly focusing crystal analyzer for x-ray fluorescence holography
Author(s): Stefano Marchesini; Michel Belakhovsky; Andreas K. Freund
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Ray tracing simulations for crystal optics
Author(s): Manuel Sanchez del Rio
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Focusing properties of mosaic crystals
Author(s): Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Mauro Gambaccini; Giovanni Pareschi; Angelo Taibi; Alessandra Tuffanelli; Andreas K. Freund
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General-purpose high-resolution double-channel-cut monochromator for use on the ChemMatCARS insertion-device beamline at the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Timothy J. Graber; Susan M. Mini; P. James Viccaro
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Geometrical and wave optics of aperture systems
Author(s): Mati Meron; P. James Viccaro; Biquan Lin
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Multilayer films for figured x-ray optics
Author(s): David L. Windt
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Specular and diffuse x-ray scattering from tungsten/carbon multilayers having a high reflectivity at 10 keV
Author(s): Albert T. Macrander; Randall L. Headrick; Chian Liu; Jenny Erdmann; Ali M. Khounsary; Karl W. Smolenski; S. Felix Krasnicki; Jozef Maj
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Effect of surface roughness of substrate on grazing incidence x-ray optics
Author(s): Keisuke Tamura; Koujun Yamashita; Hideyo Kunieda; Yuzuru Tawara; Kazutoshi Haga; Norio Nakajo; Takashi Okajima; Gyanendra S. Lodha; Yoshiharu Namba; Jin Yu; Jean M. Bennett
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Optical properties of carbon compounds near carbon K-edge and their application to x-ray multilayers
Author(s): Yu Sato; Andrew Domondon; Tsutomu Watanabe; Koumei Nagai; Yoshinori Iketaki
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Theoretical study of multilayer x-ray mirrors with a wide spectral band of reflection
Author(s): Igor V. Kozhevnikov; Inna N. Bukreeva; Eric Ziegler
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Fabrication and performance of etched multilayer x-ray optics
Author(s): Zhanshan Wang; Yueying Ma; Jianlin Cao; Xingdan Chen; Xiangdong Xu; Yilin Hong; Shaojun Fu
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XOP: recent developments
Author(s): Manuel Sanchez del Rio; Roger J. Dejus
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Pin-post monochromators for a wiggler beamline
Author(s): Szczesny B. Krasnicki; Jozef Maj; Wilfried Schildkamp; Thomas W. Tonnessen
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Nine-crystal multianalyzer stage for high-resolution powder diffraction between 6 keV and 40 keV
Author(s): Jean-Louis Hodeau; Patricia Bordet; M. Anne; A. Prat; A. N. Fitch; E. Dooryhee; G. Vaughan; Andreas K. Freund
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Thermal conductivity of silicon, germanium, and silicon-germanium single crystals between 85 K and 300 K
Author(s): Andreas K. Freund; Jean-Alain Gillet; Lin Zhang
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