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Satellite Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere II
Editor(s): Joanna D. Haigh
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Volume Number: 3220
Date Published: 23 January 1998
Softcover: 42 papers (408) pages
ISBN: 9780819426529

Table of Contents
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Radiative transfer through light-scattering media with nonspherical large particles: direct and inverse problems
Author(s): Takashi Nakajima; Teruyuki Nakajima; Alexander A. Kokhanovsky
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Dependence of absorption properties of ice on morphology: a test of theory based on a case study using ARIES between 6 um and 15 um
Author(s): Anthony J. Baran; Jonathan A. Smith
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Scattering phase function of polydispersions of randomly oriented hexagonal ice crystals
Author(s): Lisheng Xu; Guotong Zhang; Jilie Ding; Tamio Takamura
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Particle sizing of mixed-phase and cirrus clouds from phase function measurements
Author(s): Sergey Oshchepkov; Harumi Isaka
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Ice cloud microphysics and its temperature dependence retrieved from satellite data
Author(s): Qingyuan Han; Joyce Chou; Ronald M. Welch
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Remote sounding of cirrus mean effective particle size from AVHRR radiances
Author(s): Peter Wendling; Ralf Meerkoetter; Tom Rother; Stephan Havemann
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Toward an improved cloudtop phase specification with AVHRR data
Author(s): Keith D. Hutchison
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Retrieval of cirrus properties from high-spectral-resolution IR measurements
Author(s): Jaqueline E. Russell; Richard J. Bantges; Joanna D. Haigh; William L. Smith; Henry E. Revercomb
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Estimation of cirrus parameters from multispectral measurements in the near-infrared and statements about multilayered clouds
Author(s): Claudio Costanzo; Stephan Bakan
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ARIES: an airborne infrared interferometer to prepare for future satellite instruments
Author(s): Jonathan A. Smith; Steven H. S. Wilson; Peter Joseph Rayer; Nigel C. Atkinson
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Tropospheric airborne Fourier transform spectrometer (TAFTS)
Author(s): Tony A.D. Canas; J. E. Murray; John E. Harries
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Polarization: ground-based upward-looking and aircraft/satellite-based downward-looking measurements
Author(s): Brian Cairns; Larry D. Travis; Edgar E. Russell
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High-resolution chirp transform spectrometer for middle atmospheric microwave sounding
Author(s): Paul Hartogh
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Geostationary earth radiation budget
Author(s): Ruzbeh Mossavati; Steve Kellock; Johannes Mueller; John E. Harries; J. E. Murray; Eric C. Sawyer; Martin E. Caldwell; M. Oliver; J. Delderfield; Michael C. W. Sandford
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Measurement of microwave emissivities of arid and verdant land types in the Crau-Camargue region of France
Author(s): Kristian Foster; Tim J. Hewison
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New quasi-analytical method for evaluating the coefficients of a linearized RTE model
Author(s): Umberto Amato; Daniela De Canditiis; Carmine Serio
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kCompressed atmospheric radiative transfer algorithm (kCARTA)
Author(s): Sergio DeSouza-Machado; L. Larrabee Strow; Scott E. Hannon
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Microwave radiative transfer with nonspherical particles
Author(s): Harald Czekala; Clemens Simmer; Tom Rother; Karsten Schmidt; Stephan Havemann
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Retrieval of temperature vertical profile from radiance spectra by inversion of the radiative transfer equation
Author(s): Umberto Amato; Italia De Feis; Carmine Serio
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Multiangular approach in simultaneous retrieval of multiple aerosol optical properties
Author(s): Kwo Sen Kuo; R. C. Weger; Ronald M. Welch
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Cloud properties inferred from POLDER polarization measurements
Author(s): Qingyuan Han; Joyce Chou; Ronald M. Welch
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Retrieval method for upper-tropospheric water vapor profiles from shuttle-borne microwave measurements
Author(s): Dietrich G. Feist; Reto Peter; Niklaus A. Kaempfer
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Retrieval of the nighttime thermospheric temperature from NO(v=1) 5.3-um infrared emission
Author(s): James W. Duff; Ramesh D. Sharma
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Inference of aerosol size distribution, surface area density, and volume density from multispectral extinction measurements
Author(s): Laurent Cazier; Colette Brogniez; Jacqueline Lenoble; Claude Devaux
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Analysis of forward models using the singular value decomposition algorithm
Author(s): Christopher Jarchow; Paul Hartogh
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Extraction of atmospheric aerosol radiative characteristics for LOWTRAN7 simulation of shortwave radiation
Author(s): Kwangmi Jang; Tae Yong Kwon; Myoung-Seok Suh; Kyoung Yoon Park
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Characteristics of extinction for a hexagonal crystal
Author(s): Alexander A. Popov
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Far-infrared remote sensing of cirrus cloud properties
Author(s): Ira G. Nolt; Peter A. R. Ade; Bruno Carli; K. Franklin Evans; B. Thomas Marshall; Martin G. Mlynczak; Kwangjai Park; James M. Russell
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Scene identification for ScaRaB data: the ISCCP approach
Author(s): Vincent Briand; Claudia J. Stubenrauch; William B. Rossow; A. W. Walker; Ralf Holz
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Synchronous use of GOES and ScaRaB data for studying the Earth's radiation budget and cloud absorption
Author(s): Zhanqing Li; Alexander P. Trishchenko
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Validation of ATSR-2 visible channel reflectances and cloud parameter retrievals using Meteorological Office Research Flight SATE 2 data
Author(s): Philip D. Watts; P. N. Francis; M. D. Glew; P. Hignett; Jonathan P. Taylor; B. Hawden
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Development of advanced global cloud classification schemes
Author(s): Chris Konvalin; Antonette M. Logar; David Lloyd; Edward Corwin; Manuel Penaloza; Rand E. Feind; Ronald M. Welch
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Satellite remote sensing of biomass burning, dust storms, carbon monoxide, and radiative fluxes: regional and global analysis
Author(s): Sundar A. Christopher; Min Wang; Donna V. Kliche; Joyce Chou; Xiang Li; Ronald M. Welch
Cloudy-sky optical pathlength distributions as derived from oxygen A-band observations
Author(s): Oliver Funk; Hartmut Boesch; F. Erle; H. J. Veitel; Ulrich Platt; K. Pfeilsticker
Validation of GOME cloud-cover fraction relevant for accurate ozone retrieval
Author(s): Robert B. A. Koelemeijer; Piet Stammes; Joop A. Konings

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