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Diffractive and Holographic Device Technologies and Applications V
Editor(s): Ivan Cindrich; Sing H. Lee
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Volume Number: 3291
Date Published: 18 June 1998
Softcover: 26 papers (246) pages
ISBN: 9780819427304

Table of Contents
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Polarization effects of diffraction gratings of locally varying depth
Author(s): Wayne Robert Tompkin; Rene Staub
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Recent advances in high-quality HOE development
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian; Aleksandr N. Palagushkin; Sergei A. Prokopenko; M. V. Politov
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Electro-optic grating for LiNbO3 waveguide high-speed modulation
Author(s): Zhene Xu; Maria Rizzi; Beniamino Castagnolo
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Paraxial diffractive elements for space-variant linear transforms
Author(s): Stephan Teiwes; Heiko Schwarzer; Ben-Yuan Gu
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Design of diffractive phase elements that implement axial intensity modulations with conjugate gradient algorithm
Author(s): Rong Liu; Ben-Yuan Gu; Bi-Zhen Dong; Guozhen Yang
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Design of diffractive phase elements for beam shaping in the fractional Fourier transform domain
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Ben-Yuan Gu; Bi-Zhen Dong; Guozhen Yang
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Guided-mode grating resonant filters for VCSEL applications
Author(s): J. Allen Cox; Robert A. Morgan; Robert M. Wilke; Carol M. Ford
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Replicated hybrid optics in durable materials: test results
Author(s): Thomas R. Werner; J. Allen Cox; Bernard S. Fritz; Jon K. Nisper; Gina R. Kritchevsky
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Generation, superposition, and separation of Gauss-Hermite modes by means of DOEs
Author(s): Michael Rudolf Duparre; Vladimir S. Pavelyev; Barbara Luedge; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Victor A. Soifer; Richard M. Kowarschik
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Improved properties of stoichiometric lithium niobate for holographic data storage material
Author(s): Kenji Kitamura; Yasunori Furukawa; Satoru Tanaka; Takashi Yamaji; Hideki Hatano
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Fabrication of phase gratings in glass by ion implantation
Author(s): Istvan Banyasz; Miklos Fried; Csaba Duecso; Zofia Vertesy; Csaba Hajdu
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Optical implementation of matrix-vector multiplication by using a binary phase hologram array
Author(s): HoHyung Suh; Nam Kim
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Imaging optical system using a pair of replicated binary micro-Fresnel-lens arrays
Author(s): Michio Miura; Takashi Katsuki; Yoshiro Ishikawa; Satoshi Ueda; Ippei Sawaki; Fumitaka Abe
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Application of a diffractive/refractive hybrid lens for a night-vision relay lens system
Author(s): Young Ghi Hong; Young Joon Kim; Chul Koo Lee
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High-efficiency dielectric gratings for laser resonators
Author(s): Alexandre V. Tishchenko; Ildar F. Salakhutdinov; Vladimir A. Sychugov; Olivier M. Parriaux
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Spectrum of Bragg grating reflection coefficient (RC) in optical fiber
Author(s): Solomija Yu. Lebid; Yaroslav V. Bobitski; Volodymyr M. Fitio; Taras W. Fityo
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Diffractive phase elements that generate point and ring patterns in monochromatic or dual-wavelength illuminating systems
Author(s): Bi-Zhen Dong; Rong Liu; Ben-Yuan Gu; Guozhen Yang
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Design of a multicolor optical Fourier transform system with large space-bandwidth product
Author(s): Liping Zhao; Minxian Wu; Wenwei Mao; Guofan Jin; Yingbai Yan
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Preshaping reference beams to make edge-illuminated holograms
Author(s): Yuanjie Wang; Michael A. Fiddy; Ye Yung Teng
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Diffraction gratings for lasers with pulse compression: comparative research
Author(s): Vladimir E. Yashin; Artur A. Mak; L. Bakh; E. Yakovlev; Rudolf R. Gerke; I. Usupov
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Design of continuous phase screens for super-Gaussian focal-plane irradiance profiles
Author(s): Jinhui Zhai; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu; Xuezhe Zheng
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Silver halide holograms and HOEs obtained in a brightly lit environment
Author(s): Valery Petrov
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In-situ momental production of silver halide holograms, HOEs, holographic interferograms, and speckle photographs for real-time optical inspections
Author(s): Valery Petrov
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Thermochemical technology of the layer-by-layer synthesis of multilevel chromium masks as precision molds for the phase shaping of high-efficiency large-aperture lenses
Author(s): Valery P. Kiryanov; Alexander G. Verkhogliad; Leonid B. Kastorsky; Alexey V. Kiryanov; Vladimir I. Kozlov
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Holographic recording properties in thick films of ULSH-500 photopolymer
Author(s): David A. Waldman; H.-Y. S. Li; Erdem A. Cetin
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Design of diffractive beam-shaping elements for nonuniform illumination waves
Author(s): Andreas Hermerschmidt; Hans Joachim Eichler; Stephan Teiwes; Joerg Schwartz
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