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Remote Sensing of Vegetation and Water, and Standardization of Remote Sensing Methods
Editor(s): Giovanna Cecchi; Torsten Lamp; Rainer Reuter; Konradin Weber

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Volume Number: 3107
Date Published: 23 May 1997

Table of Contents
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Spectral investigation of bioproduction in the northern Brandenburg Lake District, Germany
Author(s): Sabine Thiel; Sigrid Roessner; Kerstin Hofmann
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In-situ analysis of water quality: spectral attenuation and fluorescence
Author(s): Hans Barth; Ruediger Heuermann; Rainer Reuter
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Chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics as a tool to determine the herbicide effect on algae and leaves
Author(s): Bernhard Ruth
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Lidar monitoring of dinoflagellate algal bloom on the Swedish coast
Author(s): Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Roberta Fantoni; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo
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Geostatistical interpretation of oceanographic laser fluorosensor data
Author(s): W. Milchers; Svetlana V. Patsayeva; Rainer Reuter; Rainer Willkomm
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Short- and long-path laser-induced fluorescence in the water column for the detection of dissolved chemicals
Author(s): Gert Sinn; Klaus-Henrik Mittenzwey; Stefan Harsdorf; Rainer Reuter
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Very efficient sampling technique for fiber-remote optical emission spectroscopy of aqueous solutions
Author(s): Steven J. MacKenzie; Jane Hodgkinson; Mark Johnson; John P. Dakin
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Analysis of water quality with remote photothermal sensors
Author(s): Werner N. Faubel; Bernd S. Seidel
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Detection of chemicals in seawater using surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)
Author(s): Thomas Murphy; Heinar G. Schmidt; Heinz Detlef Kronfeldt
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Design of an ROV-based lidar for seafloor monitoring
Author(s): Stefan Harsdorf; Manfred Janssen; Rainer Reuter; Bernhard Wachowicz
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Development of multiparametric optical assay for on-line environmental control
Author(s): Alexandra G. Bezrukova
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Hyperspectral imager survey and developments for scientific and operational land processes monitoring applications
Author(s): Bernd Paul Kunkel; Winfried Posselt; Elke Schmidt; Umberto Del Bello; Bernd Harnisch; Roland Meynart
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Yield estimation of corn with multispectral data and the potential of using imaging spectrometers
Author(s): Heike Bach
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Monitoring vegetation biomass with microwave sensors
Author(s): Giovanni Macelloni; Simonetta Paloscia; Paolo Pampaloni; Roberto Ruisi
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Detection of the in-vivo chlorophyll fluorescence spectrum: effects of environmental factors and laser excitation parameters
Author(s): G. Agati; C. Biagi; P. Mazzinghi
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Laser spectrofluorometry of agronomic plants in vivo
Author(s): Yuri I. Posudin
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Research of fluorescence of plants at excitation by YAG:Nd laser second harmonic radiation
Author(s): Gennadii G. Matvienko; Anatolii I. Grishin; Olga V. Kharchenko; Valerii I. Timofeev
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Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectroscopy for in-situ analysis of fluorescence tracers in water and soils
Author(s): Hans-Gerd Loehmannsroeben; Thomas Roch; Rainer G. Schaefer; Rainer H. Schultze; Harry Vereecken
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Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopic investigations of PAC/humic substance-interactions in water
Author(s): Ute Zimmermann; Hans-Gerd Loehmannsroeben; Thomas Skrivanek
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Spectroscopic properties of petroleum products in solution for in-situ analysis of oil contaminations
Author(s): Hans-Gerd Loehmannsroeben; Christopher Kauffmann; Thomas Roch
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Evaluation of innovative air-monitoring technologies for the measurement of ambient concentrations of ozone and its precursors at the 1996 Summer Olympics
Author(s): Donald S. Gamiles; Michael Rodgers; Charles Meeker; Brent S. Olive; Orman A. Simpson
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Intercomparison of DOAS and conventional analyzers in the measurement of atmospheric pollutants in an urban background monitoring site of Rome
Author(s): Ivo Allegrini; Antonio Febo; Claudia Giliberti; C. Perrino
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Development of a transfer standard for laser thermometry
Author(s): C. J. Rieck; B. Boedefeld; Reinhard Noll; G. J. Edwards; S. Boyes; Michel Pealat; P. Bouchardy; N. Dorwal; Joachim Fischer; M. Stock
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Quality-assurance/quality-control issues in open-path FTIR monitoring
Author(s): George M. Russwurm; Jeffrey W. Childers
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Spectral infrared transmittance of haze and fog: its measurement and influence on FTIR open-path monitoring
Author(s): Volker Tank; Kurt R. Beier; G. Wagner; Peter Haschberger
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Error analysis for different inversion techniques in low-resolution FTIR spectrometry and its application to the investigation of trace gas variations
Author(s): Achim Sedlmaier; Ralf Sussmann; Klaus Schaefer
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Quality-assurance procedures and measurements for open-path FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Mathilde Douard; Juergen Zeutzius-Reitz; Torsten Lamp; Alexander Ropertz; Konradin Weber
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Calibration of an open-path FTIR spectrometer for methane, ethylene, and carbon monoxide using a fixed 20-m multipass cell
Author(s): Torsten Lamp; M. Radmacher; Konradin Weber; Andrea Gaertner; R. Nitz; G. Broeker
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Calibration of a high-resolution open-path FTIR spectrometer combined with an adjustable 100-m multipass cell
Author(s): Alexander Ropertz; Torsten Lamp; Mathilde Douard; Konradin Weber; Andrea Gaertner; C. Elbers; R. Nitz
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Specification for a lidar apparatus for the detection of visibility
Author(s): Christian Werner; Juergen Streicher
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Specification for a lidar apparatus for the detection of wind profiles in the atmosphere
Author(s): Christian Werner
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Long-path open-path Fourier transform infrared monitoring of atmospheric gases: compendium method TO-16
Author(s): George M. Russwurm
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Standardization of open-path FTIR measurements in Germany
Author(s): Konradin Weber; Karl-Heinz Eickel
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