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In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers: from Ultraviolet to Mid-Infrared II
Editor(s): Hong K. Choi; Peter S. Zory

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Volume Number: 3284
Date Published: 7 April 1998

Table of Contents
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High-power Al-free active-region diode lasers
Author(s): Luke J. Mawst; Jerome Kent Wade; A. Al-Muhanna
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High-power diode lasers grown by solid-source MBE
Author(s): Markus Pessa; Marco U. Jalonen; Arto K. Salokatve; Pekka Savolainen; Mika Toivonen; Richard F. Murison; Tullio Panarello; Michael Jansen; Pat Corvini
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Reliability aspects of 980-nm pump lasers in EDFA applications
Author(s): Albert Oosenbrug
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Determination of carrier lifetimes using Hakki-Paoli gain data
Author(s): Andrew P. Ongstad; Gregory C. Dente; Michael L. Tilton; Jonathan Stohs; David J. Gallant
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Modulated-cap thin p-clad antiguided array lasers
Author(s): Jeong Seok O; Peter S. Zory; Carl F. Miester; John Yoon; Mark A. Emanuel; Verry Sperry; Bradley D. Schwartz; Richard S. Setzko
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Surface-emitting complex-coupled second-order distributed-feedback lasers for high-power applications
Author(s): James G. Lopez; Masoud Kasraian; Dan Botez
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High-power 1.5-um tapered-gain-region lasers
Author(s): Joseph P. Donnelly; James N. Walpole; Steven H. Groves; Robert J. Bailey; Leo J. Missaggia; Antonio Napoleone; R. E. Reeder; Christopher C. Cook
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Beam quality in multiwatt semiconductor amplifiers
Author(s): David J. Bossert; Gregory C. Dente; Michael L. Tilton
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Improved beam quality for high-power tapered laser diodes with LMG (low-modal-gain) epitaxial layer structures
Author(s): Michael Mikulla; Alexis Schmitt; Pierre Chazan; A. Wetzel; Martin Walther; Rudolf Kiefer; Wilfried Pletschen; Juergen Braunstein; Guenter Weimann
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InGaN/GaN lasers grown on SiC
Author(s): Kathy Doverspike; Gary E. Bulman; S. T. Sheppard; Hua-Shuang Kong; Michelle T. Leonard; Heidi Dieringer; John A. Edmond; K. L. More; Y. K. Song; M. Kuball; Arto V. Nurmikko
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Characterization of AlGaInN heterostructures and laser diodes
Author(s): David P. Bour; Michael Kneissl; Noble M. Johnson; Linda T. Romano; Brent S. Krusor; Matt D. McCluskey; Werner Goetz; Ross D. Bringans
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Pulsed operation of (Al,Ga,In)N blue laser diodes
Author(s): Amber C. Abare; Michael P. Mack; Mark W. Hansen; R. Kehl Sink; Peter Kozodoy; Sarah L. Keller; Evelyn L. Hu; James S. Speck; John Edward Bowers; Umesh K. Mishra; Larry A. Coldren; Steven P. DenBaars
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Gain-current relation in CdZnSe single quantum well lasers: modeling and experiment
Author(s): Chia-Fu Hsu; Peter S. Zory; Michael A. Haase
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Real-index-guided AlGaInP red laser with high-power characteristics grown by one-step MOVPE
Author(s): Chikashi Anayama; Akira Furuya; Toshiyuki Tanahashi
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1.3-um InP-based n-type modulation-doped strained multiquantum well lasers for high-density parallel optical interconnections
Author(s): Kouji Nakahara; Tomonobu Tsuchiya; A. Niwa; Kazuhisa Uomi; T. Haga; T. Taniwatari; T. Toyonaka
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1.3-um InAsP/InAlGaAs MQW lasers for high-temperature operation
Author(s): Takayoshi Anan; Mitsuki Yamada; Keiichi Tokutome; Shigeo Sugou
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High-performance uncooled MQW DFB lasers at 1.3 um for OC-12 transmitter modules
Author(s): Jung Koo Kang; K. S. Oh; Seung Jo Jeong; Sung-Hak Chun; Jun-Ho Koh; Min Kyu Park; Y. K. Sin
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AlGaInAs/InP ridge-guide lasers operating at 1.55 um
Author(s): Gary A. Evans; Jieh-Ping Sih; T. M. Chou; Jay B. Kirk; Jerome K. Butler; Lily Y. Pang
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III-N-V: a novel material system for lasers with good high-temperature characteristics
