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1997 Shanghai International Conference on Laser Medicine and Surgery
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Volume Number: 3344
Date Published: 2 November 1998
Softcover: 64 papers (330) pages
ISBN: 9780819427915

Table of Contents
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Therapeutic effect evaluation of frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser trabeculoplasty
Author(s): Zi-kui Yu; Kang-sun Wang; Hai-yun Shi; Yan-wei Liu
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Histological study of frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser trabeculoplasty on monkey eyes
Author(s): Zi-kui Yu; Kang-sun Wang; Hai-yun Shi
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Clinical results of the laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) for myopia
Author(s): Hai-ke Guo; Da-qing Yao; Lu-ping Gui
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Clinical observations of Nd:YAG laser iridectomy
Author(s): Sheng-li Xu; Hai-sheng Li; Nan-lin Liu
48 cases of the lower lid transconjunctival belpharoplastry with ultrapulse CO2 laser
Author(s): Xiao-Hua Lin; Hui-Zhen Wu
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Clinical study on myopia treated by excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy
Author(s): Nai-Zheng He; Wei-Long Tian; Hui-Hua Shen; Mei-Jian Ceng; Jie-Ming Qian
Laser plaltopharyngoplasty (LPPP)
Author(s): Yi-zhong Ru; Zai-Wen Hu
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Treatment of recurrent nasal polyp using the ultrapulse CO2 laser
Author(s): Wu-Yan Cao; Jun-Ping Cheng; Cheng-Wei Chen
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Ho:YAG laser treatment of vocal cord polyps
Author(s): Dong Ming Hou; Zhao-He Meng; Jing Zhu; Hui-Guo Zhang; Min Zhou
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Clinical evaluation of LAUP with Ho:YAG laser and CO2 laser for 420 cases of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Author(s): Xing-Guo Qi; Xiang Xie; Rui-Hong Yan; Peng Xue
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Semiconductor laser treatment for nasal polyps: clinical analysis of 42 cases (Abstract Only)
Author(s): Kai-Hua Yuan; Jing-Min You; Men-Liang Zhang
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Photodynamic therapy for port wine stains
Author(s): Junheng Li
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Observation of the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation of the face laser resurfacing in China
Author(s): Xiao-Hua Lin; Hui-Zhen Wu
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Clinical report on treatment of moles by CO2 laser
Author(s): Wei-Ren Ji
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Treatment of buttocks scleroma by intramuscular injection of helium-neon laser: clinical observance of 42 cases
Author(s): Hong Shen; Lan-Hui Chen
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Clinical application research of skin vascular lesions by overtone Nd:YAG 532-nm laser
Author(s): Chun-Li Liu; Kai-Hua Yuan; Qiang Fu; Wei-Wei Yuan
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Mechanism of skin resurfacing using the ultrapulse carbon dioxide laser: animal study
Author(s): Wei-Wei Yuan; Chun-Li Liu; Huang-Wen Lai; Chuan-Hong Yung
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Clinical application of versapulse laser in the treatment of skin pigmentation diseases
Author(s): Chun-Li Liu; Wai-Hua Yuan; Wei-Wei Yuan; Qiang Fu
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Application of laser in obstetrics and gynecology
Author(s): Ai-Hua Ding
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Advance in diagnosis of female genital tract tumor with laser fluorescence
Author(s): Ai-Hua Ding; Quen Tseng; Shao-Hui Lian
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Temperature variation and pathologic change caused by Nd:YAG laser on uterine endometrium
Author(s): Guo-Chun Ye; Ai-Hua Ding
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Molecular structural diagnosis: application of sealed-off nitrogen-laser to the check-up on cervical cancer (Abstract Only)
Author(s): Yong-Wu Zheng; Jie Hu
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Laser therapy for metal-hymenal deformity (Abstract Only)
Author(s): Gui-Fang Zhu; Yi-Feng Wang
Recent advance of lasers in urology
Author(s): Jia-Jun Wu
Application of SLT contact laser in resection of brain tumors
Author(s): Han-Jie Li; Zhi-Qiang Li; Chan-Yuan Li
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Resection of tumors in the third ventricle and thalamus by laser endoscopy: report of three cases
Author(s): Zhi-Qiang Li; Han-Jie Li; Chan-Yuan Li
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Experience of curing serious obstruction of advanced-stage upper digestive tract tumor using laser under endoscope
Author(s): Hai-Bin Mu; Man-Ling Zhang; Xiao-Qiang Zhang; Feng-Qiu Zhang; De-Jia Kong; Li-Bin Tang
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Curative effect of photodynamic therapy for 42 cases of moderate or late stage in esophagus cancer
Author(s): Xiao-Min Bai; Guang-Rong Shen; Weng-Ge Chen; Tao Guo
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Transcranial excision of massive pituitary tumor with low-energy holmium laser
