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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 3122

Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing V
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Volume Number: 3122
Date Published: 23 October 1997
Softcover: 45 papers (496) pages
ISBN: 9780819425447

Table of Contents
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Feasibility study on solar occultation with a compact FTIR
Author(s): Makoto Suzuki; Akihiko Kuze; Jun Tanii; Andre J. Villemaire; Frank J. Murcray; Yutaka Kondo
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Focus optimization of the SPIRIT III radiometer
Author(s): Joseph J. Tansock; Andrew L. Shumway
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Design and analysis of a small bispectral infrared push broom scanner for hot spot recognition
Author(s): Eckehard Lorenz; Wolfgang Skrbek; Herbert Jahn
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Compact all-reflective near-infrared spectrograph and imager
Author(s): Deqing Ren; Jeremy R. Allington-Smith; Bernard J. Rauscher
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Stray light design and analysis of the Wide-Field Infrared Explorer (WIRE)
Author(s): John L. Stauder
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Terrestrial black hole for measuring high-rejection off-axis response
Author(s): John C. Kemp; John L. Stauder; Stephen B. Turcotte; Harry O. Ames
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Performance of the Spirit III cryogenic system
Author(s): Scott H. Schick; Greg A. Bell
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Thin cirrus detection and correction of thin cirrus path radiances using near-IR channels near 1.375-um
Author(s): Bo-Cai Gao; Curtiss O. Davis; Yoram J. Kaufman
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New nonlinear speckle and noise-reduction algorithm
Author(s): George A. Lampropoulos; James F. Boulter
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Scattering matrix of nonspherical ice particles determined by the geometric optics approximation method
Author(s): Kazuhiko Masuda; Tsutomu Takashima
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Atmospheric correction in the coastal zone on ASTER visible data allowing for the adjacency effect
Author(s): Tsutomu Takashima; Kazuhiko Masuda
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Special instrument for remote sounding of clouds and atmospheric aerosols: Cirrus Clouds Sounder (CCS) experimental model
Author(s): Zhaoxian Zhang; Mochang Wang; Peigang Wang
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MANIAC: a new mid- and near-infrared array camera
Author(s): Torsten Boeker; T. Lehmann; John W. V. Storey; Alfred Krabbe
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Analysis and design methodology for the development of optimized direct detection CO2 DIAL receivers
Author(s): Bradly J. Cooke; Bryan E. Laubscher; Maureen M. Cafferty; Nicholas L. Olivas; Mark J. Schmitt; Kenneth R. Fuller; Roy M. Goeller; Donald E. Mietz; Joseph J. Tiee; Robert K. Sander; John L. Vampola; Stephen L. Price; Ichiro Kasai
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Low-noise detector and amplifier design for 100-ns direct detection CO2 lidar receiver
Author(s): Maureen M. Cafferty; Bradly J. Cooke; Bryan E. Laubscher; Nicholas L. Olivas; Kenneth R. Fuller
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Development status of the AIRS IR focal plane assembly
Author(s): G. Scott Libonate; Brian Denley; Eric E. Krueger; James H. Rutter; James A. Stobie; C. Lynne Terzis
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Design and development status of the pulse tube cryocoolers for the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)
Author(s): Kenneth E. Green; Ronald G. Ross; Christopher R. Miller
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Interferometric measurements of silicon carbide and aluminum mirrors at liquid helium temperature
Author(s): Paul N. Robb; Paul B. Forney; Lynn W. Huff
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Infrared detector development for the IASI instrument
Author(s): Michel Royer; Joel Fleury; Dominique Lorans; Alain Pelier
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Segmented air bearing in micronozzle technology for the project SOFIA
Author(s): Michael Muth; Bernd Schulz
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Geometrical constraint on shadowing in rough surfaces
