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Biomedical Sensing and Imaging Technologies

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Volume Number: 3253
Date Published: 1 May 1998

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Biorecognition using gated ion channel biosensors: membranes supported by poly-1,2-diaminobenzene
Author(s): Dorothea Anrather; Miriam Valina-Saba; Michaela M. Smetazko; Georg D. Bauer; Sigrid E. Schmutzer; Christof Weiss-Wichert; Thomas G. M. Schalkhammer
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Optical nanocluster plasmon sensors as transducers for bioaffinity interactions
Author(s): Thomas G. M. Schalkhammer; Alfred Leitner; Franz Rembert Aussenegg; Georg D. Bauer; Fritz Pittner
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Reversible integrated optic evanescent field biosensor using chemical amplification for added sensitivity
Author(s): Daniel P. Campbell; Nile F. Hartman; Jeffrey L. Moore; James V. Suggs; Janet M. Cobb
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Development of a DNA biochip for gene diagnosis
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Alan L. Wintenberg; M. Nance Ericson; Narayana R. Isola; Jean Pierre Alarie
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Multispectral polarimetric system for glucose monitoring
Author(s): Gerard L. Cote; Harshal Gorde; Joseph Janda; Brent D. Cameron
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Effects of temperature on the near-infrared spectroscopic measurement of glucose
Author(s): Byungjo Jung; Michael J. McShane; Sohi Rastegar; Gerard L. Cote
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Design and development of a sensor for the direct and continuous measurement of inhaled nitric oxide: factors affecting sensitivity
Author(s): Bhairavi R. Parikh; Babs R. Soller
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Novel low-cost fiber optic colorimetric instrument to rapidly screen premalignant esophageal tissue
Author(s): Anupam K. Dattamajumdar; John A. Myers; Andrew H. Proctor; Douglas S. Levine; Patricia L. Blount; Brian J. Reid; Roy W. Martin
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Resolution degradation due to brain tissue scattering
Author(s): Chun-Ming Albert Wang; J. Harold Wayland; Scott E. Fraser
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Embryo viscoelasticity measurement by fiber optic system: system development and model experiment
Author(s): Harumi Itoh; Tsunenori Arai; Makoto Kikuchi; Naoko Morita; Minoru Obara
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Miniature uncooled infrared sensitive detectors for in-vivo biomedical applications
Author(s): Panos G. Datskos; Stavros G. Demos; Slobodan Rajic
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Evaluation of ultrasound techniques for brain injury detection
Author(s): Joel Mobley; Paul M. Kasili; Stephen J. Norton; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Real-time physiological monitoring with distributed networks of sensors and object-oriented programming techniques
Author(s): William P. Wiesmann; L. Alex Pranger; Mary S. Bogucki
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Novel solid state sensor platform
Author(s): Arthur E. Colvin Jr.; C. Brent Bargeron; Terry E. Phillips; Joseph A. Miragliotta; Robert B. Givens
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Virtual Human: a diagnostic tool for human studies and health effects in the 21st century
Author(s): Clay E. Easterly; Glenn O. Allgood; Keith Eckerman; Helmut E. Knee; Mike Maston; Greg McNeilly; John Munro; Nancy B. Munro; Ross Toedte; Blake Van Hoy; Richard C. Ward
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Microwave detection system for locating hemorrhage sites within the cranium and other regions
Author(s): Ronald G. Riechers Sr.; Krishna M. Pasala; Geoffrey S. F. Ling M.D.
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Time-frequency analysis of pediatric murmurs
Author(s): Joseph S. Lombardo; Lisa A. Blodgett; Ron S. Rosen; Amir-Homayoon Najmi; W. Reid Thompson
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Electromagnetic holographic imaging of bioimpedance
Author(s): Dexter G. Smith; Harvey W. Ko; Benjamin R. Lee; Alan W. Partin
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Medical telesensors
Author(s): Trinidad L. Ferrell; P. B. Crilly; S. F. Smith; Alan L. Wintenberg; Charles L. Britton Jr.; Gilbert W. Morrison; M. Nance Ericson; D. Hedden; Donald W. Bouldin; A. Passian; Todd R. Downey; A. G. Wig; Fabrice Meriaudeau
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Microfabricated electrochemical sensors for chronic physiologic monitoring
Author(s): C. J. Somps; Marc J. Madou; John W. Hines
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CVSys: a coordination framework for dynamic and fully distributed cardiovascular modeling and simulation
Author(s): Susan L. Mabry; Lubomir F. Bic; Kenneth M. Baldwin
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Systems analysis with an integrated medical analysis system (IMAS)
Author(s): John Koelsch; Susan L. Mabry; Samuel Rodriquez; Paul Takemura
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Photon-biased modulator (photon transistor): biological photochrome bacteriorhodopsin film-based novel device element
Author(s): Li-Qun Gu; Chunping Zhang; Guangyin Zhang; Qi Wang Song; Richard B. Gross; Robert R. Birge
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Mag-indo-1 as a potential reporter of the 3D conformation of protein subdomains
Author(s): Pierre M. Viallet; Tuan Vo-Dinh; Terry Bunde; Anne-Cecile Ribou; Jean Vigo; Jean-Marie Salmon
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Use of a fiber glass optical system to measure the contractile characteristics of a single isolated muscle cell
Author(s): Chulung Chen; Shizhuo Yin; Jiang Li; Francis T. S. Yu; Joseph Y. Cheung; Xueqian Zhang; Xiaoxiao Lei; Zhongkong Wu
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Optomechanical effect of tissue blood microcirculation under compression
Author(s): Valentin M. Grimblatov; Alexander Ya. Bekshaev
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Temperature control of a microspectrophotometer system for monitoring the redox reactions of respiratory pigments in small volumes
Author(s): Karen Y. Kavanagh; James Edward Walsh; J. Murphy; M. Harmey; M. A. Farrell; O. Hardimann; R. Perryman
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Nonlocal approach to membrane stability under electrical stress
Author(s): Michael B. Partenskii; Vladimir L. Dorman; Peter C. Jordan
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Effect of parity: critical micelle concentration of aqueous solution surfactants
Author(s): Pulat K. Khabibullaev; Sh. I. Mamatkulov; Yu. V. Pakharukov; A. A. Saidov
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Determination of structure formation in macromolecular systems by a luminescent method
Author(s): Sh. I. Mamatkulov; A. A. Saidov
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Near-IR luminescent rare-earth ion complexes for sensitive diagnostics
Author(s): Johannes W. Hofstraat; Martinus H.V. Werts; Jan W. Verhoeven
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New scanner for vessel identification and monitoring (SVIM)
Author(s): Ivo Fridolin; Lars-Goeran Lindberg
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Application of laser Raman spectroscopy in concentration measurements of multiple analytes in human body fluids
Author(s): Jianan Y. Qu; David Suria; Brian C. Wilson
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Miniature time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Author(s): Michael P. McLoughlin; Charles W. Anderson; Wayne A. Bryden; Micah A. Carlson; Scott A. Ecelberger; Harvey W. Ko
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