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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 3345

International Workshop on New Approaches to High-Tech Materials: Nondestructive Testing and Computer Simulations in Materials Science and Engineering
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Volume Number: 3345
Date Published: 1 January 1998
Softcover: 54 papers (328) pages
ISBN: 9780819427922

Table of Contents
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Ring laser for control and measurement
Author(s): Vadim E. Privalov
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Lidars for control and measurement
Author(s): Vadim E. Privalov; Valery G. Shemanin
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Metal surface laser testing system
Author(s): E. I. Voronina; Gennady V. Laktushkin; Valery G. Shemanin
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Dust absorber technical status testing using an optical instrument
Author(s): Pavel V. Charty
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High-power high-quality lenses of infrared and visible range for thermovision and x-ray TV systems
Author(s): Ludmila Archipova; Sergey Savelyev; Sergey Shevtsov
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Partial theoretical coefficient method for XRFA
Author(s): Boris Kalinin; Robert Plotnikov; Sergey Savelyev
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Two-frequency laser with improved difference frequency for interferometric measuring
Author(s): Elena Chyulyaeva
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Remote fiber optic interferometric sensors
Author(s): Oleg I. Kotov; Leonid B. Liokumovich; Andrei V. Medvedev; Vladimir M. Nikolaev; Z. Bouabid
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Single-frequency He-Ne laser for linear measurements
Author(s): Alexander N. Vlasov
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Construction of a laser gyroscope
Author(s): V. E. Zharov; S. N. Markova
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Laser interferometry for measuring the thickness of two-layer films
Author(s): A. B. Fedortsov; D. G. Letenko; L. M. Tsentsiper
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Threshold of laser-induced damage of transparent dielectrics with cracks
Author(s): Victor A. Feodorov; I. V. Ushakov; V. P. Shelohvostov
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Impurity distribution in layered semiconductor structures by means of IR nondestructive diagnostics
Author(s): Vladislav V. Nelayev; G. V. Litvinovich; Bronislav B. Sevruk
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Phase image testing of the internal structure of x-ray transparent materials
Author(s): Viktor N. Ingal; Elena A. Beliaevskaya
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Laser-treated surfaces
Author(s): Ivo Kraus; Nikolaj Ganev; Galina Gosmanova
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Experimental measurements and computer simulation of residual stress
Author(s): Teodor M. Breczko
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Correlation effects in many-body calculations for metallic clusters: electron structure, photoabsorption, and elastic electron scattering
Author(s): Vadim K. Ivanov; Andrey N. Ipatov; B. D. Agap'ev
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Monte Carlo simulation of critical dynamic spin systems
Author(s): Lothar Schuelke; B. Zheng
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Interpretation of P-V isoterms of polyvalent metals in terms of the pseudo-potential model
Author(s): N. V. Fomin
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Role of electron-phonon scattering in the production of absorption bands in electron microscopy
Author(s): O. A. Podsvirov
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Computer simulation of electron diffraction by soft crystal potential
Author(s): O. A. Podsvirov; B. D. Grachev; P. A. Karaseov
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Electron synergetics: a quantum hydrodynamic viewpoint
Author(s): Andrey L. Sanin
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Electron emission and luminescence due to plastic deformation of ionic crystals
Author(s): V. A. Zakrevskii; A. V. Shuldiner
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Electron optical properties of two-dimensional compressing electrostatic potential
Author(s): Sergey N. Davydov; Sergei N. Romanov; Yury K. Golikov; Vadim V. Korablev
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Cooperative dynamics of an ensemble of atoms with lambda-scheme of levels driven by two resonant laser fields
Author(s): I. A. Grigorenko; Boris G. Matisov
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Degenerate four-wave mixing induced by ultrashort laser pulses in gaseous media
Author(s): Alexander O. Morozov; Igor E. Mazets
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Determination of the spin-polarization degree of hydrogen atoms in plasma
Author(s): George V. Klementiev; Victor A. Kartoshkin
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CPT-invariance examination in muonium and antimuonium process creation