Author(s): James P. Theiler; Bradley G. Henderson
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Cryocooler vibration control with an inaccurate transfer function
Author(s): Zoltan Laszlo; Scott Cannon; Todd K. Moon; Lawrence Robertson
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Analysis of oversampling requirements in infrared scene projectors
Author(s): Ofer Hadar; Glenn D. Boreman
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Focal planes and mount assemblies for the WIRE program
Author(s): Bruce A. Beardwood; Charles Lynn Hern; David H. Seib; Maryn G. Stapelbroek; John C. Kemp
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Germanium far-infrared blocked impurity band detectors
Author(s): Christopher S. Olsen; Jeffrey W. Beeman; Eugene E. Haller
HgCdTe photodiodes with cutoff wavelengths of 17 um at 70 K for use in high-resolution interferometers for remote sensing
Author(s): Eric E. Krueger; D. Lee; Christopher R. Miller; C. Lynne Terzis; P. O'Dette; Brian Denley; James H. Rutter; Janis L. Williams; Marion B. Reine
1500-element linear MWIR and LWIR HgCdTe arrays for high-resolution imaging
Author(s): Jean-Paul Chamonal; Eric Mottin; Patrick Audebert; Philippe Medina; Michel Ravetto; Joel Deschamps; Michel Girard; Jean-Pierre Chatard
PC detector passivation for high performance
Author(s): Robert J. Martineau; Zhiqing Shi; Kelley Hu; Sridhar Manthripragada; F. A. Peters; Andre S. Burgess; John Godfrey; Danny J. Krebs
New high-performance PtSi IRCCD and its electrical shutter operation
Author(s): Masahiro Shoda; Keiichi Akagawa; Atsushi Komai
Laser reflectance monitoring of the nucleation and growth of CdTe on basal plane sapphire substrates for focal plane arrays
Author(s): A. Stafford; Stuart J. C. Irvine; K. Hess; Jagmohan Bajaj; R. Harper; P. Prete
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Characterization of surface and bulk effects by variable-area diode test structures in HgCdTe technology: contribution of series and contact resistances
Author(s): Vishnu Gopal
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Laser reactive ablation deposition of PbS film
Author(s): MingXia Xi; Heng Xie; Jun Zheng; ZhengLiang Wu; Jin Li; GuoZhen Zhao
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Thermovision method for the investigation of initiation and spread of a surface forest fire
Author(s): Anatolii I. Grishin; A. A. Dolgov; V. P. Zima; V. V. Reino; Ruvim Sh. Tsvyk
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Two-frequency IR cw LFM lidar for remote sensing of hydrocarbons and gas vapor
Author(s): Valery M. Petoukhov; Rishad A. Akhtiamov; Oleg G. Morozov; German Ivanovych Il'in; Yuri E. Pol'ski
Hybrid isotypic p-InP-p-InGaAs heterostructure with a Pd-InP Schottky barrier as a detector of infrared radiation and hydrogen
Author(s): Khafiz M. Salikhov; Semen V. Slobodchikov; Emil Vasilievich Russu
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Simulated interferometric patterns of a rotationally shearing interferometer
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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Reconstruction of a decentered wavefront using the method of direct integration of phase gradient starting from several phase-shifted interferograms requiring no phase unwrapping
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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IR detectors for the GERB instrument on MSG
Author(s): Gillian I. Butcher; Andrew D. Holland; Richard E. Cole; Nick Nelms; R. Andrew Wood; Robert E. Higashi
Modeling the optical response of grating-profiled PtSi/Si infrared detectors
Author(s): Chris J. T. Rea; Gerald F. Cairns; Paul Dawson
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Theory of photoresponse of low-background IR detectors
Author(s): Boris I. Fouks
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MOVPE growth of improved nonequilibium MCT device structures for near-ambient-temperature heterodyne detectors
Author(s): C. D. Maxey; C. L. Jones; N. E. Metcalfe; R. A. Catchpole; Neil T. Gordon; A. M. White; C. T. Elliot
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Reconstruction of a decentered wavefront from several phase-shifted noisy interferograms
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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Change of detected incidence in a wavelength interval with temperature
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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