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Enhanced and Synthetic Vision 1998
Editor(s): Jacques G. Verly
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Volume Number: 3364
Date Published: 30 July 1998
Softcover: 40 papers (428) pages
ISBN: 9780819428134

Table of Contents
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Enhanced vision systems: results of simulation and operational tests
Author(s): Peter Hecker; Hans-Ullrich Doehler
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Passive millimeter-wave video camera for aviation applications
Author(s): Steven W. Fornaca; Merit Shoucri; Larry Yujiri
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The AWARD program
Author(s): Frank Leppert
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Controlled digital elevation data decimation for flight applications
Author(s): Ludwig May; Jens Schiefele; Helmut Raabe
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Second decision in the EVS concept: an experiment to evaluate pilot ability
Author(s): Bruno Aymeric; Alain Leger; Thierry Kostoj
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Design of a perspective flight guidance display for a synthetic vision system
Author(s): Martin Gross; Udo Mayer; Rainer Kaufhold
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Performance assessment of various imaging sensors in fog
Author(s): Vincent Larochelle; Deni Bonnier; Gilles Roy; Jean-Robert Simard; Pierre Mathieu
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Evolutionary approach to introduce 3D into the cockpit
Author(s): Eric Theunissen; Gottfried Sachs; Klaus Dobler
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PMMW/DGPS/GPS integrated situation awareness system
Author(s): Norman G. Tarleton; Peter F. Symosek; Randy Hartman
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Development of a 3D stereoscopic flight guidance display
Author(s): Matthias Hammer; Stephan K. M. Muecke; Udo Mayer
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Real-time fusion of low-light CCD and uncooled IR imagery for color night vision
Author(s): Mario Aguilar; David A. Fay; W. D. Ross; Allen M. Waxman; David B. Ireland; Joseph P. Racamato
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Computer vision for driver assistance systems
Author(s): Uwe Handmann; Thomas Kalinke; Christos Tzomakas; Martin Werner; Werner von Seelen
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Driver performance-based assessment of thermal display degradation effects
Author(s): John W. Ruffner; Michael S. Massimi; Yoon S. Choi; Donald A. Ferrett
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Model-based car tracking through the integration of search and estimation
Author(s): Hichem Sahli; Mark J. W. Mertens; Jan P.H. Cornelis
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Employing range imagery for vision-based driver assistance
Author(s): Karin Sobottka; Horst Bunke
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Tracking lane and pavement edges using deformable templates
Author(s): Karl C. Kluge; Chris M. Kreucher; Sridhar Lakshmanan
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Pictogram road signs detection and understanding in outdoor scenes
Author(s): Salvatore Vitabile; Filippo Sorbello
Sensor-guided parking system for a carlike robot
Author(s): Kaichum Jiang; L. D. Seneviratne
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Driving Miss Bradley: performance measurement to support thermal driving
Author(s): Dino Piccione; Donald A. Ferrett
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Combined binocular and monocular stereo-vision system for unstructured terrain navigation
Author(s): Andrew A. Malcolm; Terence K. L. Goh; Han Wang
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Experience of the ARGO autonomous vehicle
Author(s): Massimo Bertozzi; Alberto Broggi; Gianni Conte; Alessandra Fascioli
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Algorithmic solution for autonomous vision-based off-road navigation
Author(s): Marina Kolesnik; Gerhard Paar; Arnold Bauer; Michael Ulm
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Unsupervised color vision system for driving unmanned vehicles
Author(s): Konstantine I. Kiy
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Obstacle detection by segment grouping in mobile robot navigation
Author(s): Ettore Stella; Grazia Cicirelli; Laura Caponetti; Arcangelo Distante
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Visual feedback enhancement for telerobotics applications
Author(s): Ryad Chellali
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Calibration and guidance of agents based on tubes
Author(s): Wiek A. Vervoort
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Video-based traffic monitoring system
Author(s): Edmond Chin Ping Chang
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Unauthorized access identification in restricted areas
Author(s): Guido Tascini; Antonella Carbonaro; Primo Zingaretti
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Vision-based approach to automate spraying in crop fields
Author(s): Jose M. Sanchiz; Filiberto Pla; John A. Marchant
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Self-location for indoor navigation of autonomous vehicles
Author(s): Ettore Stella; Grazia Cicirelli; Antonella Branca; Arcangelo Distante
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Approach to full pose estimation for an automatic control system based on vision
Author(s): Georgii Khachaturov; Hugo Moncayo
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View-based methods for relative reconstruction of 3D scenes from several 2D images
Author(s): Eamon B. Barrett; Paul Max Payton; Peter J. Marra; Michael H. Brill
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Man-machine stereo-TV computer vision system for noncontact measurement
Author(s): Sergey V. Petuchov; Vadim F. Vasiliev; Victor M. Ivaniugin
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Efficient road sign detection and recognition algorithm
Author(s): Sang-Kyun Kim
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Terrestrial navigation based on integrated GPS and INS
Author(s): Sam S. Ge; Terence K. L. Goh; T. Y. Jiang; R. Koopman; S. W. Chan; A. M. Fong
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PRIMUS: realization aspects of an autonomous unmanned robot
Author(s): Ingo Schwartz
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Ultrawideband synthetic vision sensor for airborne wire detection
Author(s): Robert J. Fontana; J. Frederick Larrick; Jeffrey E. Cade; Eugene P. Rivers
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New sector imaging radar for enhanced vision: SIREV
Author(s): Franz Witte; Thomas Sutor; Ruediger Scheunemann
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