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26th AIPR Workshop: Exploiting New Image Sources and Sensors
Editor(s): J. Michael Selander
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Volume Number: 3240
Date Published: 1 March 1998
Softcover: 35 papers (362) pages
ISBN: 9780819426789

Table of Contents
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Third-generation intelligent IR focal plane arrays
Author(s): H. John Caulfield; Michael D. Jack; Kevin L. Pettijohn; John D. Schlesselmann; Joe Norworth
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Spectropolarimetric imaging for object recognition
Author(s): Louis J. Denes; Milton S. Gottlieb; Boris Kaminsky; Daniel F. Huber
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Smart photodetector arrays for error control in page-oriented optical memory
Author(s): Maureen E. Schaffer; Pericles A. Mitkas
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X-ray microscopy with compact pulsed sources
Author(s): Martin C. Richardson; Masataka Kado; David Scott Torres; Yoshimasa Yamamoto; Herman Friedman; Jayshree Rajyaguru; Michael J. Muszynski
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Automatic analysis of nuclear-magnetic-resonance-spectroscopy clinical research data
Author(s): Katherine N. Scott; David C. Wilson; Angela P. Bruner; Teresa A. Lyles; Brandon Underhill; Edward A. Geiser; J. Ray Ballinger; James D. Scott; Christine B. Stopka
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Automated change detection using remotely sensed data
Author(s): Kass Green; David Weinstein
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Environmental potential assessment using remote-sensing data processing
Author(s): Vsevolod V. Gavrilov; Sergey N. Rybakov
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Linear programming approach to unmixing hyperspectral image pixels
Author(s): R. Michael Hord
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Use of an interferometric SAR for terrain classification
Author(s): Christopher Wackerman
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Combinatorial optimization and linear prediction approaches to rain cell tracking
Author(s): J. Louchet; R. Mathurin; B. Rottembourg
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Geometric-content-based indexing
Author(s): Birkett Huber; Peter F. Stiller; Charles S. Wan
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Quantifying improvements in the preprocessing stage of a classification system for surface-mounted-device images
Author(s): Angel Portillo; Alejandro E. Brito; Sergio D. Cabrera
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Image registration using wavelet techniques
Author(s): Harold S. Stone; Jacqueline Le Moigne; Morgan McGuire
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Comparing the computational complexity of the PNN, the PDM, and the MMNN (M2N2)
Author(s): Samir R. Chettri; Yoshimichi Murakami; Isamu Nagano; Jerry Garegnani
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Analyzing hyperspectral data with independent component analysis
Author(s): Jessica D. Bayliss; J. Anthony Gualtieri; Robert F. Cromp
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Curvilinear feature extraction from stacks of neuron images
Author(s): Fenglian Xu; Paul H. Lewis; John E. Chad; Howard V. Wheal
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Magnetic resonance imaging at high magnetic fields
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Fitzsimmons; George R. Duensing; David M. Peterson
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Computer-assisted diagnostic (CAD) methods for x-ray imaging and teleradiology
Author(s): Wei Qian; Lihua Li; Laurence P. Clarke; Fei Mao; Maria Kallergi; Robert A. Clark; Jerry A. Thomas
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Enhancement and analysis of digital mammograms using fuzzy models
Author(s): Melanie A. Sutton; James C. Bezdek
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Application of the wavelet-based Radon transform
Author(s): Stanley R. Deans; Deepak Gangadharan
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Three-dimensional imaging of breast calcifications
Author(s): Andrew D. A. Maidment; Michael Albert; Emily F. Conant
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Corneal topography system
Author(s): James L. Cambier; Yan Gao
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Rotation-invariant fingerprint identification using circular harmonic expansion
Author(s): Sang-Yi Yi; Chang Myung Ryu; Seung-Hyun Lee; Kwang-Hoon Cha; Young-Min Seo
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Initial progress in the recording of crime scene simulations using 3D laser structured light imagery techniques for law enforcement and forensic applications
Author(s): Bruce R. Altschuler; Keith L. Monson
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Cylindrical millimeter-wave imaging technique for concealed weapon detection
Author(s): David M. Sheen; Douglas L. McMakin; Thomas E. Hall
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Inferring three-dimensional shape from two-dimensional pathology data
Author(s): William R. Oliver
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Tactical radio network whiteboard application
Author(s): J. Fernando Naveda; Harvey E. Rhody; Ana Luisa Boburg; Jonathan E. Freiermuth; Richard Weilacher; David Brown
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Player for adaptive MPEG video streaming over the Internet
Author(s): Jonathan Walpole; Rainer Koster; Shanwei Cen; Crispin Cowan; David Maier; Dylan McNamee; Calton Pu; David C. Steere; Liujin Yu
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Visual surveillance of human activity
Author(s): Ismail Haritaoglu; David A. Harwood; Larry S. Davis
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Practical video indexing and retrieval system
Author(s): Yiqing Liang; Wayne H. Wolf; Bede Liu; Jeffrey R.-J. Huang
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New approach to navigation: matching sequential images to 3D terrain maps
Author(s): Tianxu Zhang; Bo Hu; Wei Li
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Dealing with position uncertainty when training an image search system
Author(s): Clay D. Spence; Paul Sajda
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Real-time imaging systems' combination of methods to achieve automatic target recognition
Author(s): Carlos G. Maraviglia; Elmer F. Williams; Alan Z. Pezzulich
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Exploiting global positioning system and inertial measurement unit-controlled image sensors
Author(s): Mark R. Rosiek; Robert Comer
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Invariants for motion-based classification
Author(s): Wassim Hafez
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