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Smart Structures and Materials 1998: Sensory Phenomena and Measurement Instrumentation for Smart Structures and Materials
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Volume Number: 3330
Date Published: 21 July 1998
Softcover: 49 papers (462) pages
ISBN: 9780819427748

Table of Contents
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Sensory phenomena and measurement instrumentation for smart structures and materials
Author(s): William B. Spillman; Richard O. Claus
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Performance of optical fiber sensors embedded in polymer matrix composites for 15 years
Author(s): Richard O. Claus; Carvel E. Holton; Wei Zhao
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Early efforts to initiate the field of fiber optic smart structures at McDonnell Douglas
Author(s): Eric Udd
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Factors affecting strain gauge selection for smart structure applications
Author(s): Stephen R. Katz
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Microminiature high-resolution linear displacement sensor for peak strain detection in smart structures
Author(s): Steven W. Arms; David C. Guzik; Christopher P. Townsend
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Sensing damage in carbon fiber polymer-matrix composites during fatigue by electrical resistance measurement
Author(s): Xiaojun Wang; Deborah D. L. Chung
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Role of ion transport in actuation of ionic polymeric-platinum composite (IPMC) artificial muscles
Author(s): Karim Salehpoor; Mohsen Shahinpoor; Arsalan Razani
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Adaptive interferometer measurement of the piezoelectric and electro-optic coefficients of the spin-coated PZT thin films
Author(s): Vasilii V. Spirin; Changho Lee; Kwangsoo No; Igor A. Sokolov
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Readout of a piezoelectric distributed sensing network embedded in concrete
Author(s): Yumei Wen; Ping Li; Shanglian Huang
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Ionically self-assembled second-order nonlinear optical thin film materials and devices
Author(s): Yanjing Liu; Youxiong Wang; Wei Zhao; Richard O. Claus; Kevin Lenehan; James Randy Heflin
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Rate-controlled sintering of nano-sized BaTiO3
Author(s): Katherine S. Meyers; Manu Srivastava; Robert F. Speyer
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Broadband Lamb-wave measurements for materials characterization
Author(s): S. Gareth Pierce; Q. Shan; Brian Culshaw; C. Wolters; Keith Worden
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Removing effects of temperature changes from piezoelectric impedance-based qualitative health monitoring
Author(s): Gyuhae Park; Kazuhisa Kabeya; Harley H. Cudney; Daniel J. Inman
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Smart audiosonic contact impedance sensor for NDT of elastic polymers
Author(s): Antanas Daugela; Hiroshi Fujii
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Fiber optic corrosion sensor fabricated by electrochemical method
Author(s): X. M. Li; Weimin Chen; Z. Q. Huang; Shanglian Huang; Kim D. Bennett
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Hydrogel/fiber optic sensor for distributed measurement of humidity and pH value
Author(s): Alistair MacLean; W. Craig Michie; S. Gareth Pierce; Graham Thursby; Brian Culshaw; Chris Moran; Neil B. Graham
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Fully remote generation and detection of ultrasonic waves for cure monitoring in epoxy materials using an Nd:YAG laser and optical fiber interferometer
Author(s): David J. Booth; Biswanath Mitra
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Optical sensor system for monitoring the extent of mixing in thermosetting resins
Author(s): Tonguy Liu; R. Mohamed; Gerard Franklyn Fernando
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Distributed strain measurements in precision-wound optical fibers using Brillouin optical time domain reflectometry
Author(s): Sherrie J. Burgett; Robert L. Light; Paul B. Ruffin; Gary J. Counts
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Optical-fiber-interconnected MEMS sensors and actuators
Author(s): Michael B. Miller; Scott A. Meller; Thomas A. Wavering; Jonathan A. Greene; Kent A. Murphy
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Mode-selective/filtering microbend sensor structure for use in distributed and quasi-distributed sensor systems
Author(s): Denis Donlagic; Brian Culshaw
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Developed wavelength-scanning interferometry and its application for distance measurement
Author(s): Yong Wang; Yanbiao Liao; Qian Tian; Enyao Zhang; Min Zhang
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Installation and testing of high-temperature optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Jonathan A. Greene; Thomas A. Wavering; Timothy A. Bailey; Carrie L. Kozikowski; Stephen H. Poland; Michael F. Gunther; Kent A. Murphy; Michael P. Camden; Larry W. Simmons
