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Optical Data Storage 1997 Topical Meeting
Editor(s): Henryk Birecki; James Z. Kwiecien
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Volume Number: 3109
Date Published: 30 July 1997
Softcover: 34 papers (262) pages
ISBN: 9780819425300

Table of Contents
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Patents and inventorship issues over the last thirty years of optical storage
Author(s): David Paul Gregg
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CD-ReWritable and future disc technology
Author(s): Hiroko Iwasaki
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High-density phase-change recording beyond 2.6 Gb
Author(s): Herman J. Borg; J. P. W. B. Duchateau
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LIMDOW-MSR MO disk memory
Author(s): Tetsuo Hosokawa; Akio Okamuro; M. Hashimoto; Kazutomo Miyata
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Magnetic amplifying magneto-optical system (MAMMOS) for ultrahigh-density MO recording
Author(s): Hiroyuki Awano; Satoru Ohnuki; Hiroshi Shirai; Norio Ota; Atushi Yamaguchi; Satoshi Sumi; Kenji Torazawa
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Holographic data storage using bacteriorhodopsin
Author(s): Charles K. Gary
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High bit rate and terabytes optical memory in a disk system
Author(s): Kenya Goto
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MATLAB-based read/write model for magneto-optic recording
Author(s): Christopher David Wright; Michael Karl Loze; Paul W. Nutter
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Mutual connection of characteristics and optimization of holographic memory devices with by-page recording
Author(s): Askar A. Akayev; Boris S. Gurevich; Simon B. Gurevich; Kubanychbek M. Zhumaliev
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High-performance phase-change media for DVD-RAM
Author(s): Motoyasu Terao; Akemi Hirotsune; Yasushi Miyauchi; Makoto Miyamoto; Tetsuya Nishida; Keikichi Andoh; Nobuhiro Tokusyuku; Sachio Fukui
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Analysis of DPD signal offset caused by optical asymmetry
Author(s): SeongYun Jeong; Jung-Bae Kim; Jin-Yong Kim
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Exploiting modulation-code redundancy
Author(s): Josh N. Hogan
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Equalizers for DVD read channel with d = 2 modulation coding
Author(s): Srinivasan Gopalaswamy; Roger Wood
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Using pit-depth modulation to increase capacity and data transfer rate in optical discs
Author(s): Stephan Spielman; Bruce V. Johnson; Greg A. McDermott; Michael P. O'Neill; C. Pietrzyk; Tariq Shafaat; David K. Warland; Terrence L. Wong
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Three-dimensional optical memory using photopolymer, photorefractive crystals, and photochromic materials
Author(s): Satoshi Kawata; Akiko Toriumi
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Multilayer disk recording using 2-photon absorption and the numerical simulation of the recording process
Author(s): Ilkan Cokgor; Frederick B. McCormick; Alexander S. Dvornikov; Mark M. Wang; Nam-Hyong Kim; Kenneth Coblentz; Sadik C. Esener; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Optical tape system: evaluation of recorder and media
Author(s): G.W.R. Leibbrandt; J. A. Kahlman; Gerard E. van Rosmalen; Joris J. Vrehen
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Data recovery during two-dimensional readout of optical tape
Author(s): Alan D. Simone; Pericles A. Mitkas; George A. Betzos
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Optical pickup using a blue-green laser diode to read a high-density disk
Author(s): Naoya Eguchi; Akira Ishibashi
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Butt-coupled laser diode: wavelength tuning and optical noise
Author(s): Yakov S. Sidorin; Dennis G. Howe
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Objective lens design for multiple-layer optical data storage
Author(s): Tomas D. Milster; Robert S. Upton; Hui Luo
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Investigation of certain diffraction effects in a double-layer optical disk
Author(s): Jang-hoon Yoo; Chul Woo Lee; Dong-Ho Shin; Chanda L. Bartlett; Kit-Iu Cheong; James Kevin Erwin; Masud Mansuripur
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DVD mastering using dye polymer media
Author(s): Richard L. Wilkinson; John H. Rilum
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Deep-groove method on high-density optical disk memory
Author(s): Seiji Morita; Madoka Nishiyama; Masahiro Furuta
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Potential of Ge-Sb-Te phase-change optical disks for high-data-rate recording in the near future
Author(s): Noboru Yamada
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Optical properties and lattice images of phase-change optical disks laser-annealed at dynamic conditions
Author(s): Hyeon-Chang Hong; Byungil Cho; Gyeong-Su Park; Byeung-Lyong Gill
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Optical properties of phase-change materials for optical recording
Author(s): Jean Michel Bruneau; Bernard Bechevet; B. Valon; M. F. Armand
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Figures of merit for recordable optical media
Author(s): William A. Challener
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Crosstalk reduced by new types of optical filtering
Author(s): Takeshi Shimano; Kouichirou Wakabayashi; Tohru Sasaki; Takeshi Nakao
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Rigorous numerical modeling of novel optical data storage systems
Author(s): Joshua L. Kann; Tomas D. Milster; Fred Franklin Froehlich; Richard W. Ziolkowski; Justin B. Judkins
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A new way to describe diffraction from optical disks
Author(s): Tomas D. Milster
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Blue wavelength magnetic superresolution
Author(s): S. E. Kabakoff; Duane C. Karns; Mark H. Kryder
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High-density disc storage by multiplexed microholograms
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; S. Diez; Robert Elschner; Rainer Macdonald; R. Schulz; Andreas G.W. Wappelt
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Channel estimation and intrapage equalization for digital volume holographic data storage
Author(s): Venkatesh Vadde; Bhagavatula Vijaya Kumar
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