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Smart Structures and Materials 1998: Passive Damping and Isolation
Editor(s): L. Porter Davis
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Volume Number: 3327
Date Published: 16 June 1998
Softcover: 42 papers (494) pages
ISBN: 9780819427717

Table of Contents
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Experiments with particle damping
Author(s): Joseph J. Hollkamp; Robert W. Gordon
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Passive absorption system with Coulomb damping utilized to reduce structural vibrations
Author(s): Marcus A. Louroza; Carlos Magluta; Ney Roitman
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Dissipative properties of granular ensembles
Author(s): Clara Saluena; Sergei E. Esipov; Thorsten Poeschel; Stephan S. Simonian
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Variations of hybrid damping
Author(s): Margaretha J. Lam; Daniel J. Inman; William R. Saunders
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Frequency response of beams with passively constrained damping layers and piezoactuators
Author(s): Gang Wang; Norman M. Wereley
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Enhanced active constrained layer damping treatment with symmetrically and nonsymmetrically distributed edge elements
Author(s): Yanning Liu; Kon-Well Wang
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Aeromechanical stability augmentation of helicopters using enhanced active constrained layer (EACL) treatment on flex beams
Author(s): Askari Badre-Alam; Kon-Well Wang; Farhan Gandhi
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Damping designs for rotating blades
Author(s): Michael L. Drake; William R. Braisted; Geoffrey J. Frank; Steven E. Olson
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Analysis, design, and testing of two cocured damped composite torsion shafts
Author(s): Kevin L. Napolitano; Wilder Grippo; John B. Kosmatka; Conor D. Johnson
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Damping performance of cocured composite laminates with embedded viscoelastic layers
Author(s): Janet M. Biggerstaff; John B. Kosmatka
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Vibrational reduction in integral-damped composite fan blades: experimental results
Author(s): John B. Kosmatka; Oral Mehmed
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Viscoelastic damping layer optimization using a biomimetic approach: an experimental study
Author(s): Robin Wardle; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Vibration control of plates using magnetic constrained layer damping
Author(s): A. K. Ebrahim; Amr M. Baz
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Method for multiple-mode shunt damping of structural vibration using a single PZT transducer
Author(s): Shu-yau Wu
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Actively tuned solid state piezoelectric vibration absorber
Author(s): Christopher L. Davis; George Andre Lesieutre
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New concept of distributed vibration dampers
Author(s): Bingen Yang
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High-performance damping based on a combination of conventional damping methods and the confinement approach
Author(s): Daryoush Allaei; David J. Tarnowski
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Experimental investigation of the fluid surface damping technique
Author(s): Shpend Demiri; Hany Ghoneim
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Construction of multiduct electrorheological dampers
Author(s): Henri P. Gavin; David Hoang
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Analysis and testing of electrorheological bypass dampers
Author(s): Jason E. Lindler; Norman M. Wereley
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Electrorheological grease (ERG) shock absorber
Author(s): Thomas M. Marksmeier; Eric L. Wang; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Arthur J. Stipanovich
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ER dampers in vibroprotection systems of precision equipment
Author(s): Evguenia V. Korobko; Zinovy P. Shulman; Leonid N. Danilevski
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Properties and applications of commercial magnetorheological fluids
Author(s): Mark R. Jolly; Jonathan W. Bender; J. David Carlson
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Modeling of a magnetorheological fluid damper with parallel plate behavior
Author(s): Abdulazim H. Falah; William W. Clark; Pradeep P. Phule
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Dynamic characterization and analysis of magnetorheological damper behavior
Author(s): Li Pang; Gopalakrishna M. Kamath; Norman M. Wereley
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Performance of long-stroke and low-stroke MR fluid dampers
Author(s): Ralf Boelter; Hartmut Janocha
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Modeling of sandwich structures
Author(s): Eric M. Austin; Daniel J. Inman
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Vibroacoustics and damping analysis of negative Poisson's ratio honeycombs
Author(s): Fabrizio L. Scarpa; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Analytical model for a passive stand-off layer damping treatment applied to an Euler-Bernoulli beam
Author(s): Jessica M. Yellin; I. Y. Shen
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Effective damping for rotating disks at supercritical speeds
Author(s): Fu-Ying Huang; C. D. Mote
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Resistor-damped electromechanical lever blocks
Author(s): Lorenzo Zago; Pierre M. Genequand; Ivar Kjelberg
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Isolation design for systems with a flexible base and equipment
Author(s): Dino Sciulli; Daniel J. Inman
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Microprecision interferometer: evaluation of new disturbance isolation solutions
Author(s): John F. O'Brien; Renaud Goullioud; Gregory W. Neat
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Optimization of multiaxis passive isolation systems
Author(s): T. Tupper Hyde; L. Porter Davis
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Passive and active launch vibration studies in the LVIS program
Author(s): Donald L. Edberg; Bruce Bartos; James C. Goodding; Paul S. Wilke; Torey Davis
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Isolation systems for electronic black-box transportation to orbit
Author(s): Nicholas M. Jedrich; Scott C. Pendleton
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Coil springs with constrained-layer viscoelastic damping for passive isolation
Author(s): Eric R. Ponslet; William O. Miller
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Cement for passive damping
Author(s): Xuli Fu; Xiaohui Li; Deborah D. L. Chung
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Oberst beam test technique
Author(s): Alessandro Fasana; Luigi Garibaldi; Ermanno Giorcelli; Massimo Ruzzene
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High bandwidth tunability in a smart vibration absorber
Author(s): Alison B. Flatau; Marcelo J. Dapino; Frederick T. Calkins
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Experimental investigation of structural pitching motion control by a tuned-liquid column damper
Author(s): S. D. Xue; Jan Ming Ko; Y. L. Xu
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Passive and active damping of a large composite panel
Author(s): Donald G. Morris; Yuki Tao
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