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Helmet- and Head-Mounted Displays III
Editor(s): Ronald J. Lewandowski; Loran A. Haworth; Henry J. Girolamo

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Volume Number: 3362
Date Published: 11 August 1998

Table of Contents
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New simulator for helmet-mounted display symbology research and training
Author(s): Steven P. Rogers; Charles N. Asbury
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Helmet-mounted display targeting symbology color coding: context vs. population bias
Author(s): Eric E. Geiselman; David L. Post; Bart J. Brickman; Beth Rogers-Adams; Lawrence J. Hettinger; Michael W. Haas
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Discussion of a new type of HMD symbology
Author(s): Daniel Boestad; Anders Borgvall; Nicklas Friberg
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Helicopter obstacle warning presentation in an HMS/D including 3D stereoscopy
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Viktor Boehm; Stefan Haisch; H. Warnatz; M. Dupuis
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Perception in HMDs: what is it in head-mounted displays (HMDs) that really make them all so terrible?
Author(s): Kurtis Keller; D'nardo Colucci
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Comparative study of target acquisition performance between an eye-slaved helmet display and unaided human vision
Author(s): Gerrit T. Viljoen
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Perception of distance in a binocular helmet-mounted display: data from helicopter in-flight video tapes
Author(s): Corinne Roumes; Justin Plantier; Alain Leger
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Current issues in helmet-mounted display systems for military applications
Author(s): Frank J. Ferrin
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Steering a simulated unmanned aerial vehicle using a head-slaved camera and HMD: effects of HMD quality, visible vehicle references, and extended stereo cueing
Author(s): Sjoerd C. de Vries; Pieter Padmos
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Design guidelines for advanced air-to-air helmet-mounted display systems
Author(s): Bobby D. Foote
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HMDs: a standard and a design guide
Author(s): Richard L. Newman; Kevin W. Greeley; T. S. Turpin
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Operational utility evaluation of helmet-mounted trackers and displays (HMT/Ds)
Author(s): Randall W. Brown; Douglas L. Franck
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Joint helmet-mounted cueing system (JHMCS) helmet qualification testing requirements
Author(s): Garry W. Orf
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In-flight evaluation of a fiber optic helmet-mounted display
Author(s): Sion A. Jennings; Arthur W. Gubbels; Carl P. Swail; Greg Craig
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Flight testing of a binocular bisensor HMD for helicopter: some human factors aspects
Author(s): Alain Leger; Corinne Roumes; J. M. Bergeaud; P. Dareoux; C. Gardelle
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VISTA NF-16D programmable display system development
Author(s): Randall E. Bailey; Thomas F. Landers
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Implementation of lessons learned in design and evaluation of displays for helmet-mounted display systems
Author(s): Yaron S. Kranz
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Operational and implementation issues for helmet-mounted displays in a real-time simulation environment
Author(s): Joseph P. Nalepka; James A. Eicher
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Architecture for low-power real-time image analysis using 3D silicon technology
Author(s): Lisa A. McIlrath; Paul M. Zavracky
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Helmet-mounted tracker and display (HMT/D) interfaces: developing a standardized helmet-vehicle interface (HVI)
Author(s): Dean F. Kocian
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Miniature six-DOF inertial system for tracking HMDs
Author(s): Eric M. Foxlin; Michael Harrington; Yury Altshuler
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Phase-based optical metrology system for helmet tracking
Author(s): Alfred Dale Ducharme; Peter N. Baum; Geert J. Wijntjes; Orr Shepherd; Constantine T. Markos
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Eye-tracking equipment development for helmet-mounted displays on tactical aircraft
Author(s): Douglas L. Franck; Randall W. Brown
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Head-mounted display systems and the special operations soldier
Author(s): Rodney B. Loyd
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Combat cueing
Author(s): Kerry C. Kachejian; Doug Vujcic
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Tests with an integrated helmet system for the TIGER helicopter
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Viktor Boehm; Carl Evers; K.-H. Stenner
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Overcoming the field-of-view/resolution invariant in head-mounted displays
Author(s): James E. Melzer
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Display media for helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Claes Waldelof; Tommy Lindbland; Nicklas Friberg; Daniel Boestad
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Development of a 2560x2048 AMLCD display for HMD applications
Author(s): Ollie C. Woodard Sr.; Frederick P. Herrmann; H. Eric Kim; Frank P. Cuomo
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New ultraportable display technology and applications
Author(s): Phillip Alvelda; Nancy D. Lewis
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0.7-in. 1280x1024 active-matrix electroluminescent display using a 12-um pixel structure
Author(s): Larry Arbuthnot; Fu-Lung Hsueh; James Hsu; Steven Connor; Roger G. Stewart; Alfred C. Ipri; Thomas Keyser; Sam Schlesinger; Gerry Becker; Dan R. Kagey; Tin Nguyen; Steven Wald; Ken Ping; Martin J. Aguilera; Patrick J. Green; Bill Sproull; Christopher N. King
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Portable human/computer interface mounted in eyewear
Author(s): Mark B. Spitzer; P. D. Aquilino; Mark H. Olson; Robert W. McClelland; Noa M. Rensing
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Tracor flat panel ANVIS E-HUD
Author(s): Ernest F. Genaw; Erik K. Nelson; Ken F. Walsh
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Design and test of the natural successor of conventional NVGs: VIPER3
Author(s): Bob Moll; Les Beaney
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Helmet-mounted night-vision systems beyond NVG
Author(s): Geoffrey J. N. Clarkson; G. F. H. Lloyd
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Evolution of helmet-mounted display requirements and Honeywell HMD/HMS systems
Author(s): Ronald A. Belt; Jim Kelley; Ronald J. Lewandowski
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Comprehensive test facility for helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Thomas L. Williams; T. A.J. Wood; N. P. Bates; Alan J. Cormier
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