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Micromachined Devices and Components III
Editor(s): Kevin H. Chau; Patrick J. French
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Volume Number: 3224
Date Published: 5 September 1997
Softcover: 41 papers (392) pages
ISBN: 9780819426567

Table of Contents
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IC microtransducers: new components with old materials?
Author(s): Henry Baltes; Dirk Lange; Andreas Koll
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First reliability test of a surface-micromachined microengine using SHiMMeR
Author(s): Danelle M. Tanner; Norman F. Smith; Duane J. Bowman; William P. Eaton; Kenneth A. Peterson
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Routes to failure in rotating MEMS devices experiencing sliding friction
Author(s): Samuel L. Miller; Glen LaVigne; M. Steven Rodgers; Jeffry J. Sniegowski; J. P. Waters; Paul J. McWhorter
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Friction and wear in surface-micromachined tribological test devices
Author(s): Donna Cowell Senft; Michael T. Dugger
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Fabrication process for 256x256 bolometer-type uncooled infrared detector
Author(s): Hideo Wada; Mitsuhiro Nagashima; Masayuki Kanzaki; Tokuhito Sasaki; Akihiro Kawahara; Yoshio Tsuruta; Naoki Oda; Shouhei Matsumoto
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Microbinary element for optical wavelet transform
Author(s): Gaogui Huang; Wenyi Feng; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin
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Silicon micromachined vibrating gyroscopes
Author(s): Ralf Voss
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Airbag accelerometer with a simple switched-capacitor readout ASIC
Author(s): Masahiro Tsugai; Yoshiaki Hirata; Koji Tanimoto; Teruo Usami; Toru Araki; Hiroshi Otani
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Design of a sigma-delta converter-based automotive sensor
Author(s): Barun K. Kar; Eric Joseph
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Microfabrication of acoustic-wave devices
Author(s): Michael J. Vellekoop
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Contactless actuation of giant magnetostriction thin-film alloy bimorphs for two-dimensional scanning application
Author(s): Elisabeth Orsier; Amalia Garnier; Toshiro Hiramoto; Hiroyuki Fujita; Jochen Betz; Ken MacKay; Jean-Claude Peuzin; Dominique Givord
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Electrostatic comb drive for vertical actuation
Author(s): Abraham P. Lee; Charles F. McConaghy; Peter A. Krulevitch; Eugene Warren Campbell; Gary E. Sommargren; Jimmy C. Trevino
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Advanced micromechanisms in a multilevel polysilicon technology
Author(s): M. Steven Rodgers; Jeffry J. Sniegowski; Samuel L. Miller; Carole Craig Barron; Paul J. McWhorter
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Optical measurement of micromachine engine performance
Author(s): Scott C. Holswade; Fred M. Dickey
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Microsystem packaging in 3D
Author(s): Gerard Kelly; John C. Alderman; C. Lyden; James Barrett; Anthony Morrissey
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Low-cost reliable transfer mold sensor packaging concept
Author(s): Andre Bossche; Carmen V. B. Cotofana; P. Kaldenberg; I. Van Dommelen; Jeff R. Mollinger
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3D packaging of a microfluidic system with sensory applications
Author(s): Anthony Morrissey; Gerard Kelly; John C. Alderman
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Extension of high-density interconnect multichip module technology for MEMS packaging
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Butler; Victor M. Bright; Richard J. Saia; John H. Comtois
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Micromachining technology for thermal ink-jet products
Author(s): Sophie Verdonckt-Vandebroek
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Microfluidic flow control using selective hydrophobic patterning
Author(s): Kalyan Handique; Bishnu P. Gogoi; David T. Burke; Carlos H. Mastrangelo; Mark A. Burns
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Microfluidic plastic interconnects for multibioanalysis chip modules
Author(s): Piu Francis Man; Darren K. Jones; Carlos H. Mastrangelo
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MEMS applications in space exploration
Author(s): William C. Tang
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Bulk-micromachined pressure sensor based on epi-poly techniques
Author(s): Paul T. J. Gennissen; Colin M. A. Ashruf; Martijn Kaak; Patrick J. French; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Vibration signature analysis sensors for predictive diagnostics
Author(s): Eric Peeters; Jingkuang Chen; Joel A. Kubby; Olivera Vitomirov
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MEMS CAD and foundries: where are we going?
Author(s): Jean Michel Karam
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Improved meshing technique and its application in the analysis of large and complex MEMS systems
Author(s): Yie He; James Marchetti; Fariborz Maseeh
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Computer modeling techniques applied to pneumatically driven micropumps
Author(s): In-Byeong Kang; Noel D. Samaan; Malcolm R. Haskard; Namsoo Kim
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Stabilization of activity and repeated usage of biomaterial during integration with transducers and analysis of irreversible inhibitors
Author(s): Nickolaj F. Starodub; Wladislaw Torbicz; Valentyna M. Starodub; Mykola I. Kanjuk; Konstantin S. Ternovoj
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Excimer laser micromachining system for the production of bioparticle electromanipulation devices
Author(s): Nadeem Hasan Rizvi; Erol C. Harvey; Phil T. Rumsby; Julian P.H. Burt; Mark S. Talary; John A. Tame; Ron Pethig
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SPICE modeling of polysilicon thermal actuators
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Butler; Victor M. Bright; William D. Cowan
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Pressure sensors based on the metal-semiconductor mesa structures
Author(s): Shamil D. Kurmashev; Andrey A. Gradoboev; Alexandr N. Sofronkov; Andjey Gavdzick
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Design and performance of a double hot arm polysilicon thermal actuator
Author(s): David M. Burns; Victor M. Bright
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Integrated thermal sensor using optical channel waveguide
Author(s): Amar K. Ganguly
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Micromachined accelerometer with a movable-gate-transistor sensing element
Author(s): Daniel M. Edmans; Adolfo O. Gutierrez; Chris Cormeau; Edward W. Maby; Howard Kaufman
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Compensating methods of corner undercutting in silicon micromachining
Author(s): Ganru Mao; Suying Yao; Hongwei Qu; Baiying Yu; Weixin Zhang
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Characteristic analysis of basic mechanisms with large deflective elastic hinges for three-dimensional micromechanisms
Author(s): Mikio Horie; Daiki Kamiya; Kozo Ikegami
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Tensile testing of thin-film microstructures
Author(s): Staffan Greek; Stefan A. I. Johansson
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Three-dimensional silicon microcomponents manufactured by microelectrodischarge machining
Author(s): Dominiek Reynaerts; Hendrik Van Brussel
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Laser micromachined and laminated microchannel components for chemical sensors and heat transfer applications
Author(s): Peter M. Martin; Wendy D. Bennett; D. J. Hammerstrom; John W. Johnston; Dean W. Matson
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Electrothermal modeling of a microbridge gas sensor
Author(s): Ronald P. Manginell; James H. Smith; Antonio J. Ricco; Robert C. Hughes; Daniel J. Moreno; Robert J. Huber
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Thermally excited inchworm actuators and stepwise micromotors: analysis and fabrication
Author(s): Murat M. Okyar; Xiqing Sun; William N. Carr
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