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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 3347

Optical Information Science and Technology (OIST97): Optical Recording Mechanisms and Media
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Volume Number: 3347
Date Published: 1 January 1998
Softcover: 58 papers (432) pages
ISBN: 9780819427946

Table of Contents
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Light-sensitive media for high-capacity optical memory
Author(s): Valery A. Barachevsky
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Photochromism used in holographic recording: a review
Author(s): Roger A. Lessard; Gurusamy Manivannan
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Bacteriorhodopsin as a fast recording medium
Author(s): Viktor K. Salakhutdinov; Georgy A. Matevosov; Yu. V. Konstantinov
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Organic-dye-doped colloids solid films used as real-time materials for optical engineering applications
Author(s): Jean J.A. Couture; Roger A. Lessard
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Holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor photoresists
Author(s): Janis Teteris
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Photocycle of the 4-keto bacteriorhodopsin
Author(s): Veli-Pekka Leppanen; J. Vanhanen; Timo Jaeaeskelaeinen; Jussi P. S. Parkkinen; Sinikka Parkkinen
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Diffraction efficiency of BR holograms under thermal exposure
Author(s): Viktor K. Salakhutdinov; Georgy A. Matevosov
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Formation process and microstructure of relief-phase holograms on photothermoplastic media in thermal development with YAG:Nd-laser IR radiation
Author(s): Anatoliy A. Kovalev; S. N. Zhdanovich
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Electric field multiplexing in volume LiNbO3 holograms
Author(s): A. V. Shamray; V. M. Petrov; Mikhail P. Petrov
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Influence of circular dichroism on properties of transmission holograms in cubic photorefractive piezocrystals
Author(s): P. P. Khomutovski; Vasiliy V. Shepelevich
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New materials for optical data storage
Author(s): Vasyliy G. Kravets; Andrey A. Kryuchin; Viacheslav V. Petrov; Alexander V. Prygun
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High-resolution photothermoplastic matrix storage media for low-contrast halftone image recording
Author(s): Yuri A. Cherkasov; Yuri M. Chesnokov; Yan L. Ziman; Elena Lvovna Alexandrova; Svetlana P. Yefimova; Anna L. Kuznetsova; Natalia Borisovna Zakharova; Maxim V. Smirnov; Alexandr I. Rumjantsev
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Thermo-optical information recording in the bistable films of polymer dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals
Author(s): A. V. Barannik; V. Ya. Zyryanov; P. G. Shkuryaev; V. F. Shabanov
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All-optical induction and efficient control of molecular orientation switching, bistability, and dynamic precession in nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): Tigran V. Galstian; V. Drnoyan
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Imaging properties of a laser-controlled thermal mirror using light-sensitive hydrocarbons
Author(s): German Da Costa
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Optical information recording based on photochemical etching of aluminum films
Author(s): Antonina D. Grishina; Marine G. Tedoradze; Anatoly V. Vannikov
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Kind effect of rare-earth spacer layer on structural and magneto-optical properties of Mn/RE/Bi films
Author(s): V. A. Seredkin; V. Yu. Yakovchuk; L. V. Bourkova; Sergei G. Ovchinnikov
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Deposition and properties of polycrystalline cobalt ferrite films for magneto-optical recording
Author(s): K. P. Polyakova; V. A. Seredkin; V. V. Polyakov; A. A. Lepeshev; Vladimir F. Pavlov
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Faraday rotation enhancement in short-wavelength spectral region in multilayered Co/SiO2 films
Author(s): Yu. Dynnik; I. Edelman; T. Morozova; P. Kim; I. Turpanov; A. Betenkova
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Polymeric metal-filled films for photothermal optical recording
Author(s): Konstantin P. Gritsenko
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Successive photothermoplastic process: a high-sensitivity and high-resolution reversible photomaterial, methods of recording and reading semitone images
Author(s): Igor A. Akimov; Yuri A. Gogolev; Igor Yu. Denisyuk; I. L. Kislovsky; Aleksey M. Meshkov; V. G. Travin
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Nonlinear optical properties of two types of PIC J-aggregates in thin films
Author(s): Roman V. Markov; Alexander I. Plekhanov; Sergei G. Rautian; Natalja A. Orlova; Vladimir V. Shelkovnikov; Vladimir V. Volkov
Photosensitive polyamic acid composition for an interlayer isolation of integrated circuits
Author(s): Nikolay G. Savinskij; Ludmila A. Tsvetkova; Polina G. Buyanovskaya
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Synthesis and photochromism of peri-phenoxysubstituted azanaphthacenequinones
Author(s): Natalya Sokolyuk; Lyudmila Pisulina
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Amorphous photochromic films based on spirophenanthrooxazine
Author(s): I. Yu. Sychev; Yu. Dmituiersich Khamchukov; Victor S. Marevtsev; N. L. Zaichenko; E. V. Anishenko
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Reversible storage medium based on thin electro-optic films
Author(s): Edvard G. Kostsov
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Write-read-erase kinetics in 2.5-D multilayer polymer structures based on naphtacenepyridone molecules
Author(s): Nikolai I. Koroteev; Sergei A. Krikunov; S. A. Magnitskii; D. V. Malakhov; S. I. Peredereeva; N. T. Sokoluk; V. V. Shubin
