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Coherent Electron-Beam X-Ray Sources: Techniques and Applications
Editor(s): Andreas K. Freund; Henry P. Freund; Malcolm R. Howells
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 3154
Date Published: 1 November 1997
Softcover: 21 papers (260) pages
ISBN: 9780819425768

Table of Contents
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Nonlinear electron-photon scattering processes in vacuum
Author(s): Frederic V. Hartemann
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Pulsed hard x-ray source for nondestructive testing and medical imaging
Author(s): Craig Nelson Boyer; Glenn E. Holland; John F. Seely
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Initial results of the infrared regenerative amplifier free electron laser experiment
Author(s): Dinh C. Nguyen; Richard L. Sheffield; Clifford M. Fortgang; John M. Kinross-Wright; Nizar A. Ebrahim; John C. Goldstein; David J. Goldstein; Kara L. Hayes; Scott K. Volz; Roger W. Warren; Michael E. Weber
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X-ray optics and imaging with hard coherent synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Jose Baruchel; Jean-Yves Buffiere; Peter Cloetens; Jean-Pierre Guigay; Lucia Mancini; Gilles Peix; Francoise Peyrin; Murielle Pateyron-Salome; Michel Schlenker; Per O. Spanne
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Status of the OK-4/Duke University storage ring XUV FEL
Author(s): Bentley Burnham; Vladimir N. Litvinenko; Ying Wu; Seong Hee Park; R. Cataldo; M. Emamian; N. Hower; John M. J. Madey; P. Morcombe; O. Oakeley; G. Swift; P. Wang; I. V. Pinayev; V. M. Popik; G. N. Kulipanov; S. F. Mikhailov; A. N. Skrinsky; Nikolai A. Vinokurov; Alex H. Lumpkin; Bingxin X. Yang
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Quantitative aspects of coherent hard x-ray imaging: Talbot images and holographic reconstruction
Author(s): Peter Cloetens; Jean-Pierre Guigay; Concetta De Martino; Murielle Pateyron-Salome; Michel Schlenker; Dirk Van Dyck
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Israeli tandem FEL: first-lasing results and future plans
Author(s): A. Abramovich; A. Arensburg; D. Chairman; A. Eichenbaum; M. Draznin; Abraham Gover; H. Kleinman; I. Merhasin; Yosef Pinhasi; J. S. Sokolowski; Y. M. Yakover; Moshe Cohen; L. A. Levin; O. Shahal; Avner Rosenberg; Itzhak Schnitzer; J. Shiloh
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Accurate and efficient free electron laser performance model including nonideal effects
Author(s): Lester E. Thode; Mark J. Schmitt; C. James Elliott
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Free-electron laser design operating in the SASE mode using the PALADIN wiggler
Author(s): Henry P. Freund; Patrick G. O'Shea; John M. J. Madey; Charles P. Neuman
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Study of optics for bunching of synchrotron x-rays
Author(s): Jean-Francois Eloy; Andreas K. Freund
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Preliminary calculations of ballistic bunch compression with thermionic cathode rf guns
Author(s): John Wesley Lewellen; Stephen V. Milton
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X-ray optics design studies for the 1.5-15 A Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) at Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory
Author(s): Roman O. Tatchyn; John R. Arthur; R. Boyce; T. Cremer; Alberto Fasso; J. Montgomery; V. Vylet; D. Walz; R. Yotam; Andreas K. Freund; Malcolm R. Howells
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Shielded transient self-interaction of a bunch entering a circle from a straight path
Author(s): Rui Li; Courtlandt L. Bohn; Joseph J. Bisognano
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X-ray standing wave between separated crystals at a 90-deg Bragg reflection
Author(s): Andrei Yurievich Nikulin; John R. Davis; David Cookson
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Radiographic tomography using near-monochromatic gamma rays
Author(s): Eric C. Schreiber; Patrick G. O'Shea
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Diffraction and correlation spectroscopy with coherent x-rays
Author(s): Gerhard Gruebel; Douglas L. Abernathy
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Quantitative phase imaging using hard x rays
Author(s): Keith A. Nugent; Timur E. Gureyev; D. F. Cookson; D. Paganin; Zwi N. M .N. Barnea
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First measurements using the ALS soft x-ray Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Edward J. Moler; Robert M. Duarte; Malcolm R. Howells; Zahid Hussain; Chul-Han Oh; John Spring
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High-resolution phase contrast microscopy with a hard x-ray waveguide
Author(s): Alessia Cedola; Peter Cloetens; Silvia Di Fonzo; Werner H. Jark; Stefano Lagomarsino; G. Soullie; Christian Riekel
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X-ray in-line holography with quasi-equal-path using one zone plate
Author(s): Jianwen Chen; Peiping Zhu; Tiqiao Xiao; Min Chen; Zhizhan Xu
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Production and characterization of x-ray speckle at sector 8 of the advanced photon source
Author(s): Alec R. Sandy; L. B. Lurio; S. G. J. Mochrie; A. Malik; G. Brian Stephenson; Mark Sutton
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