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Materials Research in Low Gravity
Editor(s): Narayanan Ramachandran
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Volume Number: 3123
Date Published: 7 July 1997
Softcover: 30 papers (300) pages
ISBN: 9780819425454

Table of Contents
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Vapor crystal growth of CdTe under terrestrial and microgravity conditions
Author(s): Klaus-Werner Benz; M. Laasch; T. Kunz; Michael Fiederle; Wolfgang Joerger
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Bulk growth of wide band gap II-VI compound semiconductors by physical vapor transport
Author(s): Ching-Hua Su
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Processing of mercurous chloride in space
Author(s): C. Watson; N. B. Singh; A. Thomas; A. E. Nelson; T. O. Rolin; J. Griffin; G. Haulenbeek; N. Daniel; J. Seaquist; C. Cacioppo; Jerry Weber; Maria Ittu Zugrav; R. J. Naumann
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Inert gases in closed crystal growth systems
Author(s): Witold Palosz
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Double-diffusive convection during growth of lead bromide crystals
Author(s): N. B. Singh; S. R. Coriell; Walter M. B. Duval; Ching-Hua Su; M. E. Glicksman; T. Rajalakshmi; A. M. Stewart
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Crystal growth and characterization of vanadium-doped and undoped CdSSe
Author(s): Kuo-Tong Chen; Ying-Fang Chen; Michelle Davis; Steven H. Morgan; Arnold Burger; Ching-Hua Su; Martin P. Volz; Sandor L. Lehoczky
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Heteroepitaxial processes at low and elevated pressures
Author(s): Klaus J. Bachmann; Grace Martinelli Kepler
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Analysis of scanning tunneling optical spectroscopy applied to narrow-gap semiconductors
Author(s): James D. Patterson; James G. Mantovani
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Bacteriorhodopsin-based single- and dual-wavelength interferometry for monitoring crystal growth
Author(s): Colleen Mary Fitzpatrick; Ching Mei Yang; Dominique C. Fourguette
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Supercooling vs overheating in the III-V semiconductor compound InSb: an abrupt-discontinuous relationship
Author(s): David T. Hsu; Hua Yu Tong; Frank G. Shi
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Synthesis of nanoparticles by a laser-vaporization-controlled condensation technique
Author(s): Samy S. El-Shall; Shoutian Li
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Physical vapor transport experiments onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour
Author(s): Maria Ittu Zugrav; William E. Carswell; Charles A. Lundquist; Francis C. Wessling; Thomas M. Leslie
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Photopolymerization of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals in microgravity
Author(s): Joe B. Whitehead; M. M. Chandler
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Ground-based vapor crystal growth experiments
Author(s): Maria Ittu Zugrav; Franz Rosenberger
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Thermosolutal convection during growth of organic nonlinear optical crystals
Author(s): T. Rajalakshmi; O. P. Singh; T. Henningsen; Richard H. Hopkins; Irving Liberman; N. B. Singh
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Synthesis, preparation, and characterization of novel-ordered polydiacetylene thin films
Author(s): Daniel B. Wolfe; Mark Steven Paley; Donald O. Frazier
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Crystal shape calculations of NLO organic materials
Author(s): Tatiana V. Timofeeva; V. I. Shil'nikov; Ronald D. Clark
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Preliminary study of the influence of Grashof and Reynolds numbers on the flow and heat transfer in an MOCVD reactor
Author(s): Mark Kannapel; Samuel A. Lowry; Anantha Krishnan; Ivan O. Clark; Paul V. Hyer; Edward J. Johnson
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Modeling of thermal field in contactless physical vapor transport system
Author(s): Witold Palosz; Samuel A. Lowry; Anantha Krishnan
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Damping of unsteady flows in the physical vapor transport process
Author(s): Walter M. B. Duval; N. B. Singh; M. E. Glicksman
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Modification of BCF theory due to step motion
Author(s): Konstantin Mazuruk; Narayanan Ramachandran; Ching-Hua Su
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NASA's Microgravity Materials Science Program
Author(s): Donald C. Gillies
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Effects of experiment location and orbiter attitude on the residual acceleration onboard STS-73 (USML-2)
Author(s): Roshanak Hakimzadeh; Kevin M. McPherson; Brian P. Matisak; William O. Wagar
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Conceptual design for a rotational mechanism aboard the space shuttle for long-duration processing of semiconducting alloys under optimal residual acceleration conditions
Author(s): Brian P. Matisak; Donald C. Gillies; Richard W. Howard
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Numerical modeling of HgCdTe solidification: effects of phase diagram double-diffusion convection and microgravity level
Author(s): Andris V. Bune; Donald C. Gillies; Sandor L. Lehoczky
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Magnetic damping of melt motions during Bridgman crystal growth in microgravity
Author(s): Nancy Ma; John S. Walker
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Frequency effects of a rotating magnetic field on fluid flow in vertical cylinders
Author(s): Konstantin Mazuruk; Narayanan Ramachandran; Martin P. Volz; Donald C. Gillies
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Flow and crystallization in two-layer liquid systems with and without a magnetic field
Author(s): Alexander I. Feonychev; Narayanan Ramachandran; Viktor I. Pokhilko; Konstantin Mazuruk
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Novel method to detect flow profiles in liquid metals in a Bridgman configuration
Author(s): S. R. Prasad; C. Mallika; Timothy J. Anderson; Ranga Narayanan
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Light engine: optically induced and controlled matter rotation by means of traveling and standing waves
Author(s): Tigran V. Galstian
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