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Optical Investigations of Cells In Vitro and In Vivo
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Volume Number: 3260
Date Published: 29 April 1998
Softcover: 35 papers (316) pages
ISBN: 9780819426994

Table of Contents
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Near-field scanning optical microscope with an optically trapped metallic Rayleigh particle
Author(s): Tadao Sugiura; Takao Okada
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Optically controlled collisions of biological objects
Author(s): Benjamin J. Davies; Rani Kishore; Mathai Mammen; Kristian Helmerson; Seok-Ki Choi; William D. Phillips; George M. Whitesides
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Mapping the polarity for T-cell activation with an optical trap
Author(s): Xunbin Wei; Tatiana B. Krasieva; Zhanxiang Zhang; Paul A. Negulescu; Chung-Ho Sun; Michael D. Cahalan; Bruce J. Tromberg
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How safe is gamete micromanipulation by laser tweezers?
Author(s): Karsten Koenig; Bruce J. Tromberg; Yona Tadir; Michael W. Berns
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Cell permeabilization and molecular transport by laser microirradiation
Author(s): Tatiana B. Krasieva; Curtis F. Chapman; Vickie J. LaMorte; Vasan Venugopalan; Michael W. Berns; Bruce J. Tromberg
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Two-photon fluorescence and confocal reflected light imaging of thick tissue structures
Author(s): Ki Hean Kim; Peter T. C. So; Irene E. Kochevar; Barry R. Masters; Enrico Gratton
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Pulse-width considerations for multiple-photon excitation laser scanning fluorescence imaging
Author(s): David L. Wokosin; John G. White; Michael Dymott
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Gold island films as biocompatible SERS substrates for imaging of the intracellular distribution of anticancer drugs
Author(s): Ganesh D. Sockalingum; Abdelilah Beljebbar; Hamid Morjani; Michel Manfait
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Image analysis applied to luminescence microscopy
Author(s): Eric Maire; Eddy Lelievre-Berna; Veronique Fafeur; Bernard Vandenbunder
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Imaging of rotational Brownian motion of biomolecules in living cells using fluorescence depolarization microscopy
Author(s): Shuji Toyonaga; Yoshitaro Nakano
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Cytosolic acidification and mitochondrial dysfunction during apoptosis as probed by dual emission probes and microspectrofluorometry
Author(s): Rajae Belhoussine; Valerie Palissot; Hamid Morjani; Jean Dufer; Michel Manfait
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Digital deconvolution FRET microscopy: 3D visualization of protein-protein interactions in a single living cell
Author(s): Ammasi Periasamy
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Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching measured by confocal microscopy as a tool for the analysis of vesicular lipid transport and plasma membrane mobility
Author(s): Gerd Schmitz; Alexandra Goetz; Evelyn Orso; Gregor Rothe
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Selective accumulation of meso-tetra(hydroxyphenyl)chlorin in steroid-synthesizing cells of the rat adrenal gland
Author(s): Mario Colombo-Benkmann; Markus Muhm; Johannes Gahlen; Magnus-Sebastian Vry; Hedwig Deubzer; Andreas Holloschi; Matthias Haffner; Christine Heym; Norbert Senninger
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Interactive system for registering adjacent tissue sections
Author(s): Stephen J. Lockett; Carlos Fernandez; Enrique G. Rodriguez; Ulrich Wesselmann; Boris C. Bastian; Damir Sudar; Daniel Pinkel; Joe W. Gray
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Automated microscopy system for detection and genetic characterization of fetal nucleated red blood cells on slides
Author(s): Ilya Ravkin; Vladimir Temov
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Simultaneous multiplanar image acquisition in light microscopy
Author(s): Miguel E. Bravo-Zanoguera; Jeffrey H. Price
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Use of digital micromirror devices in quantitative microscopy
Author(s): Calum E. MacAulay; Andrew L. P. Dlugan
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Intermediate endpoint biomarkers for lung cancer chemoprevention
Author(s): Calum E. MacAulay; Stephen Lam; Helga Klein-Parker; Adi Gazdar; Martial Guillaud; Peter W. Payne; Jean C. Le Riche; Chris Dawe; Pierre Band; Branko Palcic
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Behavior of in-vitro cancerous cells
Author(s): Christophe De Hauwer; Philippe Van Ham; Francis Darro; Isabelle Camby; Robert Kiss
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Computer capillaroscopy as a new cardiological diagnostics method
Author(s): Youri I. Gurfinkel; Oleg A. Korol; George E. Kufal
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Focused ion beams and life science applications: cell tomography and biomachining at ultrahigh resolution
Author(s): Monica Ballerini; Marziale Milani; Michele Costato; I. C. Edmond Turcu; Franco Squadrini
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Progress toward combined phase and amplitude demodulation fluorescence lifetime measurements by flow cytometry
Author(s): John A. Steinkamp; Jimmie D. Parson; Jan F. Keij
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Flow cytometry with upconverting phosphor reporters
Author(s): William H. Wright; Gary A. Rundle; Naheed A. Mufti; Yung-Mae M. Yao; David E. Cooper
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Excimer fluorescence compared to depolarization in the flow cytometric characterization of lateral membrane mobility in platelets
Author(s): Gregor Rothe; Buerk Schaefer; Martin Steven Wimmer; Gerd Schmitz
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Applications of fixed-time flow cytometry in cell biology
Author(s): Attila Tarnok
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High-speed real-time data classification and cell sorting using discriminant functions and probabilities of misclassification for stem cell enrichment and tumor purging
Author(s): James F. Leary; Scott R. McLaughlin; James A. Hokanson; Judah I. Rosenblatt
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DICOM-compatible format for analytical cytology data
Author(s): Robert C. Leif; Suzanne B. Leif
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Flow cytometric determination of bacterial populations in bottled natural mineral waters
Author(s): Wolfgang Beisker; H. Meier
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Development of visible diode-laser/fiber-optic colorimetric system for the simple and inexpensive quantification of a protein
Author(s): SungHo Kim; Young Soon Noh; Gill Sang Byun; Sung-Keun Jang
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Traction forces and subcellular structure imaged in contracting and locomoting cells
Author(s): Kevin Burton
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Multiparameter fluorescence imaging for quantification of TH-1 and TH-2 cytokines at the single-cell level
Author(s): Hakim Fekkar; N. Benbernou; S. Esnault; H. C. Shin; Moncef Guenounou
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Noninvasive imaging of biological tissue with dual-wavelength optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Yingtian Pan; Daniel L. Farkas
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Autofocus for phase-contrast microscopy: investigation of causes of nonunimodality
Author(s): Michael A. Oliva; Miguel E. Bravo-Zanoguera; Jeffrey H. Price
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