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Advances in Optical Biophysics
Editor(s): Joseph R. Lakowicz; J. B. Alexander Ross

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Volume Number: 3256
Date Published: 1 May 1998

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Soft x-ray circular dichroism and scattering using a modulated elliptically polarizing wiggler and double synchronous detection
Author(s): John Clark Sutherland; Krzysztof Polewski; Denise C. Monteleone; John G. Trunk; Gary A. Nintzel; Dennis G. Carlson; Qing-Li Dong; Om V. Singh; Steven L. Hulbert; Chi-Chang Kao; Erik D. Johnson
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Nanosecond time-resolved polarization spectroscopies and applications to the study of protein function and folding
Author(s): Robert A. Goldbeck; David S. Kliger
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Multiphoton excitation of fluorescence
Author(s): Joseph R. Lakowicz; Ignacy Gryczynski
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Fluorescence anisotropy controlled by light quenching
Author(s): Ignacy Gryczynski; Zygmunt Gryczynski; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Determination of metal ions by fluorescence anisotropy exhibits a broad dynamic range
Author(s): Richard B. Thompson; Badri P. Maliwal; Carol A. Fierke
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Fluorescence anisotropy decay: finding the correct physical model
Author(s): C. N. Bialik; Barnabas Wolf; Edward L. Rachofsky; J. B. Alexander Ross; William R. Laws
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Emission kinetics of fluorescent nucleoside analogs
Author(s): Edward L. Rachofsky; Larry C. Sowers; Mary E. Hawkins; Frank M. Balis; William R. Laws; J. B. Alexander Ross
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Detection of phospholipase C-B2 activation by G-protein subunits
Author(s): Suzanne Scarlata; Loren Runnels; Mario Rebecchi
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Imaging of the binding rates of cytoskeletal proteins at the submembrane of living cells
Author(s): Susan E. Sund; Daniel Axelrod
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Studying effects of capillary flow on membrane proteins by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Massimo Sassaroli; Katsumi Uchiyama; Heikki Vaananen; Robert E. Dale; Peter L. A. Giesen; J. B. Alexander Ross
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Real-time analysis of molecular assembly by kinetic flow cytometry
Author(s): John P. Nolan; Tione Buranda; Hong Cai; Kristina Kommander; Bruce E. Lehnert; Rhiannon L. Nolan; Min S. Park; Tracy Ruscetti; Binghui Shen; Larry A. Sklar
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Analysis of molecular assemblies by flow cytometry: determinants of Gi1 and by binding
Author(s): Noune A. Sarvazyan; Richard R. Neubig
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Measurement of receptor cross-linking at the cell surface via multiparameter flow cytometry
Author(s): Richard G. Posner; Jennifer Bold; Yael Bernstein; Joe Rasor; Joshua Braslow; William S. Hlavacek; Alan S. Perelson
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Sample handling for kinetics and molecular assembly in flow cytometry
Author(s): Larry A. Sklar; Larry C. Seamer; Frederick W. Kuckuck III; Richard G. Posner; Eric R. Prossnitz; Bruce S. Edwards; John P. Nolan
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Fluorescence lifetime measurement of free and cell/particle-bound fluorophore by phase-sensitive flow cytometry
Author(s): John A. Steinkamp; Jan F. Keij
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Flow-cytometry-based DNA hybidization and polymorphism analysis
Author(s): Hong Cai; Kristina Kommander; P. Scott White; John P. Nolan
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Development of flow-cytometry-based miniature chemical fluid analysis system using fluorescent microbeads
Author(s): Ming-Chieh Huang; Martin A. Afromowitz; Ger van den Engh; Bernhard H. Weigl; Paul Yager
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Light scattering from dimers: latex-latex and gold-latex
Author(s): Kirk A. Fuller; Reinaldo J. Gonzalez; Manish S. Kochar
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Probing the structure of macromolecules using microsecond time-resolved fluorescence of europium chelates
Author(s): Ewa Heyduk; Tomasz Heyduk
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Long-lived highly luminescent rhenium (I) metal-ligand complex as a probe of biomolecules
Author(s): Felix N. Castellano; Xiang-Qun Guo; Li Li; Henryk Szmacinski; Jeffrey Sipior; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Recent advances in protein room-temperature phosphorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Li Sun; Evan R. Kantrowitz; William C. Galley
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Protein dynamics studied by room-temperature phosphorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Vinod Subramaniam; Bruce D. Schlyer; Ari Gafni; Duncan G. Steel
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Rapid events in protein folding studied by laser-induced pH and temperature jumps
Author(s): Anne Gershenson; Christopher J. Fischer; Joseph A. Schauerte; Duncan G. Steel; Ari Gafni
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Phosphorescence from tryptophan and tryptophan analogs in the solid state
Author(s): Colin McCaul; Richard D. Ludescher
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Time-resolved phosphorescence anisotropy and photobleaching recovery characterization of protein aggregation induced by paraformaldehyde fixation of cells
Author(s): B. George Barisas; William F. Wade; Deborah A. Roess
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Differential two-color x-ray radiobiology of membrane/cytoplasm in yeast cells and lymphocytes
Author(s): Marziale Milani; Monica Ballerini; Giuliana Baroni; Dimitri Batani; Simona Cozzi; Lorenzo Ferraro; Michele Costato; Francesca Salsi; Achille Pozzi; Franco Squadrini; I. C. Edmond Turcu; Ric M. Allott; Nicola Lisi; Waseem Shaikh; Shaun Hughes
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Applications of surface-enhanced spectroscopic techniques to biosystems
Author(s): Gerald Steiner; Christian Kuhne; Beate Leupolt; Wolfgang B. Fischer; Reiner Salzer
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Quantification of the interaction of neuronal adhesion molecules by flow cytometry using microbeads
Author(s): Attila Tarnok; Ursel Noehrenberg; Stephan Schuhmacher; Hans-Juergen Volkmer
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Capillary electrophoresis investigations of pET3aPAI-1 DNA involving optimized restriction digestion, laser-induced fluorescence detection, and micropreparative separation
Author(s): Michael J. Sepaniak; Michael Stebbins; April Todd; Timothy Gibson; Cynthia Peterson; Moustopha Diack
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