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Microelectronic Structures and MEMS for Optical Processing III

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Volume Number: 3226
Date Published: 2 September 1997

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Fabrication of microrelief surfaces using a one-step lithography process
Author(s): Klaus Reimer; Ulrich Hofmann; M. Juerss; Wolfgang Pilz; Hans Joachim Quenzer; Bernd Wagner
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SAMPLE (Sandia agile MEMS prototyping, layout tools, and education)
Author(s): Brady R. Davies; Carole Craig Barron; Jeffry J. Sniegowski; M. Steven Rodgers
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Design and development of microstructures for MEMS applications
Author(s): Sudhir Chandra; Janak Singh; Ami Chand
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Refractive and diffractive elements for micro-optical systems
Author(s): Philippe Nussbaum; Hans Peter Herzig
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Replicated diffractive optical lens components for laser-diode to fiber coupling in optical bench arrangements
Author(s): Juergen Soechtig; Helmut Schift; Bruce D. Patterson; S. Westenhoefer
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Thermal management in planar optical systems with active components
Author(s): Christiane Gimkiewicz; Juergen Jahns
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G-performance characterization of surface-micromachined FDDI optical bypass switches
Author(s): Shi-sheng Lee; M. Edward Motamedi; Ming C. Wu
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Optical fiber-coupled variable attenuator using a MARS modulator
Author(s): Joseph Earl Ford; James A. Walker; Keith W. Goossen
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Multichannel fiber-optic switches based on MOEM systems
Author(s): Steffen Gloeckner; Rolf Goering; Bernt Goetz
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Micro-opto-mechanical systems: applications in pulsed fiber lasers and optical switching
Author(s): Yves-Alain Peter; Etienne Rochat; Hans Peter Herzig
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Design, modeling and verification of MEMS silicon torsion mirror
Author(s): F. Pan; Joel A. Kubby; Eric Peeters; Jingkuang Chen; Olivera Vitomirov; D. Taylor; Subrata Mukherjee
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Nonlinear flexures for stable deflection of an electrostatically actuated micromirror
Author(s): David M. Burns; Victor M. Bright
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Vertical thermal actuators for micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems
Author(s): William D. Cowan; Victor M. Bright
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Effects of membrane curvature on the optical performance of the Mechanical Anti-Reflection Switch (MARS) modulator
Author(s): Keith W. Goossen; James A. Walker; Dennis S. Greywall
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Physical and chemical sensing using monolithic semiconductor optical transducers
Author(s): Hans P. Zappe; Daniel Hofstetter; Bernd Maisenhoelder; Michael Moser; Peter Riel; Rino E. Kunz
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Integrated optics for displacement sensors
Author(s): Thiemo Lang; Isabelle Schanen-Duport; Pierre Benech
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Strategies toward the development of integrated chemical sensors fabricated from light-emitting porous silicon
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Coffer; Libing Zhang; John St. John
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Construction of a fully functional NSOM using MUMPs technology
Author(s): Vladimir A. Aksyuk; Bradley P. Barber; Peter L. Gammel; David J. Bishop
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Tristimulus color sensitive photodetector in a BiCMOS technology
Author(s): Mohamed Ben Chouikha; Guo Neng Lu; Mohamed Sedjil; Gerard Sou; George Alquie
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Compact optical interconnect module
Author(s): Bruce R. Peters; Patrick J. Reardon; Janine V. Reardon
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Buried double p-n junction structure using a CMOS process for wavelength detection
Author(s): Guo Neng Lu; Mohamed Ben Chouikha; Mohamed Sedjil; Gerard Sou; George Alquie; Serge Rigo
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