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Sensor Fusion and Decentralized Control in Autonomous Robotic Systems

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Volume Number: 3209
Date Published: 22 September 1997

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Dynamic Bayes net approach to multimodal sensor fusion
Author(s): Amit Singhal; Christopher R. Brown
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Extended Kalman filter for frequent local and infrequent global sensor data fusion
Author(s): Stergios I. Roumeliotis; George A. Bekey
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Fully connected decentralized estimation
Author(s): Arthur G. O. Mutambara
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Self-calibration of eye-hand coordination system with decentralized data fusion
Author(s): Sukhan Lee; Sookwang Ro; Paul S. Schenker
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Explaining finite state machine characteristics using variable structure control
Author(s): John T. Feddema; Rush D. Robinett; Brian J. Driessen
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Application of a model of instrumental conditioning to mobile robot control
Author(s): Lisa M. Saksida; D. S. Touretzky
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Behavior coordination using multiple-objective decision making
Author(s): Paolo Pirjanian; Henrik I. Christensen
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Modified reactive control framework for cooperative mobile robots
Author(s): Jesus Tercero Salido; John M. Dolan; John B. Hampshire; Pradeep K. Khosla
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Collaboration strategy for autonomous highly specialized robots
Author(s): Sarosh N. Talukdar; Sanjay Sachdev; Eduardo Camponogara
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Analyzing the multiple-target-multiple-agent scenario using optimal assignment algorithms
Author(s): Kwan S. Kwok; Brian J. Driessen; Cynthia A. Phillips; Craig A. Tovey
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Target specification error optimal camera configuration for vision-based robotics
Author(s): Haluk Kucuk; Gordon G. Parker; Nicholas Klymyshyn; Eric T. Baumgartner
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Vision-guided, semiautonomous system applied to a robotic coating application
Author(s): Michael J. Seelinger; Matthew L. Robinson; Zacarias Dieck; Steven B. Skaar
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Unique sensor fusion system for coordinate-measuring machine tasks
Author(s): Marilyn Nashman; Billibon Yoshimi; Tsai Hong Hong; William G. Rippey; Martin Herman
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Multiple target tracking across reliable multicast wireless networks
Author(s): James Griffioen; W. Brent Seales; Rajendra Yavatkar
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Grid-based framework for sensorial data integration in mobile robots
Author(s): Augusto Ferreira da Silva; P. Menezes; Jorge Miranda Dias; Helder Araujo
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Modular planning/control architecture for the semiautonomous control of telerobots in a hazardous environment
Author(s): Tzyh-Jong Tarn; Kevin Brady; Ning Xi; Lonnie Love; Peter Lloyd; Barry Burks; Hurley Davis
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Underwater robot society doing internal inspection and leak monitoring of water systems
Author(s): Aarne Halme; Mika Vainio; Pekka Appelqvist; Peter Jakubik; Torsten Schonberg; Arto Visala
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Agent-based control architecture for teleoperation
Author(s): Bernard G. Brooks; Gerard T. McKee
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Processing modules for hybrid real-time distributed robot architectures
Author(s): Paul Chernett; Martin Colley; Victor Callaghan
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Autonomous multirover system for complex planetary surface retrieval operations
Author(s): Terrance L. Huntsberger
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Symmetry breaking as a model for emergent structure of heterogeneous networked robotic agents
Author(s): Gerard T. McKee; Paul S. Schenker
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Minimization of the effect of fault-clearance period in the fault-tolerant sensing of an intelligent system
Author(s): Mohd Rokonuzzaman; Raymond G. Gosine
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Feature extraction, image segmentation, and scene reconstruction
Author(s): Eric D. Lester; Ross T. Whitaker; Mongi A. Abidi
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3D model creation through volumetric fusion of multiple range images
Author(s): David Elsner; Ross T. Whitaker; Mongi A. Abidi
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Theory and experiment of 3D sensing based on eye-hand camera
Author(s): Sukhan Lee; Sang Chul Ahn; Ashok Meyyappan; Paul S. Schenker
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Virtual reality hardware for use in interactive 3D data fusion and visualization
Author(s): Christopher S. Gourley; Mongi A. Abidi
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Automated creation of image-based virtual reality
Author(s): Eric Bourque; Gregory Dudek
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Multimedia modeling of autonomous mobile robots
Author(s): Fatma Zada; S. Guirguis
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Java-based decentralized tracking simulator
Author(s): Julia H. Sutcliffe; David Nicholson; Rob H. Deaves
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Cooperative target convergence using multiple agents
Author(s): Kwan S. Kwok; Brian J. Driessen
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