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Electro-Optical Technology for Remote Chemical Detection and Identification II

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Volume Number: 3082
Date Published: 23 July 1997

Table of Contents
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Applications and use of in-situ chemical sensors in semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Donald L. Tolliver; George H. Atkinson
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Hazardous cloud imaging: a new way of using passive IR
Author(s): Dennis F. Flanigan
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Chemical aerosol detection using femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Dennis R. Alexander; Mark L. Rohlfs; John C. Stauffer
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Photothermal interferometric NIR detection using sol gel materials
Author(s): Larry W. Burggraf; Guanming Li
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Temperature and humidity dependence of a polymer-based gas sensor
Author(s): Martin G. Buehler; Margaret A. Ryan
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Remote chemical monitoring in an industrial environment using eyesafe IR laser radar technologies
Author(s): Guerman A. Pasmanik; E. J. Shklovsky; Gennady I. Freidman; Vladimir V. Lozhkarev; Alexander Z. Matveyev; Alexander A. Shilov; Ivan V. Yakovlev; Darrel G. Peterson; Judy K. Partin
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Recent advances in continuously tunable 8- to 12-um radiation using optical parametric oscillators
Author(s): Toomas H. Allik; Suresh Chandra
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Differential detection with a double-beam interferometer
Author(s): Jean-Marc Theriault; Claude Bradette; Andre J. Villemaire; Martin Chamberland; Jean Giroux
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In-situ chemical detection based on photonic devices
Author(s): Yuri Beregovski; Sergey Yu. Ten; Sergio Brito Mendes; Seppo Honkanen; Mahmoud Fallahi; Nasser Peyghambarian; Karen M. Grace; Basil I. Swanson
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Radiometric calibration of FT-IR remote sensing instrument
Author(s): Andre J. Villemaire; Martin Chamberland; Jean Giroux; Richard L. Lachance; Jean-Marc Theriault
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Internal diagnostics for FT-IR spectrometry
Author(s): Jo Ann Simonds; William E. Costello; Roger J. Combs; Robert T. Kroutil
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Detection and characterization of explosives using Raman spectroscopy: identification, laser heating, and impact sensitivity
Author(s): Kevin L. McNesby; Nicholas F. Fell; John A. Vanderhoff
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Concurrent multilevel simulation of an ultrahigh-speed chemical imaging spectrometer: a design tool to decrease time and cost of prototyping
Author(s): Janet L. Jensen; Slawomir Blonski; Ronald B. Crosier; Mark S. Schlein; Meng H. Lean
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Ultrahigh-speed chemical imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Winthrop Wadsworth; Jens-Peter Dybwad
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Chemical detection using the airborne thermal infrared imaging spectrometer (TIRIS)
Author(s): Nahum Gat; Suresh Subramanian; Jacob Barhen; Michael Sheffield; Hector Erives
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Optimal transmitter energy normalization algorithm for vapor detection and estimation using frequency agile lasers
Author(s): Russell E. Warren
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Synthetic image generation of factory stack and cooling tower plumes
Author(s): Shiao Didi Kuo; John R. Schott
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Evaluation of frequency agile laser (FAL) for chemical detection
Author(s): Gerry Klauber; Christopher G. Simi; Paul M. Brinegar; Mary M. Williams
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