Author(s): Enver A. Choban
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High-temperature single-hole silicon transistors
Author(s): Nikolai T. Bagraev; Wolfgang Gehlhoff; Leonid E. Klyachkin; Anna M. Malyarenko; Alexander Naeser; Vladimir V. Romanov
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Phenomenological approach to the description of superelasticity and shape memory problem
Author(s): I. Yu. Kadashevich; Boris E. Melnikov
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Computer simulation of the shape memory effects in Fe-Mn-type alloys accounting for the features of the FCC-HCP phase transformation
Author(s): Margarita E. Evard; Alexandre E. Volkov
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Cluster model of the cellular dislocation structure formation
Author(s): Boris K. Barakhtin
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Kinetics of the thermal breakdown of dielectrics
Author(s): Emma Kostenko; Alexander I. Melker
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Computer simulations of hydrocarbon chains with cis double bonds: an investigation of intramolecular bond order characteristics
Author(s): Alexander L. Rabinovich; Pauli O. Ripatti
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Molecular dynamics simulations of monolayers containing polyene lipids of biomembranes
Author(s): Nikolay K. Balabaev; Alexander L. Rabinovich; Pauli O. Ripatti; Vasilii V. Kornilov
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Molecular dynamics simulations of isolated molecules of polyunsaturated lipids
Author(s): Nikolay K. Balabaev; Alexander L. Rabinovich; Pauli O. Ripatti
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Molecular dynamics simulation of structure formation of comb-shaped polymer liquid crystals
Author(s): Alexander N. Efleev; Alexander I. Melker
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Polymer deformation: computer simulation and theory of compression of a polymer crystal
Author(s): Alexander I. Melker; Alexandre A. Ivanov; Sergei N. Romanov
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Tunneling microscopic study of submicroscopic defects on the surfaces of loaded metals
Author(s): Victor I. Vettegren; Sohibnasar Sh. Rakhimov; Vladimir N. Svetlov
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Atomic mechanism of the amorphization process in transition metal-metalloid and metal-metal alloys
Author(s): Rafael R. Nourgayanov; Vladimir G. Chudinov
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Partial structure factors of alloys by molecular dynamics: influence of the size rate for three systems of alkali metals
Author(s): J.-F. Wax; N. Jakse; J.-L. Bretonnet
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Physical model of pinning center annealing processes in neutron-irradiated YBaCuO
Author(s): Dmitri V. Kulikov; Robert A. Suris; Yuri V. Trushin; Vladimir S. Kharlamov; D. N. Tsignankov
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Monte Carlo computer simulation of ion sputtering
Author(s): Evgeni E. Zhurkin; Dmitrij P. Ivanov
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Computer simulation and RBS/C studies of high-dose N+ and Al+ co-implantation in 6H-SiC
Author(s): Vladimir S. Kharlamov; Dmitri V. Kulikov; Yu. V. Truschin; D. N. Tsigankov; Rossen A. Yankov; Matthias Voelskow; Wolfgang Skorupa; Joerg Pezoldt
Efficient parallel algorithms for molecular dynamics simulation involving three-body potential: application to the Axilrod-Teller fluid at constant pressure
Author(s): I. Charpentier; N. Jakse
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Molecular dynamics algorithm for the simulation of polymer-liquid-crystal self-organization using a distributed processor system
Author(s): Alexander N. Efleev
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HyperF: an integrated approach to development of hypermedia systems
Author(s): A. Preobrazhensky; Igor Shturtz
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Simulation of intelligent object behavior in a virtual reality system
Author(s): Sergey F. Mironov
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Case study for natural phenomena visualization: water foam
Author(s): Sergey Yu. Belyaev; A. M. Grigoriev
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Method of elimination for some visualization artifacts in texture mapping
Author(s): A. Suetov
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Preparing data for vectorization in geoinformation systems
Author(s): Vitaly A. Galinsky
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Recognition of 3D tree crown structure based on its pictures: statistical approach
Author(s): Alexei A. Ivankov; Mikhail A. Kurochkin
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Distribution function of the stop price in an auction
Author(s): E. N. Vilchevsky
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Computer simulation model of tumor treatment: fractionated irradiation
Author(s): Alexei A. Ivankov
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