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Peace and Wartime Applications and Technical Issues for Unattended Ground Sensors
Editor(s): Gerold Yonas
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Volume Number: 3081
Date Published: 24 July 1997
: 28 papers (302) pages
ISBN: 9780819424969

Table of Contents
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Role of unattended ground sensors (UGS) in regional confidence building and arms control
Author(s): Michael G. Vannoni; Ruth A. Duggan
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Steel Rattler
Author(s): Robert A. Trudo; Larry G. Stotts
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Application of unattended ground sensors to stationary targets
Author(s): Gerard E. Sleefe; Steven G. Peglow; Robertson G. Hamrick
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Flexible intrusion detection and early warning system
Author(s): Shou Y. Mui; Paul A. Walter; Joseph Mollo
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Research supporting the unattended ground sensor mission
Author(s): James M. Ortolf
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U.S. border patrol potential applications of internetted unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Wilbur W. Eaton; Larry A. Schatzmann
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Automated video surveillance with unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Dennis E. Moellman
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LLNL's acoustic spectrometer
Author(s): John Baker
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Case study: unattended ground sensor phenomenology and signal processing
Author(s): Ireena A. Erteza; Gregory J. Elbring; Timothy S. McDonald; John Paul Claassen; Douglas R. Baumgardt; James K. Wolford
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Applications of higher-order spectral analyses to detection and identification of seismic and acoustic signals generated by machinery
Author(s): Zoltan A. Der; Douglas R. Baumgardt
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Hierarchical-based fusion strategy for unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Robert N. Lobbia; Michael Rakijas
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Unattended ground sensor situation assessment workstation
Author(s): David M. Jeppesen; Ron Trellue
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Event identification from seismic/magnetic feature vectors: a comparative study
Author(s): James K. Wolford
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Adaptive reconfigurable distributed sensor architecture
Author(s): Mark L. Akey
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Acoustic/seismic identifications, imaging, and communications in Steel Rattler
Author(s): Kevin T. Malone; Loren E. Riblett; Thomas J. Essenmacher
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Communications trade-offs for unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Shou Y. Mui
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Demonstrated delivery/employment systems for unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Robert R. Taylor; Michael A. Bendowski; Ryan C. McFeaters
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Modeling of electromagnetic and seismic/acoustic signatures
Author(s): Susanne M. Miller; Douglas R. Baumgardt; Alan G. Bell; Robert F. Gray
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Sensor test facilities and capabilities at the Nevada test site
Author(s): William B. Boyer; Larry J. Burke; Bernard J. Gomez; Leonard Livingston; Daniel S. Nelson; Douglas C. Smathers
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Low-cost alternative to GPS for determining coordinates of large sensor nets
Author(s): Kent J. Kogler; George Stefanek; Edward M. Kozak; Joseph Petrovic
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Tomahawk cruise missile internetted unattended ground sensor delivery
Author(s): Wilbur W. Eaton; Larry A. Schatzmann; John W. Fischer; G. C. Lafond; G. W. Kraft
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Mobile unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Daniel M. Rondeau; Robert D. Palmquist
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Using seismology for regional confidence building
Author(s): Keith K. Nakanishi
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DOE cooperative monitoring testbed for unattended chemical sensors
Author(s): Richard J. Pollina; John Baker
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Advanced array techniques for unattended ground sensor applications
Author(s): Fred E. Followill; James K. Wolford; James V. Candy
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Pre- and poststrike atmospheric assessment system
Author(s): John D. Molitoris; Steven G. Peglow
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Acoustic target detection, tracking, classification, and location in a multiple-target environment
Author(s): Russell Braunling; Randy M. Jensen; Michael A. Gallo
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Feature extraction and fusion of acoustic and seismic sensors for target identification
Author(s): Mark C. Wellman; Nino Srour; David B. Hillis
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