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In-Line Characterization Techniques for Performance and Yield Enhancement in Microelectronic Manufacturing
Editor(s): Damon K. DeBusk; Sergio A. Ajuria

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Volume Number: 3215
Date Published: 2 September 1997

Table of Contents
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Evaluation of lifetime and Hi-Q modules in surface charge analysis
Author(s): Fuyu Lin; Curtis Burt; Pat Schay; John Stih; Jay John; Freddie L. Hampton
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Process monitoring of ultrathin oxides using surface charge analysis
Author(s): Alan H. Field
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Influence of oxygen precipitates on the measurement of minority carrier diffusion length in p-type silicon material using surface photovoltage technique
Author(s): Yi Ma; J. L. Lee; Janet Benton; T. Boone; David J. Eaglesham; G. S. Higashi
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Mobile charge testing of sodium-contaminated thermal oxides using corona temperature stressing
Author(s): Andrew M. Hoff; Damon K. DeBusk
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Noncontact surface-resistivity measurements on production wafers
Author(s): Sergey Liberman
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Room-temperature luminescence diagnostics in polycrystalline silicon
Author(s): Yaroslav Koshka; Sergei Ostapenko; Lubek Jastrzebski; J. Cao; Juris P. Kalejs
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Defect characterization and light scattering by PSL spheres on tungsten CMP wafers
Author(s): Ping Ding; Greg W. Starr; Rina Chowdhury; E. Dan Hirleman
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Electrical defect density modeling for different technology nodes, process complexity, and critical areas
Author(s): Tom Winter
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In-line charge-trapping characterization of dielectrics for sub-0.5-um CMOS technologies
Author(s): Pradip K. Roy; Carlos M. Chacon; Yi Ma; Gregory Horner
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Cyclic I-V and Q-V: new measurement techniques for monitoring processes and processing-induced damage
Author(s): Murat Okandan; Stephen J. Fonash; James Werking
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Implementation of in-line Fowler-Nordheim testing for tunnel oxide thickness determination in manufacturing
Author(s): Laura D. John; Richard G. Cosway; Mark D. Griswold; Gerald M. Lamb
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In-line testing of antenna-type test structures for separation of sources of process-induced damage
Author(s): Tomasz Brozek; Douglas Roberts; Thuy Dao
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Monitoring process-induced oxide breakdown and its correlation to interface traps
Author(s): Artur P. Balasinski; R. Hodges; J. Walters; Charles R. Spinner
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Molecular and ionic contamination monitoring for cleanroom air and wafer surfaces
Author(s): Peng Sun; Marty Adams; Larry Shive; Saeed Pirooz
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Rapid in-fab monitoring of ion implant doses using total x-ray fluorescence
Author(s): Cornelia A. Weiss; Tim Z. Hossain; Ehrenfried Zschech; Brian J. MacDonald
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Process damage in single-wafer cleaning process
Author(s): Soichi Nadahara; Kazuo Saki; Hiroshi Tomita
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Novel method to calculate the probability of silicon damage of DRAM based on the process control capability
Author(s): Mingchu King; Jen-Chih Leu; Shih-Shiung Chen; Ying-Chen Chao
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Computer simulation for estimation of dislocation multiplication due to gravitational stress: challenges and opportunities toward slip-free 300-mm-diameter silicon wafers for ultralarge-scale integr
Author(s): Hirofumi Shimizu; Seiichi Isomae; Kyoko Minowa; Tomomi Satoh
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Contaminant sources causing non-stick-on-pad during die bonding
Author(s): Dan E. Posey; Tim Z. Hossain
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New aspects of optical scatterometry applied to microtechnology
Author(s): Joerg Bischoff; Lutz Hutschenreuther; Horst Truckenbrodt
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