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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 3236

17th Annual BACUS Symposium on Photomask Technology and Management
Editor(s): James A. Reynolds; Brian J. Grenon
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Volume Number: 3236
Date Published: 2 March 1998
Softcover: 57 papers (564) pages
ISBN: 9780819426697

Table of Contents
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Advanced electron-beam pattern generation technology for 180-nm masks
Author(s): Frank E. Abboud; Charles A. Sauer; William Wang; Matthew Vernon; Richard Prior; Henry Thomas Pearce-Percy; Damon M. Cole; Marian Mankos
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Advantages of variable-shaped e-beam writers for mask making
Author(s): Christian Ehrlich
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Evaluation of process capabilities for 50 keV with rectangular-shaped beam using computer simulation
Author(s): Byung-Cheol Cha; Yoo-Hyon Kim; Seong-Woon Choi; Yong Hun Yu; Jung-Min Sohn
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Performance of a new high-NA scanned-laser mask lithography system
Author(s): Henry Chris Hamaker; Peter D. Buck
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Cost-effective pattern generation for 64-Mb and 256-Mb photomasks
Author(s): Per Liden
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1997 mask industry quality assessment
Author(s): Timothy Eichenseer
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Film stress and geometry effects in chrome photomask cleaning damage
Author(s): H. Ufuk Alpay; James L. Wood; Franklin D. Kalk
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Performance of positive-tone chemically amplified resists for next-generation photomask fabrication
Author(s): Toshikazu Segawa; Masa-aki Kurihara; Shiho Sasaki; Hiroyuki Inomata; Naoya Hayashi; Hisatake Sano
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Plasma etching of Cr photomasks: optimization of process conditions and CD control
Author(s): Chris Constantine; David J. Johnson; Russell J. Westerman; Thomas P. Coleman; Thomas B. Faure; Leonard F. Dubuque
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New methodology for thoroughly characterizing the performance of advanced reticle inspection platforms
Author(s): Benjamin George Eynon
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Improved image acquistion for advanced reticle inspection
Author(s): Yair Eran; Gad Greenberg; Avner Segev
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Clear-field reticle defect disposition for advanced sub-half-micron lithography
Author(s): Kent B. Ibsen; John Robert Ilzhoefer; Mark D. Eickhoff
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Printability and repair techniques for DUV photomasks
Author(s): Fritz Gans; Marion Jess; Stephanie Kohlpoth; Rainer Pforr
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Integration of KLA Starlight for phase-shift mask manufacturing
Author(s): Denis M. Rigaill
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Initial characterization results of a low-voltage CD SEM for reticle metrology
Author(s): Rich Quattrini; Craig W. MacNaughton; Richard C. Elliott; Waiman Ng; Rohit Malhotra; Mohan Ananth; Jason C. Yee
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New electron microscope system for pattern placement metrology
Author(s): Harald Bosse; Wolfgang Haessler-Grohne
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Measuring critical dimensions and overlays as prescribed by the National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
Author(s): Syed A. Rizvi
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Fabrication of submicrometer photomask linewidth standards
Author(s): Regine G. Tarascon-Auriol; Norbert Talene; Dominique Sadran; Gary F. Doyle; John W. Nunn
Next-generation mask strategy: are technologies ready for mass production of 256 MDRAM? Summary of Photomask Japan '97 Panel Discussion
Author(s): Hiroaki Morimoto; Naoya Hayashi; Hideaki Hamada
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Yield, metrology, and inspection characteristics of SCALPEL masks
Author(s): Milton L. Peabody; Myrtle I. Blakey; Reginald C. Farrow; Richard J. Kasica; James Alexander Liddle; Anthony E. Novembre; Thomas E. Saunders; Donald M. Tennant; David L. Windt
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Focused ion beam repair of 193-nm reticle at 0.18-um design rules
Author(s): Pei-yang Yan; Roswitha Remling
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Evaluation of resist models for fast optical proximity correction
Author(s): Christoph Dolainsky; Wilhelm Maurer; Thomas Waas
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100-nm defect detection using an existing image acquisition system
Author(s): Anthony Vacca; Benjamin George Eynon; Steve Yeomans
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Electron-beam lithography simulation for mask making: I
Author(s): Chris A. Mack
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Detection of submicron phase defects on multiphase random logic reticles
Author(s): Chris A. Spence; John L. Nistler; William H. Arnold; David Emery; Larry S. Zurbrick; Durai P. Prakash; X. Chang; Steve Khanna; Brent D. Leback; Eiji Tsujimoto; Greg P. Hughes
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Novel alternating phase-shift mask with improved phase accuracy
Author(s): Naoyuki Ishiwata; Takema Kobayashi; Satoru Asai; Isamu Hanyu
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Tritone PSM and its performance
Author(s): Makoto Kohzuma; Kazuaki Chiba; Hiromasa Unno; Yasutaka Kikuchi; Yoshiro Yamada; Masao Otaki
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Impact of photomasks on linewidth variation
Author(s): Robert E. Gleason; Hua-Yu Liu
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Photomask metrology in the era of neolithography