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Fiber Bragg grating strain gauge rosette with temperature compensation
Author(s): Frank M. Haran; Jason K. Rew; Peter D. Foote
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Long-period grating fiber sensor with fiber Bragg grating demodulator
Author(s): Wei Zhao; Richard O. Claus
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Switched FDM operation of fiber Bragg grating sensors using subcarrier intensity modulation
Author(s): Peter K. C. Chan; Wei Jin; M. Suleyman Demokan
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Multiplexing of large-scale FBG arrays using a two-dimensional spectrometer
Author(s): Steve Chen; Yigun Hu; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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Transverse fiber grating strain sensors based on dual overlaid fiber gratings on polarization-preserving fibers
Author(s): Eric Udd; Whitten L. Schulz; John M. Seim; Drew V. Nelson; Alberto Makino
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Measurement of strain distribution in bonded joints by fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): J. Alfredo Guemes; Sebastian Diaz-Carrillo; Jose Manuel Menendez
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Effect of interferometric noise in fiber Bragg grating sensors using tunable laser sources
Author(s): Wei Jin; Hoi Lut Ho; Chi Chiu Chan; Keith C. C. Chan
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Long-period fiber grating bending sensors in laminated composite structures
Author(s): Weichong Du; Hwa-Yaw Tam; Michael S. Y. Liu; Xiaoming Tao
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Advances in distributed sensing using Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Anthony W. Brown; Michael D. DeMerchant; Xiaoyi Bao; Theodore W. Bremner
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Truly distributed strain and temperature sensing using embedded optical fibers
Author(s): Luc Thevenaz; Marc Nikles; Alexandre Fellay; Massimo Facchini; Philippe A. Robert
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Automated system for distributed sensing
Author(s): Michael D. DeMerchant; Anthony W. Brown; Xiaoyi Bao; Theodore W. Bremner
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Simultaneous strain and temperature measurement using an integrated fiber Bragg grating/extrinsic Fabry-Perot sensor
Author(s): Tonguy Liu; Gerard Franklyn Fernando; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion; Yun-Jiang Rao; David A. Jackson
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Simultaneous strain, temperature, and vibration measurement using a multiplexed FBG/FFPI sensor system
Author(s): Yun-Jiang Rao; Philip J. Henderson; David A. Jackson; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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Simultaneous strain and temperature measurements in composites using extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric and intrinsic rare-earth-doped fiber sensors
Author(s): Tonguy Liu; Gerard Franklyn Fernando; Zhiyi Zhang; Kenneth T. V. Grattan
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Automated data acquisition system for temperature and strain measurements in composite materials
Author(s): Horacio Lamela; Jose I. Santos; Antonio J. Varo; Jose Antonio Garcia Souto
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Fiber optic sensor-based system to estimate stress in smart structures
Author(s): Mohammed R. Sayeh; R. Viswanathan; Lalit Gupta; D. Kagaris; D. Kanneganti
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New digital processing algorithm for determining the direction and magnitude of the strain from quadrature phase-shifted fiber optic signals
Author(s): Il-Bum Kwon; M. S. Bae; Man-Yong Choi; Hahngue Moon
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Smart tensegrity structures for the Swiss Expo 2001
Author(s): Mauro Pedretti
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Real-time deformation monitoring with GPS: capabilities and limitations
Author(s): Keith Duff; Mike Hyzak; Donald Tucker
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Test results of smart aircraft fastener for KC-135 structural integrity
Author(s): Jeffrey N. Schoess; Greg Seifert
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Carbon fiber polymer-matrix structural composite as a semiconductor
Author(s): Deborah D. L. Chung; Shoukai Wang
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Test results of optical fiber cable sensitivity to underwater explosion shock wave
Author(s): Kee Pun Koo; Ralph Posey; Sandeep T. Vohra; W. D. Gottwald
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New method of measuring rotation rate with laser interference technology
Author(s): Lihong Jiao; Zhuo Zhang; Xiaodong Hu; Pengsheng Li
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Composite sensor based on sapphire-quartz fiber optic cantilever micromechanical vibration
Author(s): Tamara V. Tulaikova
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Photonic elements in smart systems for use in aerospace platforms
Author(s): Grigory Adamovsky; Robert J. Baumbick; Massood Tabib-Azar
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