Author(s): Charles W. Tu; W. G. Bi; H. P. Xin; Yong Ma; Jianping Zhang; Liwei Wang; Seng Tiong Ho
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GaInNAs/GaAs long-wavelength lasers
Author(s): Masahiko Kondow; Takeshi Kitatani; Michael C. Larson; Kouji Nakahara; Kazuhisa Uomi; Hiroaki Inoue
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Mid-IR intersubband quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Carlo Sirtori; Federico Capasso; Jerome Faist; Alfred Y. Cho; Philippe Collot; Vincent Berger; Julien Nagle
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Long-wavelength (15.5-um) quantum fountain intersubband laser InGaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Author(s): Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye; Francois H. Julien; Philippe Boucaud; Sebastien Sauvage; Jean-Michel Lourtioz; Veronique Thierry-Mieg; Richard Planel
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Buried heterostructure quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Mattias Beck; Jerome Faist; Claire F. Gmachl; Federico Capasso; Deborah L. Sivco; James N. Baillargeon; Alfred Y. Cho
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High-power broadened-waveguide InGaAsSb/AlGaAsSb quantum well diode lasers emitting at 2 um
Author(s): Raymond J. Menna; Dmitri Z. Garbuzov; Hao Lee; Ramon U. Martinelli; S. Yegna Narayan; John C. Connolly
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Mid-infrared GaSb-InAs-based multiple quantum well lasers
Author(s): Alexei N. Baranov; N. Bertru; Y. Cuminal; G. Boissier; Y. Rouillard; J. C. Nicolas; P. Grech; Andre Francis Joullie; Claude L. Alibert
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Gain and threshold current density characteristics of 2-um GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb MQW lasers with increased valence band offset
Author(s): Tim C. Newell; Luke F. Lester; Xiaoying Wu; Yining Zhang; Allen L. Gray
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Efficiency and power issues in Sb-based mid-infrared lasers
Author(s): Han Q. Le; George W. Turner; Juan R. Ochoa; Hong K. Choi; C.H. Thompson Lin; Rui Q. Yang; Shin Shem Pei
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Mid-IR type-II diode lasers
Author(s): William W. Bewley; Igor Vurgaftman; Christopher L. Felix; Edward H. Aifer; Jerry R. Meyer; C.H. Thompson Lin; Dongxu Zhang; Stefan J. Murry; Shin Shem Pei; L. R. Ram-Mohan
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Type-II quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Rui Q. Yang; C.H. Thompson Lin; Bao Hua Yang; Dongxu Zhang; Stefan J. Murry; Shin Shem Pei; William W. Bewley; Linda J. Olafsen; Edward H. Aifer; Christopher L. Felix; Igor Vurgaftman; Jerry R. Meyer
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Mid-infrared interband cascade emission in InAs/GaInSb/AlSb type-II heterostructures
Author(s): Hui Chun Liu; Emmanuel Dupont; John P. McCaffrey; Margaret Buchanan; Dongxu Zhang; Rui Q. Yang; C.H. Thompson Lin; Stefan J. Murry; Shin Shem Pei
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High-power optically pumped type-II quantum well lasers
Author(s): Donald L. McDaniel; Charles E. Moeller; Michael Falcon; Stefan J. Murry; C.H. Thompson Lin; Rui Q. Yang; Shin Shem Pei; Donald M. Gianardi; Chi Yan; Andrew P. Ongstad
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Inapplicability of a simply parameterized threshold current in Sb-based IR lasers
Author(s): Christoph H. Grein; Michael E. Flatte; Henry Ehrenreich
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Modeling of gain for lasers based on CdSe planar QD system in ZnMgSSe matrix
Author(s): Aleksey D. Andreev
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InGaN/GaN double heterostructure laser with cleaved facets
Author(s): Dean A. Stocker; E. Fred Schubert; W. Grieshaber; Karim S. Boutros; J. S. Flynn; Robert P. Vaudo; V. M. Phanse; Joan Marie Redwing
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Low-threshold high-power high-brightness GaInAsSb/AlGaAsSb quantum well lasers emitting at 2.05 um
Author(s): Hong K. Choi; George W. Turner; James N. Walpole; M. J. Manfra; M. K. Connors; Leo J. Missaggia
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Continuous-wave room-temperature operation of InGaN/GaN multiquantum well lasers grown by low-pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Adam W. Saxler; Patrick Kung; Danielle Walker; Xiaolong Zhang; Adam Rybaltowski; Y. Xiao; Hyuk Jong Yi; Jacqueline E. Diaz
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