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Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors II

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Volume Number: 3277
Date Published: 23 April 1998

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Ultrafast coherent and incoherent dynamics of intersubband excitations in quasi-two-dimensional semiconductors
Author(s): Thomas Elsaesser; Robert A. Kaindl; Stephan Lutgen; Michael Woerner; Andreas Hase; Harald Kuenzel
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Coherent electric-field effects in semiconductors
Author(s): Torsten Meier; K.-C. Je; F. Rossi; Joerg Hader; P. Thomas; Stephan W. Koch
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Theory of coherent phonon oscillations in nonpolar and polar semiconductors
Author(s): Aleksey V. Kuznetsov; Christopher J. Stanton
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Coherent control of interband transitions in semiconductor heterostructures
Author(s): Xuedong Hu; Walter Poetz
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Optical study of THz plasmon-phonon oscillations in semiconductors
Author(s): Gyu Cheon Cho
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Theoretical studies of coherent phonon generation in dense media
Author(s): Sheng Hsien Lin; Railing Chang; Kuo Kan Liang; Jui-Hung Hsu; Jenwei Yu; Michitoshi Hayashi; Wunshain S. Fann
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Coherent control in bulk and nanostructure semiconductors
Author(s): John E. Sipe; Henry M. van Driel
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Coherence properties of semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): Roland Levy; Bernd Hoenerlage; Pierre Gilliot
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Coherent dynamics of excitons in GaN studied by femtosecond four-wave-mixing spectroscopy
Author(s): Arthur J. Fischer; W. Shan; Jin-Joo Song; Dongsik Kim; DaeSu Yee; Yia-Chung Chang; Robert D. Horning; Barbara L. Goldenberg
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Dynamics of Bloch oscillations in semiconductor superlattices: direct determination of displacement
Author(s): Markas Sudzius; Vadim G. Lyssenko; Falk Loeser; Gintaras Valusis; Tom Hasche; Karl Leo; Marc M. Dignam; Klaus Koehler
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Ultrafast hole relaxation in III-V semiconductors
Author(s): Natalia Del Fatti; Pierre Langot; Raffaele Tommasi; Fabrice Vallee
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Dynamics of fundamental optical transitions in group III nitrides
Author(s): Hongxing Jiang; Jing Yu Lin
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Coherent spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum wires
Author(s): M. Bayer; W. Braun; T. Baars; Alfred W. B. Forchel; Thomas L. Reinecke; S. N. Walck; O. M. Schmitt; Ladislaus Banyai; Hartmut Haug
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Monte Carlo simulation of the effects of X6 and X7 intervalley scattering on the ultrafast relaxation of photoexcited carriers in GaAs
Author(s): Mohamed A. Osman
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Carrier dynamics of anti-Stokes photoluminescence in staggered-band-lineup AlxGa1-xAs/GaInP2 heterostructures
Author(s): Yong-Hoon Cho; Jin-Joo Song; Dongsik Kim; HeeWoong Lim; Byung-Doo Choe
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Picosecond dynamics of low-density excitons in GaAs quantum wells
Author(s): Kai Shum; Robert R. Alfano; Hadis Morkoc
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Ensemble Monte Carlo simulations of ultrafast phenomena in semiconductors
Author(s): David K. Ferry; Stephen M. Goodnick
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Electron/hole velocity overshoot in sub-100-nm Si metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors and its application to low-voltage operation
Author(s): Tomohisa Mizuno
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Wigner function simulation of intrinsic oscillations, hysteresis, and bistability in resonant tunneling structures
Author(s): Bryan A. Biegel
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Arsenic-implanted GaAs: an alternative material to low-temperature-grown GaAs for ultrafast optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Ci-Ling Pan; Gong-Ru Lin
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Demonstration of the ultrafast response of 50-nm gate HEMTs using cw optical mixing techniques
Author(s): Mohammed Ershad Ali; Daipayan Bhattacharya; Hernan Erlig; Harold R. Fetterman; Mehran Matloubian
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Monte Carlo simulations of GaAs-based ultrafast optical mixers
Author(s): Jing Li; Ravindra P. Joshi; James A. McAdoo
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Ultrafast electro-optic sensors and magneto-optic sensors for THz beams
Author(s): Peng Yu Han; Zhiping Jiang; Jennifer A. Riordan; Lijun Wang; Xi-Cheng Zhang
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Wigner function and density matrices and their application to transport properties of semiconductor devices
Author(s): Harold L. Grubin
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Semiconductor femtosecond optoelectronic devices for ultrafast telecommunications and signal processing
Author(s): Osamu Wada
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Surface-emitting second harmonic generation from short laser pulses
Author(s): Yujie J. Ding; Jacob B. Khurgin
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Ultrafast measurements of electric fields in semiconductors by optical harmonic generation
Author(s): Ajay Nahata; Tony F. Heinz; James A. Misewich
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Ultrafast carrier dynamics and optical nonlinearities of low-temperature-grown multiple quantum wells
Author(s): S. S. Prabhu; Yue Chen; Stephen E. Ralph; Paul W. Juodawlkis; Michael C. Gross; J. Scott Rodgers; Richard P. Kenan; Carl M. Verber; Michael R. Melloch; David T. McInturff
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Superradiant exciton/photon coupling in a wedged (ln,Ga)As/GaAs multiple-quantum-well Bragg structure
Author(s): Martin Huebner; Juergen Kuhl; B. Grote; Tineke Stroucken; Stefan Haas; Andreas Knorr; Stephan W. Koch; Galina Khitrova; Hyatt M. Gibbs
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Self-heating as a tool for measuring sub-0.1-um silicon-on-insulator device parameters
Author(s): Mohamed A. Osman; Ashraf A. Osman
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Direct observation of electron velocity overshoot in an InP p-i-n nanostructure semiconductor: a subpicosecond Raman probe
Author(s): Kong-Thon F. Tsen; David K. Ferry; Jyh-Shyang Wang; Chao-Hsiung Huang; Hao-Hsiung Lin
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Effects of carrier screening on the average electric field in a GaAs-based p-i-n nanostructure under subpicosecond laser excitation
Author(s): Ravindra P. Joshi; Kong-Thon F. Tsen; David K. Ferry; Arnel A. Salvador; Andrei Botchkarev; Hadis Morkoc
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Subpicosecond time-resolved Raman studies of field-induced electron transport and phonon dynamics in a GaAs-based p-i-n nanostructure
Author(s): Eric D. Grann; Kong-Thon F. Tsen; David K. Ferry; Arnel A. Salvador; Andrei Botchkarev; Hadis Morkoc
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Subpicosecond time-resolved Raman studies of nonequilibrium excitations in wide-bandgap GaN
Author(s): Kong-Thon Tsen; Ravindra P. Joshi; David K. Ferry
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