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Telescope Control Systems III
Editor(s): Hilton Lewis
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Volume Number: 3351
Date Published: 26 May 1998
Softcover: 49 papers (494) pages
ISBN: 9780819427984

Table of Contents
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Observatory for education and public outreach controlled through the World Wide Web
Author(s): T. Gregory Guzik; Patrick M. Motl; Geoffrey S. Burks; Paul Fisher; James Giammanco; Arlo U. Landolt; John Gregory Stacy; Joel E. Tohline; Katrina Wefel
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Airborne blind pointer
Author(s): Robert Yee; Frederick L. Robbins
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Gemini world coordinates
Author(s): Patrick T. Wallace
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Fast and robust pointing and tracking using a second-generation star tracker
Author(s): John Leif Joergensen; Andrew J. Pickles
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Optimization of the Hubble Space Telescope fine guidance sensor target-acquisition parameters
Author(s): Linda Abramowicz-Reed; Christ Ftaclas; Kevin P. Chisholm
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Pointing control system for the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
Author(s): Hans Juergen Kaercher; Peter Eisentraeger; Karl Wandner; Rainer Nordmann; Ulrich Schoenhoff
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Control system of the VLT secondary mirror unit
Author(s): Joerg Flemmig; Gerald Praeger; Karsten Baumann
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OVLA prototype telescope control system
Author(s): Olivier Lardiere; Luc Arnold; Jean-Pierre Berger; Claude Cazale; Julien Dejonghe; Antoine Labeyrie; Denis Mourard
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Remote observing with the Caltech millimeter-wave array
Author(s): Stephen L. Scott
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New JCMT telescope control system
Author(s): Richard M. Prestage; Firmin J. Oliveira; Jeremy A. Bailey; Neil T. Masuda
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Upgrading the JCMT control system to platform independence
Author(s): Mary A. Fuka; Dennis Kelly; Richard M. Prestage
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Subsystem coordination on the W. M. Keck telescopes
Author(s): William Lupton
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Command flow within TCS IV
Author(s): Peregrine M. McGehee
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Object model of the Liverpool Telescope
Author(s): Iain A. Steele
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Distributed object-oriented telescope control system for the GTC
Author(s): Jose Manuel Filgueira
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Development of a star tracker for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
Author(s): John A. Booth; Frank B. Ray; David S. Porter
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Green Bank Telescope active surface system
Author(s): Richard J. Lacasse
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Servo control of the movable stages using PMAC controllers for the W.M. Keck Telescope adaptive optics system
Author(s): Kevin Ho; Paul J. Stomski; Mark J. Sirota; Kevin Tsubota
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Telescope control system stability study using a variable structure controller
Author(s): Dario Mancini; Enrico Cascone; Pietro Schipani
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Tests of a precision tiltmeter system for measuring telescope position
Author(s): Robert I. Kibrick; Lloyd B. Robinson; Vernon Wallace; David J. Cowley
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GBT telescope and instrumentation control system hardware architecture: computers, networks, interfaces, and timing
Author(s): John M. Ford
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Reliable multicast protocols and their application on the Green Bank Telescope
Author(s): Joseph J. Brandt
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Flexible off-axis acquisition and guidance system
Author(s): Anamparambu N. Ramaprakash; Ranjan Gupta; S. N. Tandon
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1.8-m Spacewatch telescope motion control system
Author(s): Marcus L. Perry; Terrence Bressi; Robert S. McMillan; Andrew Tubbiolo; Lawrence D. Barr
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Friction model of the 2.5-mts SDSS telescope
Author(s): Claudio H. Rivetta; Sten Hansen
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Reliable customized control software in an R&D environment
Author(s): Tom B. H. Kuiper; J. G. Leflang; Thang Trinh
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Two remote-presence observations at the 1-m telescope of the Yunnan Observatory in China
Author(s): Kaifan Ji; Wenda Cao; Binxun Ye; Qian Song; Y. Chu; K. Chen; June Sun; Y. S. Sun
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Conversion of a 30-m former satellite communications antenna to a radio telescope
Author(s): David R. DeBoer; Paul G. Steffes; John M. Glowacki
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GTC control system: an overview
Author(s): Jose Manuel Filgueira; Daniel Rodriguez
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Network services for observation planning and execution
Author(s): David Mills
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Development of a platform-independent receiver control system for SISIFOS
Author(s): Roland Lemke; Michael Olberg
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TNG control system software architecture improvement
Author(s): Pietro Schipani
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Improvements to the Apache Point 3.5-m primary-mirror support system
Author(s): Yorke J. Brown; Jon Eric Davis
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Multiaxis vibration isolation, suppression, and steering system for space observational applications
Author(s): Zahidul H. Rahman; John T. Spanos; Robert A. Laskin
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Remote control for the OAN 1-m telescope at Tonantzintla, Puebla
Author(s): Abel Bernal; Beatriz Sanchez; Arturo I. Iriarte Valverde
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Plaskett Telescope high-precision line-scan camera encoder project
Author(s): Leslie K. Saddlemyer; Gerard F. McLean
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JCMT active surface control system: implementation
Author(s): Ian A. Smith
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Electrolog: an online logsheet
Author(s): William T. S. Deich
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Fuzzy logic controller for the electric motor driving the astronomical telescope
Author(s): Hussein F. Soliman; Abdel-Fattah A. Attia; Mohammed A. L. Badr; Anas M. Osman; Abdul Allah I. Gamaleldin
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Hubble Space Telescope: cost reduction by re-engineering telemetry processing and archiving
Author(s): Manfred P. Miebach
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Control software architecture for the Green Bank Telescope
Author(s): Mark H. Clark
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Software integration at TNG and Active Optics: a practical example
Author(s): Claudio Vuerli; Carlotta Bonoli; Andrea Balestra; Andrea Baruffolo; Leonardo Corcione; D. Fantinel; Daniele Gardiol; P. Marcucci; Fabio Pasian; Claudio Pernechele; Mauro Pucillo; Riccardo Smareglia
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High-resolution telescope encoder
Author(s): Leonel Gutierrez; Carlos Dominguez-Tagle
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Evaluation of the Subaru Telescope control system in-shop test erection
Author(s): Takeshi Noguchi; Wataru Tanaka; Toshiyuki Sasaki; Norio Kaifu; Junichi Noumaru; Kiichi Okita; Takeo Shimizu; Noboru Itoh
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Galileo Italian National Telescope (TNG) control system: adaptive preload control improvements
Author(s): Dario Mancini; Massimo Brescia; Enrico Cascone; Valentina Fiume Garelli; Guido Mancini; Pietro Schipani
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Alt-Az telescope control system standardization attempt: case study of the TT1 (Toppo Telescope #1) control system
Author(s): Dario Mancini; Massimo Brescia; Gianfranco Spirito
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Encoder system design: strategies for error compensation
Author(s): Dario Mancini; Annalina Auricchio; Massimo Brescia; Enrico Cascone; Fausto Cortecchia; Pietro Schipani; Gianfranco Spirito
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Control system for the Subaru Telescope
Author(s): Wataru Tanaka; Toshiyuki Sasaki; Takeshi Noguchi; Kiichi Okita; Kyoko Nakamura; Fumio Ito; Yoshio Katsuki; Sachiko Ishihara
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Improving the effectiveness of 2-m-class telescopes through control systems redesign
Author(s): Nicholas A. Walton; P. S. Bunclark; Marion P. Fisher; Francis James H. Gribbin; E. L. Jones; Paul C. T. Rees; Guy T. Rixon
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