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Signal Processing, Sensor Fusion, and Target Recognition VII
Editor(s): Ivan Kadar
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Volume Number: 3374
Date Published: 17 July 1998
Softcover: 52 papers (536) pages
ISBN: 9780819428233

Table of Contents
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Fuzzy logic multisensor association algorithm: dealing with multiple targets, intermittent data, and noise
Author(s): James F. Smith
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Efficient multisensor fusion using multidimensional assignment for multitarget tracking
Author(s): Thiagalingam Kirubarajan; Hao Wang; Yaakov Bar-Shalom; Krishna R. Pattipati
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Practical implementation of joint multitarget probabilities
Author(s): Stanton Musick; Keith D. Kastella; Ronald P. S. Mahler
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Information instantiation in sensor management
Author(s): Kenneth J. Hintz; Gregory A. McIntyre
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Comparison of several maneuvering target tracking models
Author(s): Gregory A. McIntyre; Kenneth J. Hintz
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Information for fusion management and performance estimation
Author(s): Ronald P. S. Mahler
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Simulation-based evaluation of communications management within battlespace scenarios
Author(s): Rob H. Deaves; David Nicholson; Phil Greenway; Paul Vangasse; D. Hartburn; David R. Bull
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Semiotic foundation for multisensor-multilook fusion
Author(s): Harley R. Myler
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Optimum geometry selection for sensor fusion
Author(s): Ivan Kadar
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Fusion processor simulation (FPSim)
Author(s): Mark D. Barnell; Douglas G. Wynne; Brian J. Rahn
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Scale-model rocket experiments (SRE)
Author(s): Douglas G. Wynne; Mark D. Barnell
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Parallel algorithm for target recognition using a multiclass hash database
Author(s): Mosleh Uddin; Harley R. Myler
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SAR target detection by fusion of CFAR, variance, and fractal statistics
Author(s): Lance M. Kaplan; Romain Murenzi; Kameswara Rao Namuduri
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Translational- and rotational-invariant hidden Markov model for automatic target recognition
Author(s): Chanin Nilubol; Quoc Henry Pham; Russell M. Mersereau; Mark J. T. Smith; Mark A. Clements
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Survey of radar superresolution methods with applications to automatic target recognition
Author(s): Raman K. Mehra; Ravi B. Ravichandran; Melvyn Huff
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Multistage foveal target detection system
Author(s): Douglas C. McKee; Cesar Bandera
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Strategy for combat vehicle thermal recognition training
Author(s): Barbara L. O'Kane; John Desomond O'Connor
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Texture classification using ART-based neural networks and fractals
Author(s): Dimitrios Charalampidis; Takis Kasparis; Michael Georgiopoulos
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Identification of fighter aircraft
Author(s): Rickard Lindberg; Per Fredin
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Detection and tracking of small targets in aerial image sequences under unknown sensor motion
Author(s): Thomas Fechner; Rainer Hach; Oliver Rockinger; Andreas Stenger; Peter Knappe; Christoph Stahl
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Priorization of region-of-interest (ROI) using embedded coding of wavelet coefficients
Author(s): Luc Martel; Andre Zaccarin
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Detection of vehicles in infrared imagery using shared-weight neural network feature detectors
Author(s): Dick de Ridder; Klamer Schutte; Piet B. W. Schwering
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Infrared augmentation system for collision avoidance on airport surfaces
Author(s): Elizabeth Ann Berman
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Data fusion-based design for automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS)
Author(s): James G. Reisman; Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos
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Quick Markov random field image fusion
Author(s): William A. Wright
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Multisensor combination for vehicle-based mine detection
Author(s): Brian M. Duston; Chanchal Chatterjee
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Improving object recognition using range information
Author(s): Klamer Schutte
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Data fusion: principles and applications in air defense
Author(s): Dominique Maltese; Andre Lucas
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Image processing and fusion to detect navigation obstacles
Author(s): Kazuo Yamamoto; Kimio Yamada
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Intelligent sensor integrated system
Author(s): Nikunja K. Swain; James A. Anderson; A. M. Hasanul-Basher
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Decentralized detection algorithm with fuzzy model and self-learning weights
Author(s): Yuan Liu; Wanhai Yang; Ningzhou Cui; Weixing Xie
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Autofocus and feature extraction in curvilinear SAR via a relaxation-based algorithm
Author(s): Jian Li; Zhaoqiang Bi; Zheng-She Liu
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Resolution of direction of arrival and number of signal(s) in a highly noisy environment
Author(s): Jeffrey Y. Beyon; Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos
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Harmogram feature sets for 1D and 2D data
Author(s): Orgal Thomas Holland; Wendy L. Poston
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Minimal multiplicative complexity and fast restoration algorithm of digital signals and images
Author(s): Alexander M. Krot; Helena B. Minervina
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Vector dynamic object state recognition method based on using a set of phase portraits
Author(s): Anatoly A. Boriskevich; Mikhail N. Dolgikh
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Simultaneous diagonalization algorithm for blind source separation based on subband filtered features
Author(s): Hsiao-Chun Wu; Jose C. Principe
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Signal processor for through-the-wall focal plane array radar
Author(s): Russell J. Lefevre; John C. Kirk; Raymond L. Durand; Thomas A. Durand
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Multiprocessor platform for signal processing
Author(s): Bryan J. Freeman
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Novel algorithm for real-time adaptive signal detection and identification
Author(s): Gerard E. Sleefe; Mark D. Ladd; Daniel E. Gallegos; Carl W. Sicking; Ireena A. Erteza
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Fast reduction a modulo polynomial and fast Vandermonde transform based on fast Fourier transform algorithms
Author(s): Alexander M. Krot
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High-level multifunction radar simulation for studying the performance of multisensor data fusion systems
Author(s): Albert G. Huizing; Eloi Bosse
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Multispectral data fusion for target classification
Author(s): S. Momprive; Gerard Favier; Marc Ducoulombier
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Adaptive signal detection with distributed sensors
Author(s): Nicholas A. Nechval
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Optimization of two-color (3 to 5 μm and 8 to 12 μm) sensor fusion
Author(s): Hau-Ming Huang; C. K. Chiang; Shi-Chen Chao
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Neural network-based solution for heterogeneous radar track fusion
Author(s): Michel Winter; Y. Erb; Gerard Favier
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Methods of test synthesis for weak signals after detector location in the case of a non-Gaussian model of a priori indeterminate disturbance
Author(s): Ruslan P. Filimonov; Vladimir Yu. Pelevin
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Pixel-level image fusion: the case of image sequences
Author(s): Oliver Rockinger; Thomas Fechner
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Model of a satellite-based earthquake precursor recognition system
Author(s): Yurij S. Musatenko; Sergij I. Musatenko; Vitalij N. Kurashov
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Application of Frechet and other random-set averaging techniques to fusion of information
Author(s): I. R. Goodman
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