Author(s): Wen-Hao Xiong; Qi-Zhong Luo; Shan-Quan Li; Xiao-Xiong Li; Jun Dai; Jing Zhu; Mei-Jue Zhang
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Holmium laser resection of the prostate: preliminary results of the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
Author(s): Shen-guo Dai; Jing Leng; Xu-Yuan Huang; Guo-Yao Wang; Yi-Xin Wang; Jing Zhu; Hui-Guo Zhang; Mei-Jue Zhang; Hong-Min Shi
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Treatment of pulmonary diseases with Holmium:YAG laser
Author(s): Mei-Jue Zhang; Jing Zhu; Hui-Guo Zhang; Fu-Juan Wang; Lin Ke; Wei Ma; Qun-Hua Luo; Yue-E Zhang
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Treatment of bladder cancer with Ho:YAG laser
Author(s): Hong-Min Shi; Jing Zhu; Hui-Guo Zhang; Mei-Jue Zhang; Jian Xu; Shen-guo Dai; Jia-Jun Wu; Yu Jiang
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Application of laser-video thoracoscopic surgery
Author(s): Xu-Dong Gu; Jing Zhu; Hong-Sheng Zhu
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Low-level He-Ne laser in intravascular irradiation treatment of schizophrenia
Author(s): Yu-Xue Zhou; Zheng-Hua Fu
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Bioeffect of lipohemia rabbits irradiated in oral mucosa with 650-nm diode-laser-accompanied oxygen inspiration and clinical application
Author(s): Fu-Shou Yang; Jin-Xian Tang; Cheng Liu; Xi-Cheng Yang; Hi-Xiu Pang
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Analysis of the micromechanism of ILLLI treating diseases
Author(s): Ling-Yun Zhou; Ruli Wang; Cun-Ying Sun; Liang-He Duan
Effect of low-power He-Ne ILIB on rheology in patients with cerebral infarction
Author(s): Zheng-Guo Lu
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Intravascular low-level laser irradiation in the treatment of psoriasis
Author(s): Jing Zhu; Hong-Min Shi; Hui-Guo Zhang; Mei-Jue Zhang; Jian Xu; Min Zhou; Guo-Qiang Hu
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Intravascular low-intensity He-Ne laser irradiation therapy on idiopathic edema
Author(s): Yunqing Gao; T. Cheng-Yi Liu; Xiang-Jun Tang
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He-Ne ILLLI used for brain trauma: a clinical observation of 46 cases
Author(s): Da-Ke Yang; Zheng-Guo Ru; Sheng-Li Ge; Wei-Lan Shuo
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Ratio detection instrument of Kr+ laser-induced fluorescence for lung tumor
Author(s): Qirong Lin; Shusen Xie; Buhong Li; Wei Zheng; Chuan-Zhao Zhou
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Optical properties of normal and carcinomatous human lung tissues at 406.7 ~ 415.4 nm of a violet Kr+ laser
Author(s): Shusen Xie; Wei Zheng; Qirong Lin; Buhong Li; Zhiwei Huang; Teck-Chee Chia
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Absorption spectrum of blood components in human and rabbit
Author(s): Shaofeng Xu; Shang-Zhong Lin; Rong Chen
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Blood fluorescence spectrum affected by He-Ne laser
Author(s): Rong Chen; Buhong Li; Jin Kai Chen; Wenqin Yang; Shusen Xie; Su-Di Weng; Yanjiao Chen
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PDT mechanism of phthalocyanines by ultrastructural cytochemical cerium deposition localization EDX technique and apoptosis detection
Author(s): Hong-Yu Yu; Yong-Ji Yang; Ji-Hong Sha; Rong-Chun Dong; Cheng-Zhi Xiao; Fa-Pu Chen
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Application of inherent fluorescence in the diagnosis of early cancer
Author(s): Zhen-Fen Yu
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Experimental study o f hematoporphyrin derivative in tumor diagnosis
Author(s): Jian Xu; Jing Zhu; Shu-Dong Xiao
Establishment of laser-induced fluorescence detection system (Abstract Only)
Author(s): Yong-Biao Li; Jing Zhu; Yuan-Long Yang; Jian Xu; Hui-Guo Zhang; Hong-Min Shi
Clinical study of fluorescence induced by small dose of hematoporphyrin for diagnosing tumor
Author(s): Jing Zhu; Jian Xu; Yuan-Long Yang; Yong-Biao Li; Shen-guo Dai; Yun-Biao Hu; Lin Ke; Min Zhou
Effects of cell culture materials on transmittance
Author(s): Zu-Lin Chen; Jian-Min Tang; Zhi-Tang Shan; Yun-Sheng Luo
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Nerve welding by Ar+ laser
Author(s): Dong-Ji Wei; Xiao-Yuan Li; Ai-Hua Zhang; Zue-Xing Deng; Gue-Xiang Xu
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Diode laser anastemoses of medium-size arteries with indocyanine green dye-enhanced albumine
Author(s): Guo-Xing Weng; Warren Williamson; H. Thomas Aretz
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Release of thromboxane by photodynamically activated rat platelets
Author(s): Chuannong Zhou; Geng-Hong Zhou; Jinsheng Deng; Junlin Liang; Wen-Kai Liu
Near-infrared spectroscopy for functional imaging of human brain activity
Author(s): Jui Gong; Shaoqun Zeng; Qingming Luo
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Detection of hidden objects in brain model with near-infrared phased-array optical system
Author(s): Qingming Luo; Britton Chance; Shuoming Zhou
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Combined effects of photodynamic and sonodynamic treatment on experimental skin cancer on C3H mice
Author(s): Zhao-Hui Jin; Norio Miyoshi; Kazumori Ishiguro; Izumi Maruyama; Isao Sakata; Keigo Takaoka; Takeshi Udagawa; Susumu Nakajima; Keichi Ueda; Fukuda Masaru; Masanobu Kumakiri

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