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STM/STS investigation of naphthacenequinone electron structure and topology of LB films
Author(s): Nikolai I. Koroteev; S. A. Magnitskii; A. I. Oreshkin; Vladimir I. Panov; Sergey I. Vasil'ev
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Photoisomerization quantum yields of naphthacenequinones in thin polymer films
Author(s): V. I. Binyukov; Nikolai I. Koroteev; Sergei A. Krikunov; S. A. Magnitskii; D. V. Malakhov; N. T. Sokoluk; V. V. Shubin
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Femtosecond microspectrophotometer for measurement of efficient yield of two-photon photoreactions
Author(s): A. A. Angeluts; Nikolai I. Koroteev; S. A. Magnitskii; Ilya A. Ozheredov; Aleksandr P. Shkurinov
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Photochemical behavior in dichromated gelatin
Author(s): Michel Bolte; Christine Pizzocaro
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Mechanisms of holographic recording in amorphous semiconductor films
Author(s): Andris O. Ozols; Nina Nordman; Olli Nordman
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Mechanism of photoconductivity fluctuations in lead molybdate crystals
Author(s): Natella R. Agamalyan; Eduard S. Vartanyan; Ruben K. Hovsepyan; Azmen R. Pogosyan
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Polymer photochromic medium with amplitude contrast inversion
Author(s): Vladimir V. Mogilny; Alexander I. Stankevich
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Photoinduced anisotropy in isotropic absorbing media caused by radiationless energy transfer
Author(s): Oleg D. Asenchik; Vladimir V. Mogilny
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Optical and masking properties of vacuum photoresists based on benzo[a]phenoxazine derivatives
Author(s): Vladimir Enokovich Agabekov; Olga Evgenyevna Ignasheva
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Photophysics processes in organized polymer-micellar-organoluminofor structures by laser fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): A. Z. Baran; A. A. Ivantsov; A. M. Saletsky
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Photochemical processes in photoresists containing electron donor molecules
Author(s): Antonina D. Grishina; Anatoly V. Vannikov; Galina O. Khazova; Marine G. Tedoradze; Yurij I. Koltsov
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Holographic recording in a system with annihilating centers: relaxation and suppression of transmission fluctuations of transient gratings
Author(s): Michael G. Kucherenko
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New dichromated gelatin technologies for diffraction optical element fabrication
Author(s): Yury N. Vigovsky; Alexander N. Malov; Sergey N. Malov; Valeriy S. Feshchenko; Sergey P. Konop
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Cryo-analytical electron microscopy: new insight into the understanding of crystalline and electronic structure of silver halide
Author(s): V. P. Oleshko; R. H. Gijbels; W. A. Jacob
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Photovisualization properties of 3-methyl-3-tert-butylperoxy-1-butynyl silver thin films
Author(s): Vladimir Enokovich Agabekov; Tatiana G. Shutova
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Synthesis and properties of silver halide tabular hexagonal microcrystals
Author(s): N. S. Zvidentsova; L. V. Kolesnikov; I. V. Mikhailova; V. A. Moskinov
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Photostimulated formation of information storage centers and photoluminescent readout
Author(s): V. G. Kluev; A. I. Kustov; A. N. Latyshev; L. Ya. Malaya; V. N. Semenov
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Exposure characteristics of high-resolution color holography photomaterials of RRC Kurchatov Institute
Author(s): N. D. Vorzobova; A. E. Koroljov; Vladimir N. Nazarov; R. V. Ryabova; O. V. Myatezh
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Effect of a desensitization by the shell precipitation on chemically sensitized AgHal core microcrystals
Author(s): Boris A. Sechkarev; Larisa V. Sotnikova; Timothy A. Larichev; Marina I. Ryabova
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Model of the subsurface area in silver halides
Author(s): V. V. Svistunova; T. Yu. Frenkel; L. V. Kolesnikov
Topography of photolithic silver allocation on a surface of AgCl stereostructures during exposure
Author(s): L. A. Novikova
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Thermostimulated luminescence of AgI microcrystals
Author(s): L. A. Kozyak; L. V. Kolesnikov; Yu. S. Popov
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Procedure for the chemical sensitization rate checking of AgCl emulsion microcrystals
Author(s): Boris A. Sechkarev; Marina I. Ryabova
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Possibility of existence of sensitizer centers photostimulatedly reconstructed to latent image centers
Author(s): A. N. Latyshev; Liana Yu. Leonova; A. G. Nevezhina; N. R. Kustova
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Primary radiation defect formation in silver halides
Author(s): Donats K. Millers; Larisa Grigorjeva
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Ionic conductivity research of the photoemulsion silver halide microcrystals by dielectric losses method
Author(s): I. A. Sergeeva; P. S. Bondarenko; E. V. Shaposhnikova; N. S. Zvidentsova
Three stages in the formation of silver halide T-crystals created by a method of physical ripening of fine emulsions
Author(s): Timothy A. Larichev; Eugenie I. Kagakin
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Influence of Cd(II) ions on properties of photoemulsion heterocontact AgHal crystals
Author(s): Eugenie I. Kagakin; Timothy A. Larichev; Elena V. Prosvirkina; Fyodor V. Titov
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Commercialization of photochromic dyes and products
Author(s): Timothy J. Homola
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Reciprocity law failure and intermittency effect of medical x-ray films
Author(s): A. N. Latyshev; Egbert Buhr; Dietmar Hoeschen
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