Author(s): James E. Potzick
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Practical approach to evaluating mask CD uniformity patterned by a variable-shaped beam
Author(s): Shusuke Yoshitake; Yoji Ogawa; Hideaki Sakurai; Masamitsu Itoh; Iwao Higashikawa; Noriaki Nakayamada; Kazuto Matsuki; Shuichi Tamamushi
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Manufacture of photomasks for critical layers of sub-half-micron CMOS technology
Author(s): Brian Martin; Tim R. Waring
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Current status of mask CD uniformity as related to e-beam system
Author(s): Sung-Chul Lim; Byung Guk Kim; Seong-Woon Choi; Kyung Hee Lee; Hyun Joon Cho; Yong Hun Yu; Hanku Cho; Jung-Min Sohn
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On the way to 1 Gb: demonstration of e-beam proximity effect correction for mask making
Author(s): Anja Rosenbusch; Christian K. Kalus; Hiroyuki Endo; Yasuki Kimura; Akihiro Endo
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Comparison of line shortening assessed by aerial image and wafer measurements
Author(s): Wolfram Ziegler; Rainer Pforr; Joerg Thiele; Wilhelm Maurer
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Application of alternating phase-shifting masks to 140-nm gate patterning: linewidth control improvements and design optimization
Author(s): Hua-Yu Liu; Linard Karklin; Yao-Ting Wang; Yagyensh C. Pati
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Automatic gate CD control for a full-chip-scale SRAM device
Author(s): Chul-Hong Park; Tae Kyun Kim; Hoong-Joo Lee; Jeong-Taek Kong; Sang-Hoon Lee
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Three-dimensional electron-beam lithography simulator V2.0 for the gigabit-era photomask manufacturing
Author(s): Yoo-Hyon Kim; Byung-Cheol Cha; Hoong-Joo Lee; Jung-Min Sohn; Jeong-Taek Kong; Sang-Hoon Lee
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Accurate and repeatable mask defect measurements for quarter-micron technology
Author(s): Peter Fiekowsky
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Advanced photomask reconstruction with the Seiko SIR 3000
Author(s): Stephen A. Ruatta; Eryn L. Smith; Anto Yasaka
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OPC technology road map to 0.14-um design rules
Author(s): J. Fung Chen; Thomas L. Laidig; Kurt E. Wampler; Roger F. Caldwell; Alex R. Naderi; Douglas J. Van Den Broeke
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Comparison of EBR-900 M1 and ZEP 7000 with plasma-etch processing for MEBES 4500S
Author(s): Thomas P. Coleman; David W. Alexander; Maiying Lu
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Characterization and modeling of CD performance with thin PBS
Author(s): Robert L. Dean; Charles A. Sauer
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Electron-beam lithography simulation for mask making: II. Comparison of the lithographic performance of PBS and EBR 900-M1
Author(s): Charles A. Sauer; David W. Alexander; Chris A. Mack
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Accuracy of 3D optical lithography simulation for advanced reticles
Author(s): Richard F. Hollman; Chris A. Mack
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Defect inspection and printability of deep-UV halftone phase-shifting mask
Author(s): Hyoungjoon Kim; Jin Hong; Jongwook Kye; DongHo Cha; Hoyoung Kang; Joo-Tae Moon
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Printability of 1X reticle defects for submicron design rules
Author(s): Dan L. Schurz; Warren W. Flack; Gary Newman
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Marathon damage testing of pellicles for 193-nm lithography
Author(s): Andrew Grenville; Vladimir Liberman; Roderick R. Kunz; Mordechai Rothschild; Jan H. C. Sedlacek; Ray S. Uttaro
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Software tool for temperature simulation in electron-beam lithography: TEMPTATION
Author(s): Sergey V. Babin; Igor Yu. Kuzmin; G. Sergeev
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Edge-placement accuracy of opaque and clear defect repairs using focused ion beam technology
Author(s): Mark L. Raphaelian; Don Carolan; J. David Casey; Andrew F. Doyle; M. F. Ellis; David C. Ferranti; Joshua Lessing; K. Rose; Diane K. Stewart; Roy L. White
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Chemically enhanced FIB repair of opaque defects on molybdenum silicide photomasks
Author(s): J. David Casey; Andrew F. Doyle; Diane K. Stewart; David C. Ferranti; Mark L. Raphaelian; John C. Morgan
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PBS performance evaluation under a high-accelerating-voltage e-beam exposure
Author(s): Hideo Kobayashi; Takao Higuchi; Keishi Asakawa; Yasunori Yokoya
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Evaluation of a next-generation vector electron-beam mask pattern lithography system
Author(s): Carl M. Rose; Lawrence C. Wang; James Paul Justen; Manny Ferreira
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Analysis of defect classification and sizing information with a dedicated white-light/laser-confocal microscope review station
Author(s): James Xu; Kent Norton; Bruce Worster; Cecelia Du; Gary Lum; Marc E. Allard
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Is mask repair economic?
Author(s): Wayne Smith
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Mask technology for excimer laser projection ablation
Author(s): James L. Speidell; Steven A. Cordes; Rajesh S. Patel
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Demonstrating next-generation CD uniformity with today's tools and processes
Author(s): Jacques A.C. Waelpoel; Jan B.P. van Schoot; Andrew G. Zanzal
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Attenuated phase-shift masks reducing side-lobe effect in DRAM peripheral circuit region
Author(s): Haruo Iwasaki; Keiichi Hoshi; Hiroyoshi Tanabe; Kunihiko Kasama
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