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Holographic Materials IV
Editor(s): T. John Trout
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Volume Number: 3294
Date Published: 26 March 1998
Softcover: 27 papers (228) pages
ISBN: 9780819427342

Table of Contents
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Evaluation of holographic materials from an applications point of view
Author(s): Christo G. Stojanoff; Hartmut Schuette; Philipp Froening
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Dichromated gelatin for holography in 3D media
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; Nina M. Ganzherli; Irina A. Maurer; Svetlana A. Pisarevskaya
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Application of self-developing dichromated gelatin for holographic data storage with speckle shift multiplexing
Author(s): Nadya O. Reingand; Yuri N. Denisyuk; Nina M. Ganzherli; Irina A. Maurer; Svetlana A. Pisarevskaya; V. B. Markov
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Applications of a self-developing photopolymer material: holographic interferometry and high-efficiency diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Suzanne Martin; Clodagh A. Feely; John T. Sheridan; Vincent Toal
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Optimal composition of a holographic recording material
Author(s): Salvador Blaya-Escarre; Luis Carretero-Lopez; Antonio Fimia; Ricardo Marin Mallavia; Maria T. Garzon; Roque F. Madrigal; Inmaculada V. Pascual; Augusto Belendez; Roberto Sastre; Francisco Amat-Guerri
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Single-layer color hologram recording
Author(s): Vladimir B. Markov; Andrey Nikolayevi Timoshenko; Gert von Bally; Frank Dreesen
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Pulse recording of slanted fringe holograms in DuPont photopolymer
Author(s): Viktor Nikolaevic Mikhailov; K. Thilo Weitzel; Tatiana Yu. Latychevskaia; Vitaly N. Krylov; Urs Paul Wild
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Experimental study on mechanical, thermomechanical, and optomechanical behaviors of holographic materials
Author(s): Sean X. Wu; Ching-Shan Cheng; Tizhi Huang; Shaowen Qin; James Jang-Hun Yeh; Qiang Gao; Alan G. Chen; Chao-Pin Yeh; Austin V. Harton; Karl W. Wyatt
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Reliability study of holographic optical elements made with DuPont photopolymer
Author(s): James Jang-Hun Yeh; Austin V. Harton; Karl W. Wyatt; Diane Lin; Ken Cholewczynski
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Application of DuPont photopolymer films to automotive holographic display
Author(s): Norihito Nakazawa; Motoshi Ono; Shoichi Takeuchi; Hiromi Sakurai; Masahiro Hirano
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Holographic antireflection coatings
Author(s): Jacques E. Ludman; Timothy D. Upton; David W. Watt; T. Yurovchak
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Enhanced reflective liquid crystal displays using DuPont holographic recording films
Author(s): Alan G. Chen; Qiang Gao; Ron Fan; Austin V. Harton; Karl W. Wyatt; Thomas C. Felder; William J. Gambogi; Steven R. Mackara; Kirk W. Steijn; T. John Trout
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Influence of the dichromate concentration on the holographic properties of dichromated gelatin layers
Author(s): Jochen Schulat; Klaus Froehlich; Christo G. Stojanoff
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Surface relief gratings in self-developing photopolymer films
Author(s): Rene M. Beaulieu; Roger A. Lessard; Michel Bolte; Detlef Kip
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Quantum yield and molar absorptivity for a dye photobleaching in a holographic recording material
Author(s): Luis Carretero-Lopez; Salvador Blaya-Escarre; Antonio Fimia; Ricardo Marin Mallavia; Roque F. Madrigal; Augusto Belendez; Celia Garcia
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Highly nonlinear characteristics of bleached holograms recorded in Agfa 8E75HD plates
Author(s): Istvan Banyasz; Augusto Belendez; Antonio Fimia
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Z-scan studies of refractive index changes in azo-dye-doped PMMA films
Author(s): Marc Tremblay; Tigran V. Galstian; Marguerite-M. Denariez-Roberge; Roger A. Lessard
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New hologram replicator for volume holograms and holographic optical elements
Author(s): Douglas F. Tipton
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Time domain state variable analysis of induced reflection gratings in photorefractive materials
Author(s): John M. Jarem; Partha P. Banerjee
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Perturbative analysis of photorefractive fundamental space-charge field with phase modulation at large modulation depths
Author(s): Shoucheng Yang; Man Kong; Qiuyu Wan; Congjing Yang; Zhongxiang Zhou; Kebin Xu
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Experimental research on the mechanism of image formation of dichromated gelatin holograms
Author(s): Ketai Wang; Jianhua Zhu; Jiyue Tang; Lurong Guo; Yu Li
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Holographic spectral selectors
Author(s): Irina V. Semenova; Nadya O. Reingand
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Nanosecond photorefractive gratings in CdTe:Fe crystals with high mobility
Author(s): Vladyslav I. Volkov; Anatoly A. Borshch; Michail S. Brodyn; Valentin I. Rudenko
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Effective dynamic and stationary hologram recordings in new epoxy-based polymers
Author(s): Anatoly A. Borshch; Michail S. Brodyn; Oleg M. Buryn; Vladyslav I. Volkov; A. S. Kutzenko; Sergei M. Maloletov
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Methods of protection of volume holograms against optical copying
Author(s): Theodor V. Bulygin; Gennady G. Levin; Leonid S. Yamnikov; Erick G. Semenov; Nina V. Markova
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Image formation properties of As40S20Se40 thin layers
Author(s): Alexander V. Stronski; Miroslav Vlcek; A. Sklenar; Peter E. Shepeljavi; Pavel F. Oleksenko; Tomas Wagner
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