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Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing III
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Volume Number: 3274
Date Published: 3 June 1998
Softcover: 37 papers (354) pages
ISBN: 9780819427137

Table of Contents
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Nanosecond UV laser pulse interactions with dielectric single crystals
Author(s): Michael Reichling
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Femtosecond lasers and their implications for materials processing
Author(s): Paul B. Corkum
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New theoretical model describing laser hole-drilling processes for organic polymers and fiber-reinforced composites under low fluence
Author(s): Frank F. Wu; Richard D. Pilkington
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Diode-laser-based in-situ atomic absorption spectroscopy for deposition rate control
Author(s): Weizhi Wang; Robert H. Hammond; Martin M. Fejer; Malcolm R. Beasley
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Nonlinear photon-stimulated desorption from an oxidized tungsten surface
Author(s): David P. Taylor; Henry Helvajian
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Diagnostic techniques for excimer beams used in a-Si annealing for flat panel displays
Author(s): Gary T. Forrest
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Processing ceramics by laser radiation
Author(s): Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Juergen Jandeleit; Ruth Weichenhain; Manfred Sommer; Alexander Horn; A. Curdt
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Precise microfabrication of wide-bandgap materials by VUV-UV multiwavelength ablation
Author(s): Koji Sugioka; Jie Zhang; Satoshi Wada; Hideo Tashiro; Katsumi Midorikawa; Koichi Toyoda
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High-average-power Ce:LiCaF laser at 1-KHz repetition rate tunable from 280 nm to 315 nm
Author(s): Sergei V. Govorkov; A. Wiebner; Peter Genter; Uwe Stamm; Wolfgang Zschocke; Thomas Schroeder; Dirk Basting
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Laser cleaning of silicon surfaces
Author(s): Paul Leiderer; Johannes Boneberg; Mario Mosbacher; Andreas Schilling; Oguz Yavas
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Laser applications to IC defect correction
Author(s): Glenn H. Chapman
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Laser removal of foreign materials from semiconductor wafers
Author(s): Menachem Genut; Boris Livshits; Yoram Uziel; Ofer Tehar-Zahav; Eli Iskevitch; Izhack Barzilay; Shammai Speiser
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Transition from laboratory to manufacturing for a dry laser-assisted cleaning technology
Author(s): Audrey C. Engelsberg
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Application of KrCI excilamp for cleaning GaAs surfaces using atomic hydrogen
Author(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Valerii A. Kagadei; Mikhail I. Lomaev; Alexei N. Panchenko; Dmitrii I. Proskurovsky
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Light-induced dry etching of semiconductors in the vacuum ultraviolet
Author(s): Udo Streller; Heribert Raaf; Nikolaus Schwentner
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Low-fluence laser-assisted chemical etching of InP: an XPS study
Author(s): Christopher E. Moffitt; Jerzy M. Wrobel; David M. Wieliczka; Jan J. Dubowski; Jeffrey W. Fraser
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Photochemical surface modification of polyurethane films with biomaterial by excimer laser processing
Author(s): Hiroyuki Niino; Joerg Krueger; Wolfgang Kautek
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Laser-assisted microscale deformation of stainless steels and ceramics
Author(s): Guofei Chen; Xianfan Xu; Chie C. Poon; Andrew C. Tam
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Energy coupling to materials ablated by intensive pulsed 1-um radiation: plasma shielding and surface-modification effects
Author(s): Vitali I. Konov; Serge V. Garnov; Sergei M. Klimentov; Taras V. Kononenko; O. G. Tsarkova; Friedrich Dausinger
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Desktop manufacturing using diode lasers
Author(s): Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri
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Review of laser micromachining in contract manufacturing
Author(s): Glenn Ogura; Bo Gu
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Increased production using excimer lasers through enhanced beam utilization factors
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Sercel
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Manufacture of miniature bioparticle electromanipulators by excimer laser ablation
Author(s): Malcolm C. Gower; Erol C. Harvey; Nadeem Hasan Rizvi; Phil T. Rumsby; Julian P.H. Burt; Mark S. Talary; John A. Tame; Ron Pethig
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Applications of sealed CO2 lasers for the microelectronics industry
Author(s): Sri Venkat
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Laser micromachining of chemically altered polymers
Author(s): Thomas K. Lippert
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Machining and modeling of high-quality reliefs in steel with pulsed-CO2-laser radiation
Author(s): Andreas Penz; Stephan Fazeny; Dieter Schuoecker
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Photolithography at wavelengths below 200 nm
Author(s): Mordechai Rothschild
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Materials study for technically relevant devices fabricated by excimer ablation lithography
Author(s): Christina Hahn; Thilo Kunz; Alexander J. Wokaun
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Pattern precision of excimer ablation lithography (EAL)
Author(s): Kenkichi Suzuki; Toshio Ogino; Takao Terabayashi; Kazutami Kawamoto; Hiroyuki Hirayama
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New developments of pulsed-laser deposition process
Author(s): Tatsuo Okada; Yoshiki Nakata; Junichi Muramoto; Mitsuo Maeda
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Matrix-assisted pulsed-laser evaporation (MAPLE) of functionalized polymers: applications with chemical sensors
Author(s): Robert Andrew McGill; Douglas B. Chrisey; Alberto Pique; Todd E. Mlsna
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Properties of liquid crystal thin films grown by pulsed-laser deposition
Author(s): Jose A. Gonzalo de los Reyes; Dan A. Allwood; Peter E. Dyer; Michael Hird
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Structure/property relationships in pulsed-laser-deposited ferroelectric thin films for frequency-agile microwave electronics
Author(s): James S. Horwitz; A. C. Carter; Wontae Chang; Jeffrey M. Pond; Steven W. Kirchoefer; Douglas B. Chrisey; J. Levy; C. Hubert
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Pulsed-laser deposition of YBa2Cu307-La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 thin film multilayers for spin injection devices
Author(s): Douglas B. Chrisey; Jeonggoo Kim; Rhonda M. Stroud; Dan Koller; Michael S. Osofsky; Robert J. Soulen; J. M. Byers; Charles R. Eddy; Raymond C. Y. Auyeung; James S. Horwitz
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Organic molecular beam deposition combined with laser-induced chemical reactions
Author(s): Hiroyuki Fuchigami; Yukiyasu Nakao; Sachiko Tanimura; Yasushi Uehara; Tetsuy Kurata; Sei Tsunoda; Hiroyuki Niino; Akira Yabe
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X-ray measurement of tungsten films grown in a nonflowing laser-induced CVD process
Author(s): Elzbieta B. Jankowska-Kuchta; Carol McConica; Devin Moss; Janusz Kozlowski
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Laser writing of quantum well intermixed GaInAsP/InP microstructures
Author(s): Jan J. Dubowski; N. Sylvain Charbonneau; Philip J. Poole; Alain P. Roth; Charles Lacelle; Margaret Buchanan
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